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5 Abundance Mindset Exercises To Raise Your Vibration Around Money

Want to make more money and create the life of your dreams? You may think it’s all about changing your circumstances, but actually, it starts with changing your mindset! When you create a mindset of abundance, that’s when you’ll start to see your circumstances transform. So I’ve put together 5 abundance mindset exercises that you can practice over and over to raise your vibration and upgrade your financial reality! 


I used to think that making money was hard.

Or that if I wanted to make more money, I’d have to work more hours.

I definitely never thought I’d be able to do things like buy my dream car and my dream home, take trips to Paris, or run a multi-million-dollar company.

…But guess what?

I’ve done all those things and more, and it’s all because I started to raise my vibration around money.

If you let your bank account dictate what you think you can do…

Your relationships dictate what you think you can do…

Your past results dictate what you think you can do…

…You’re going to stay in a never-ending loop when it comes to money.

No matter what your financial reality is, know this:

Your circumstances are temporary. Your mindset is unlimited.

Making more money is not about working harder — it’s about raising your vibration and your awareness around money.

When you raise your awareness, it can never shrink back to what it was before.

‍This is how I went from working in jobs that I felt stuck in and dreaded going to just a few years ago to NOW running a multi-million-dollar company that feels like play.

If you’re ready to create a better life for yourself, for your family, and for future generations, give these abundance exercises a try! 


1. EFT Tapping On “It’s Hard To Make Money”

Because your money mindset is something you’ll keep working on as you uplevel, it’s SO helpful to have abundance mindset exercises that you can incorporate into your daily rituals.

This is why I’m OBSESSED with Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT Tapping.

EFT Tapping is a tool that helps us balance our emotions and release limiting beliefs by tapping on energy meridian points in the body.

It’s a technique I use almost every day, because it’s a quick and easy way to tap out my negative emotions or thoughts and keep my energy high-vibe.

I’ve noticed that a lot of the time, the reason we don’t go after our goals is because we’re too busy saying NO to ourselves instead of saying YES to ourselves.

We think negative thoughts like, “I don’t have what it takes,” “That person can do it, but I can’t,” or “It’s hard to make money.”

We go through the day and let emotions and thoughts like these dictate what we’re capable of — and now, as an EFT Practitioner, I know that’s not necessary at all! You can just tap them out and get out of your own way!

If you believe that it’s hard to make money, this is one of the abundance mindset exercises you’ll want to have bookmarked! 

Watch this video and try practicing it daily for a month — I bet you’ll see amazing changes in your life.


2. Create An Anchor For Abundance 

As you know, if you want to manifest something amazing into your life, it’s important to think about it, get clear on you want, tap into the vibration, feel that feeling within your body.

When you’re feeling energies like love, joy, playfulness, and happiness, you know you’re on the right track to manifesting everything you want!

But sometimes we struggle to hold onto that feeling, which is why using an NLP tool called an “Anchor” is one of the best abundance mindset exercises to have in your toolkit.

When you create an anchor, you’re creating a neurological connection between a stimulus and a response.

Think about when you hear a song from your childhood, or smell a perfume that reminds you of someone you love. It takes you right back, doesn’t it?

That’s how an anchor works, too! It brings you right back to the vibration you want to experience.

I’ve created an anchor for abundance by tapping on one of my knuckles for 10-15 seconds whenever I’m feeling abundant, for example, if I’ve had an amazing sales day.

Then, whenever I’m not feeling that way, one of the abundance mindset exercises I can practice is to tap on that anchor and bring me back to that vibration.

In this quick video, I’ll walk you through the steps of creating an anchor for abundance so you can start right away!

When you fire off this anchor, you’ll feel a sense of possibility, and the more you build on it, the stronger it’ll feel!

Watch the video and give it a try now!

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3. Set Your Money Goal & Write Yourself a Cheque from the Universe

Now that you’re getting the hang of these abundance mindset exercises, there’s a very important step you need to take:

Don’t forget to set your money goal!!!

It sounds simple, but one of the most common ways I see people self-sabotaging is by not being clear on their goals or owning where they want to go.

You can practice all the abundance mindset exercises in the world, but if you don’t actually set a goal, how will the Universe know how much money to deliver to you?

The subconscious mind needs specificity.

When you set a specific money goal, you tell your subconscious that THIS is what you want, and it can go to work coming up with all kinds of ideas about how you can create that money.

And to help you get started, I’m giving you a blank cheque from the Universe: 


4. Practice Gratitude For The Present (AND The Future!)

One of the most powerful abundance mindset exercises in the world is also one of the simplest… practicing gratitude.

This may not be what you want to hear, but you can only manifest what you want by being grateful for what you have now. 

If you’re not happy with your job, your relationships, your health, or your money situation, I can tell you from experience that staying in negativity about it all will get you nowhere.

Back when I was working at a job that I wasn’t 100% in love with, going to work every day saying, “I hate this job, I hate this commute, I hate these hours — none of that helped me raise my vibration or manifest the life of my dreams.

What DID start to shift everything was when I started looking for everything I could be grateful for. At the time, I knew I wanted to grow YES SUPPLY and be able to help thousands of people all over the world — but I had no proof in my physical reality yet.

So I started being grateful that my job was funding my dream, giving me opportunities to learn new skills, and providing a training ground that gave me opportunities to practice being confident, being a leader, taking initiative, and having faith in myself. 

Now, YES SUPPLY is a multi-million dollar company, and practicing gratitude is one of the most powerful abundance mindset exercises that made it possible.

If you want to take your gratitude practice to the next level, try practicing gratitude not just for the present, but for the future!

Watch this video where I dive deep into how I used gratitude to manifest my first $100K month by using a technique called scripting: 


5. EFT Tapping To Attract The Money To Invest In Yourself

Before I share the last of my abundance mindset exercises with you, I want you to know that one of the fastest ways to upgrade your financial reality is by upgrading your skillset. 

First of all, you probably already have skills you can use to offer value to people in your network. For example, when I first got started, I had grown my Instagram account to a certain place, and while I didn’t have a huge following yet, I knew a lot about social media. So I offered social media management to people in my network and started making more money right away.

The more you upgrade your skillset, the more people you can work with and the more you can charge for your services.

Now, sometimes upgrading your skillset means investing in yourself — like buying a course or coaching program — and investing in yourself requires you to believe in yourself BEFORE you have proof it’s going to work out.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to make a big, scary investment to take my business to the next level — but I always tell myself that it will work out. I’m not wishing and hoping… I know I’ll make it work out.

This is why I want to share one of my abundance mindset exercises you can use whenever you’re making a big investment in yourself.

Watch this video to learn how to use EFT Tapping to release your fears around investing in yourself.

Did you love these abundance mindset exercises? Start practicing them every day and watch how your world transforms!

And if you LOVE everything mindset and want to become a successful mindset coach or grow your coaching business, the YES SUPPLY METHOD is the perfect place to upgrade your skills. You can become certified in modalities like NLP, hypnotherapy, EFT, TIME Techniques, energy work, and more! 

You’ll also learn everything you need to stand out as a mindset coach, market your business using social media, and attract your dream clients. Plus, you’ll have access to ALL of my best abundance mindset exercises to keep your vibe high as you grow your business. You can watch my 5-Step Coaching System Masterclass now to get started!


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Reese Evans is the founder of YES SUPPLY INC., who has trained over 1000 coaches in her methods and teachings. She's a mom, and a lover of teaching manifestation, mindset, and helping people all over the world overcome their past and create their best life. Follow along on instagram @yessupply for more behind the scenes.

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