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3 Tips For Women Starting A Business

I was recently asked what my three tips for women starting a business. Although the list is long, such as have amazing morning rituals, ensure that you are confident in your path, and never take no for an answer, here are a few that I think can be of huge benefit to anyone starting a new blog or business.

3 Tips For Women Starting A Business

My 3 Tips For Women Starting A Business are:

1. Figure out your passion, and align your business to it

There are so many things that will try and throw you off when you’re first getting started, and you may not have found your cheerleaders yet. That’s why whatever you set out to do, it has to be aligned to the impact you want to make on the world. If it’s a passion that you know you would work towards, whether it was successful or not, that mission and long-term goal will keep you going since it aligns with your values.

2. Follow your intuition

When you want to start a new business, everyone and their dog will claim to be the expert. They’ll say “It’s too competitive” “You can’t do it” “Aren’t you going to go back to school” etc etc. Do it anyway. The thing is, most of the people who can’t see your vision, can’t see it for themselves easier. They can’t open their minds to the possibility of a lifestyle outside of their current situation. Need someone to cheer you on? Join my free facebook group. 

3. Don’t be afraid to share your product or service with the world

If you have created something of great value that helps people, don’t be afraid to share it. There are too many people who keep their amazing talents to themselves. A perfect example is someone who writes tons of blog posts, but doesn’t know how to promote them properly, or creates a product, but doesn’t properly launch it. If you have a great product, it’s a crime to keep it to yourself when there are people out there that could use your help.

For more motivation, tips for starting a business, and social media growth advice leave a comment with your questions below.

3 Tips For Women Starting A Business

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  1. Jessica Bowman

    7 August

    Thank you for the amazing advice. It’s spot on and I’m so grateful I found your site! I just started my blog and in the process of developing my online business. Thank you Thank you Thank you! http://www.barreboss.com/

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