3 Tips to Help you Communicate Better and more Clearly

When I realized that I had big dreams I knew that in order to
realize them, I needed to be a better communicator.

As a deliberate + potent communicator I could more easily:
– speak my reality into existence
– ask for help and delegate in a precise way so I actually get what I
want and things move forward without feeling like I’m pushing

– say what I mean and mean what I say.
– create vibes + magic in my courses that seriously helps my clients!
sell my programs with ease and increase my income

When I didn’t know how to be a better communicator. I would catch myself second-guessing myself in conversations,
myself, tripping over my words, and not actually getting what I want. It was frustrating knowing that I had so much to say but my fears were getting in my way. And ain’t nobody got time for that!

better comunicator

So if you have ever felt like this and you’re done with it, or you want to become an Effective Communicator,

Here’re 3 things I learned that helped me be a better communicator:

1. Instead of worrying about me, and how I look, just love my audience.

Our communication with others is only 7% words and the rest is our energy when you’re in the energy of love, your audience will love you right back.

2. Speak to different peoples learning styles that your own

If you speak to people in ONLY the way you speak, you won’t connect with as many people as you want. Some people just won’t grasp it.
To me, it’s important that my work reaches and helps people, so I think about ‘how am I connecting with people
who think uniquely to how I think?’
I’m highly Kinesthetic ( I’m a feeler), but others are more visual!

I’m a hands-on kind of learner, while others love lots of history and data! So if you want to get through to all people, then when you’re communicating, speaking, and teaching speaks to:
-the visual (what they see), the auditory (what they hear) and the kinesthetic (what they feel) aspect
– And you also want to share the who, what, and how, of the topic, you’re communicating and your listener will have a better understanding of your points and be able to apply it to themselves!

3. Teach the conscious + the subconscious mind

better communicator
Reese Evans – Yes Supply Co.

99.9996% of our daily habits are run by our subconscious mind. So if you only know how to teach the conscious mind, then your listener, client, or student is only getting a smidgen of the transformation you could have created.
There are many methods to teach the conscious of the subconscious mind simultaneously. Your hand gestures, the stories you tell, and even how you hold your body all play an important part!

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Reese is the founder of yes supply co. A community created to help women learn how to love themselves, go after their goals, and only take yes for an answer.

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