Manage Stress

5 Simple Things You Can Do Now To Manage Stress In Your Life

Full time job + bills = second job + time management = real life. Safe to say, life is crazy.

As a digital assistant working in a social media and creative industry, I always need to be on my A(dvertising) game. Working to impress, frantically crossing off tasks on my To Do list; it is definitely easy to get wrapped up in the 9-5+ life, feeling overwhelmed and drained. So here I am – helping you manage your work life balance. During my current job interview, I was asked, ‘How do you manage stress?’ I quickly pondered and simply responded “exercise?”, but in reality I should have many more solutions.

From then on, 15 months ago today, I have made it my mission to not let work consume my life. These are my current stress solutions:

5 Simple Things To Manage Stress In Your Life:

Manage Stress

15 Minute Yoga

When you’re in a busy industry like mine, you really understand that time is precious, so 15-45 minutes in the morning can make a day’s worth of difference. I currently use the YogaStudio app to feel Zen before I head into the chaos.


Enjoy Your Commute to Work (If You Can)

Walk; It can be the entire distance, or simply get off a few subway stops earlier because I promise you will feel more revived and energetic. Give yourself some extra time to think back and reflect, or plan your day, while you spend some time by yourself.

Manage Stress

1 Chapter Per Night

I’m definitely a Netflix advocate but the reality is, we will always watch the second episode. So no more tech in bed! It’s so easy to let unread books pile up in your living room as you marathon through 12 episodes of ‘Orange Is the New Black’, but your mind and imagination will thank you for picking up a book instead.

Manage Stress

Add One More Hour of Sleep

A rested mind is a productive mind. Imagine hearing your alarm clock ring and jumping out of bed, instead of just steam rolling your way to the coffee machine. An extra hour (or two) will work wonders.


Manage Stress


My words of wisdom.. ‘when in doubt, travel’ because sometimes, we just need to press refresh. Give yourself a chance to get lost in a new city, try a new food, meet someone new, and experience living in the moment (no selfies allowed).


So, I challenge you to make a routine change. And today, i’m really into #5, so off to Europe!

Talk soon,


Manage Stress


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