How I Scaled To Six Figure Months As A Coach & Mentor

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✓ How I sold spots for my programs before even creating them 

✓ How business gets to be fun when you work with your dream clients

The signs that you need to raise your prices asap so you can start getting paid your worth

How my Feminine sales framework works, so I sell and create offers from a place of ease, flow and predictability

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I'm Reese, Your Mindset & Abundance Coach


When I first set the goal to create 100k Months in my Coaching Business, I thought “How the heck is that even possible?” But then I reprogrammed my subconscious mind to believe it to be true, and it showed up in my life a few months later for the first time, before it became my new normal.

I went from selling low ticket offers to raising my prices, which not only resulted in me making way more money but also my clients got even better results because they were more invested in the outcome.

In this free Masterclass, I’m going to show you how I went from selling $7 subscriptions to 100k months and having the impact I’ve always dreamt of while running a business from flow and ease.

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