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 reese evans

Hey, I’m Reese!

I help female creatives, and future girl bosses create a blog, business and life they love.
I created yes supply co. because I saw so many smart, talented, and interesting women….settling.

Settling for lives that didn’t excite them, for jobs that didn’t pay well, for relationships that were lack-luster. I wanted to do something about it.

I’ve been there too. Working in a job where I literally cried my eyes out before my shifts, doing the same monotonous tasks every-single-day that bored me to death, and didn’t allow me to be creative, make the things I wanted to and say how I really felt.

I got real with my thoughts, and beliefs, and I dug down to the core of what was going on in my life, and what I had to do to change it.


When I realized I was holding myself back, I made the changes I had to, got inspired and started crafting a life I love. I’ve created a life where I can be creative, cultivate an amazing online community of supportive and inspiring entrepreneurs, and help inspire female creatives to start a career doing exactly what they love.

So, what are your goals this year? How do you want to get your yes? Do you want to start your own blog? Start your own business? Quit your job that you hate?

Get the help you need from the yes supply community:

How to strengthen weak ties and expand your network

Join a community of smart, motivated and supportive girl-bosses and female creatives, get tips on growing your business and get social.

10 k on instagram desk

Work with me to get one-on-one support building your online business, your online brand and a social media following that loves your products.

How to Have the Best Morning Ritual

Become a yes supply insider and get access to daily motivation, complete courses on building your online brand, and getting the girl-boss confidence you need to get your yes.

The Yes Supply Team

Andi Smiles

Small Business Finance Expert

jessica fryatt info

Jessica Fryatt

Social Media Coordinator

Adjoa Atuahene

PR Expert

Natasha Solae, Video Marketing Expert

Natasha Solae

Video Marketing Expert

Brooke Basso, Self-Care Guru

Brooke Basso

Self-Care Guru

Tiffani Purdi, Entrepreneurship Advice Writer

Tiffani J. Purdy

Entrepreneurship Advice Writer

Callie, Social Entrepreneurship Contributor

Callie Rojewski

Social Entrepreneurship Contributor


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