How To Start Your Own All-Natural Skin Care Line

How To Start Your Own All-Natural Skin Care Line With Taiann of Purpl Goat

I recently came in contact with Taiann after trying her Crystal healing toner. I work really hard to use natural skincare products and skip all the toxins that typical makeup and skincare uses. Within a week my skin was the clearest I’ve ever seen it!

This is no joke, or just a plug because we’re featuring her on the blog. I have suffered from acne since I was in my teens, and even into my twenties I was prone to a breakout on my cheeks and unevenness on my forehead. Adding a spritz of this cleanser to my routine gave me the skin I’ve always wanted.

I’m thrilled to have her on yes supply sharing how she started Purpl Goat. And next week, she’ll be taking over the Good Morning Beautiful emails for the collective- sharing skincare tips, and morning rituals of a busy girlboss.

Healing Peoples Skin with All Natural, Non Toxic, Artisan Crafted Skin Care

Great to have you on yes supply! Tell us about yourself:

I’m a 28 year old Los Angeles native. I have been in the skin care industry for ten years now. I’ve worked as a licensed Esthetician, Product Knowledge Educator and Account Executive for several well known skin care brands. A few of my joys in life are working out, reading, hanging with my pup named Isley and digging deep into self development.
Taiann Eiland founder and owner of PurpL Goat
A huge portion of my work is spreading the word of self-love and how it relates to the health and quality of your skin.

How did you get started?

It started a few years ago when I was so fed up with my own skin ailments. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had severe cystic acne. I have literally given every product on the market a shot, without success. I started researching Chinese medicine and incorporating herbs orally into my daily routine. My skin is so sensitive I actually ended up breaking out more from taking internal supplements. BUT, some of these supplements worked beautifully when I applied them topically. This is how formulations began. 🙂

What inspired you to get started?

I know how it feels to not want to leave the house and not want to look people in the eye when dealing with the insecurity of acneic skin. If these products worked for me, I knew in my heart I could help thousands of other people suffering with problematic skin.

How do you stay motivated?

I don’t put pressure on myself in my business. This keeps the journey more enjoyable. I have never forced any success. I have been able to watch my company flourish in an organic way. I also take breaks for self care. If I’m in a negative space in life I don’t force myself to create. I don’t want to bring that negative energy into the products I put out into the world.
How To Start Your Own All-Natural Skin Care Line

What makes you different from the rest?

I’m not just trying to sell my products without the care of how you’re taking care of yourself in other areas. Acne products are not a one size fits all type of deal. Your mind, body and soul are all connected and need to be treated as so. When you’re breaking out I urge you to ask how you can love yourself in ALL areas instead of reaching for a quick fix.

What are 3 things that someone who wants to be a start in the same path as you should keep at top of mind:

  • Make sure this is your passion. So many people are now creating or emulating skin care products that have already been made. Passion will keep you innovative.
  • As stated above, this market is saturated with so many lines and products. Don’t let this discourage you. If this is the thing that makes you happy, you won’t feel compelled to compete with other lines. As long as you’re helping people, you are doing your job right.
  • Make sure your brand conveys the message you want to spread. Figure out what your mission is and don’t stray from it.

What are some struggles that made it difficult to get from what you were doing before to this?

Timing is a struggle and something I still have difficulties with. PurpL Goat is my main passion but I still work six days a week in the natural skin care field to pay my bills and put money into my craft. I have found my balance and I know things will only get easier.

If you could break down how you got to where you are in 5 major steps, what would those steps be?

My five step break down would be to one, believe in yourself and don’t be scared to put yourself out there. I feel like that’s a huge reason why some people don’t follow their calling.
Two, I reached out to friends or people I knew who were willing to share their knowledge on running a business. I wrote everything down. I also found a business mentor this way who helped me drastically.
Three, do your own research on sourcing and materials. I did A LOT of googling to find the best options for myself.
Four, create a website or avenue to display your line. We have so many resources on the web. I chose Squarespace and built my website on my own.
Five, reach out to the people in your life who you are close to and ask them to support you by sharing your business via social networking or word of mouth. You never know who you’ll help by asking your tribe for support.

purpl goat skincare

Did you always have a dream to become what you are now?

No. I actually never thought of myself as a creator or someone who thought outside the box until I hit 24-25. I was raised with a very simple mindset to get a job that pays well and just make it by in life. I didn’t know anything outside of that.
How To Start Your Own All-Natural Skin Care Line

What are three personality traits/experiences/ or skills that you have that let you know you were perfect for this:

  • Empathy-knowing exactly how it feels to not love myself and to be so ashamed of my skin. It drives me to help others who feel the same.
  • Ten years of skin care knowledge-I have always been the “grass is greener” type of girl. I went from one skin care company to the next with no longevity in one place. Although this is not the best trait to have (lol), I picked up so much knowledge of ingredients and the business itself.
  • Patience with the timing of your life- this took me so long to understand and I’m still learning in some aspects of life. I don’t rush success. I know everything comes at the right time and this keeps my intentions pure for my mission.

Where can we keep up with you?

You can visit my website and see all the purpL goat line. You can also keep up with me on facebook and intagram.

Interested in joining the yes supply collective to get access to Taiann’s morning rituals plus all the guides and trainings to help you launch your creative business? Join us here  and turn your dreams into your YES.

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  1. Brenea

    24 January

    You should try to get in touch with the Founders at Love Goodly (www.lovegoodly.com). I’m close to the founders, Katie and Justine after meeting them online then in person last year around summer time. They love anything all natural and cruelty free. Contact them to see if you can possibly collab with them. They are awesome people and they’re located in DT LA as well! 🙂

  2. Tiffany

    29 December

    Thank you so much for all your info!! I’m now 28 and I work at a health food store!! I’ve become very knowledgeable with vitamins and natural skin care products! I’ve finally hit the point in my life where I know what I want to do!! I’ve been thinking about starting my own skincare line. I’m just not sure where to start. I’m doing all the research I can!! I only have a highschool diploma so I’m trying to figure out if I need a little college classes to do something like this. Money is very tight for me. Working a 9-5 the rest of my life just isn’t for me anymore. I’d like to start a organic natural skincare for women with acne prone skin! I know it could take years for me to actually start making money doing this and working from home. Id also love to have parties ompromote my products. Im a pretty good saleswomen! A lot of things I like to make have already been done. Any advice for someone like me?

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