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5 Fun Ways to Protect Your Peace of Mind

Ever watch the news and instantly feel bummed or like your peace of mind is under attack?

Wait! Is that even a question?

Traditional and social media bombard us with information, so much so that it’s not always easy to see the silver lining.

How do we maintain that pep in our step and excitement about our creative endeavors? When the world is seemingly crumbling around us.

How do we get rid of our guilt about being happy when the world requires CPR? How do we protect our peace of mind?

Just stop watching the news. Duh! Well, no.

I am a champion of self-care and preservation, but I am also a firm believer that we need to be aware of what’s going on around us. So, no—boycotting all forms of media is not the solution. Knowledge prompts change. And the world needs a whole lot of change.

Instead, I’ve developed a way to maintain peace amidst the chaos.

I’ve built a bubble. It’s a safe place. It’s a place where joy abounds. There is no place for guilt or shame in my bubble.

It’s like a tree-house or a tent, where you can choose who is allowed to enter. You can also choose which thoughts are allowed.

Here Are Five Fun Ways to Protect Your Peace of Mind:

5 Fun Ways To Protect Your Peace Of Mind

1. Build a sanctuary at home

Section off a tiny area in your home and fill it with things that make you happy. Those things could be candles, flowers, books, pillows, affirmations, and anything that stimulates your senses.

The area doesn’t have to be tiny. However, I find it interesting to create a sense of being inside a cocoon. It feels warm and cozy. But, it’s up to you. You may prefer having loads of space to roam around.

If you have roommates or you currently live in a hostel, this space could simply be your bed.

Spend 15 minutes in your sanctuary at any time during the day to protect your peace of mind. Breathe mindfully. Disconnect from social media during this time, unless you’re using it for self-care purposes.

In this space, focus on your sensuality.

If you’re a tea lover, smell your cup. Savor the flavors hitting your tongue. Enjoy the tea’s warmth. Feel the softness of your pillows.

You know that feeling you get when you’re cuddled up on the couch, wearing your favorite sweater with a hot cup of tea? That’s exactly what we’re trying to reproduce.

Get comfortable. In this space, wear your most comfortable gear or nothing at all.

Use this space to recharge. Meditate on the things that bring you joy. Dedicate concrete time to manifesting. Think about your goals. Envision some of the things or people you’d like to encounter along your path. Feel the feelings those thoughts invoke. Feel the emotions those things/situations would arouse if they were to materialize. Enjoy them.

If you wish, you could also write them down. And become a successful writer.

2. Spend time with loved ones

By loved ones, I mean the ones who don’t get on your nerves. During this time, try to keep the conversation centered around things that make you smile.

Have a game night! I’ve found that when I play, I no longer focus on that which bothers me. I am simply living in the moment.

And ditch your phone for real. Ever hang out with someone who can’t keep their hands off their smartphone? Don’t be one of those people. Put it on silent and enjoy the people around you. Crack some jokes. Laugh until your belly hurts. Share food. Not necessarily greasy, unhealthy food that is normally associated with good times. (Try this recipe and thank me later!)

3. Read poetry

There are writers out there who make you dream. Poetry is amazing because the format is easy to digest. You can get small doses of positivity and navigate from one poem to the next quickly. Here is a list of a few of my favorite Instagram poets/poetry accounts:

  1. @laladeliah
  2. @alex_elle
  3. @q.gibson
  4. @beingupile
  5. @rupikaur_
  6. Ok, I’ll give myself a shout out! @magdaayuk

And you can also download my free poetry ebook.

When you read, you’re able to focus and immerse yourself into another universe. Sometimes, that’s all we need.

4. Create

Get messy! You know what? This isn’t about making something “beautiful.” This is about making something, period. I think that I draw like a one-year-old.

Here’s a fun activity.

Buy a canvas and some paint from a store near you. Wear some old clothes, or if you want, nothing at all, and paint. You can finger paint. Line your floor with garbage bags. In order not to waste the bags, you can wait for them to dry before picking them off the floor, then use them to store your trash as you normally would. Or you can use newspapers.

You could also do some DIY projects, such as repurposing jeans. Do a quick YouTube search, and you’re bound to stumble on something that’ll tickle your fancy.

When you create, you’re in that bubble. You are an alchemist in this space. That means you’re freakin’ magical.

My sister is an amazing drawer. She used to draw… well, graveyards. But that’s beside the point. My point is: She doesn’t draw anymore. So many of us neglect the gifts that we nurtured as kids because we got too busy or someone talked us into believing we should dedicate our energy elsewhere.

When you listen to those voices, you lose your power.

It’s time to protect our peace of mind by reigniting our artistic power.

5. Spend time in nature

There is more order in nature than there is in society. It’s great to take some time and appreciate the real world, a world unhindered by buildings and street lights. Examine the insects, the flowers and the trees. Take deep breaths and smell the air. Focus on all the stimuli your senses are capturing.

Walk around grass barefoot. Sure, there’s a chance you might cut your foot on something, but that’s part of the experience. No, but really, it may be safer to walk barefoot in your backyard.

This is how I build and protect my peace of mind. I encourage you to try any of these five steps to take care of your mind and protect your creative spirit.

peace of mind


Magda Ayuk is a Huffington Post contributor and a content marketing strategist dedicated to helping her clients make more money. She is also a self-care and financial literacy advocate. After saving $20K in a year, she decided to create "5 Days to 5K," a free 5-day e-mail course that helps millennials and beyond save at least $5 000 in a year (www.magdaayuk.com). For self-care and financial tips (and gorgeous images), follow her on Instagram @magdaayuk

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