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Your Guide To Attract High-Ticket Clients + Book D...

Your Guide To Attract High-Ticket Clients + Book Discovery Calls On Autopilot To Fill Your Calendar [PART 1/2]

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to attract high-ticket clients?

What would that do for you if you were able to pull in multiple new clients a month who were paying you thousands of dollars for you to do work that you love to do? Would you FINALLY be able to quit that job that you’re so over? Would you be able to create enough freedom to travel the world doing work that you’re passionate? Would you finally pull in the income that you know you deserve and create 5-figure months?

That’s what attracting dream clients has done for me, and I know the same is SO possible for you too.

For months I struggled in this disconnect between knowing I had something incredible to offer, but not knowing how to communicate it in a way that attracted my dream clients and set them up to work with me.

I had a fire in me to help people, but I wasn’t sure how to actually find the perfect people to help!


I had to niche down and find out who I was truly best positioned to help, and then put myself out there in a way that made people lining up to work with me, even for high-ticket fees, but I found the process was not very streamlined.

I found a lot of the time, I was emailing people back and forth to find the perfect time to set up a call with them, and often feeling like I was my own receptionist.

Once I created a system that brought in a steady flow of clients, it was easy to book discovery calls, and fill up my calendar that led to clients I adored working with and multiple 5-figure months.

I know the same is SO possible for you too, once you know how to start putting yourself out there and connecting with your ideal client base.

Would you have more freedom to spend more time with your family and friends? Would you finally feel financially secure enough to pay off your debts and start buying the things you’ve been dreaming of for months? Would you travel? Or just spend time living your life?

Despite what you’ve heard, life and attracting the money you want doesn’t have to be a struggle. You can do the work you’re meant to do and truly help people.

In this article, you’ll learn how to create a system to attract discovery calls on autopilot so you can scale and grow your business in an easy and streamlined way.

Your Guide To Attract High-Ticket Clients + Book Discovery Calls On Autopilot To Fill Your Calendar

Attract Clients Step #1: Research Your Audience To Determine The Perfect Person You Wish To Sell To

If you want to confidently attract the right kind of client into your life you first have to know them and understand them.

You should have a very crystal clear picture of the person that you wish to work with. You should know them well enough, and have an idea of them in your mind so concise that every piece of content that you put out you feel like you are having a direct conversation with them.

It is this kind of clarity that will help you almost magically attract your ideal client into your life.

Shifting from a vague idea of who you want to work with, to a crystal clear avatar even works for you if you’re currently attracting clients but they’re not the right type of people.

Just say you’ve been attracting a whole bunch of clients to discovery calls but they always seem to be the type of people that don’t have enough money to pay you for services, or aren’t ready to take that next step- changing your focus will help you start attracting the right people into your business.

Really researching and understanding who it is you want to work with, and who it is you can help is the first step in building your coaching or service based business

Then they seem like the perfect client!

Create a PERFECT client avatar who is essentially the ideal person you would like to work with. Here are the components you want to have in your target client avatar:

How to Design Your Client Avatar

A name



Where they spend their time online

Purchasing Behaviour

Pain Points

Goals and Dreams


There’s a lot more that goes into defining your target client avatar, but this will give you a great foundation to start.

Most importantly, you should have a CRYSTAL clear idea of where your ideal client is when they are starting out and which problems they are experiencing that you know that you can help them solve. You should be 100% confident that you can help them overcome this issue with your products and services. You’ll be definitely touching on these topics in your discovery call, so you want to make sure you’re attracting the people who you actually want to work with.


Have an outline of who the call is right for so when you’re creating messaging, you can ensure that your ideal client knows you’re talking to them and you’re equipped to help them overcome specific things when they sign up for your program and services.

Why is this so essential?

Having a discovery call is a huge investment of your time so you need to make sure that you’re only offering these calls that take up your valuable time to the right people.

A discovery call is a two-way street as the potential client isn’t just signing up to find out if they want to work with you, you’re also figuring out if you really want to work with them.

Do you feel like you would get along with them? Do you feel like you can truly help them achieve their goals and you would have fun working alongside them? Do they seem like someone you would be excited to hop on calls with? Are their goals genuine, and incredible PURPOSE-FILLED outcomes that you can get excited about too?

Learn how to attract dream clients into your business is a simple and easy way and book discovery calls on autopilot. Great topic, advice, and strategy for female entrepreneurs, girlbosses, and bossbabes.

Step 2: Create A Detailed Application Form


This Helps You Make Sure You Only Get On Calls With The People Who Truly Value Your Time

The LAST thing you want to do is get on calls with people who are not qualified leads, or do not value your time (or theirs).

Having a call with someone who is not a qualified lead not only wastes your time, but theirs as well, as they will not likely get the results they’re looking for from such a short call, and you will be taking away from growing your business and working with people who you truly can help, in exchange for someone who might not value your time.

Someone hoping to get ‘free coaching’ on a discovery call, or experience a complete transformation after talking to you for 30 minutes is setting themselves up for disappointment.

As much as you WANT to be able to help people make a huge, permanent change in their lives as quickly as you cal, there’s only so much of a shift that can happen in a 30 minute phone call. They have to be willing to invest in a change and solution which sadly, is rarely an overnight thing.

Additionally, people rarely see results or change if they are not paying for the solution and have not invested in themselves enough to get the result.

When I started my business, I invested thousands in myself so that I could really gain the information and insight I needed to be successful. To this day, I still continue to invest in myself as I feel most happiest when I’m mastering the areas of my life that I want to help people with as well. It’s a win-win. I see better results, and so do my clients.

Would the majority of people go the gym if they weren’t paying for a membership? I didn’t think so ….. They wouldn’t have the motivation to head back again and again.

Investing their time and money into their solution, and having the accountability that you can offer them is going to make the difference in them finally achieving their goals.

This is why creating an application that potential clients can fill out before they book a call with you is essential in making sure you get on calls with the right people for your business.


In the application, you want to ask questions like:

Name- Obviously you want to know who you’re speaking with

Contact- You’ll want to get in touch with them

Issue they’re hoping to accomplish- So you know if you’re the right person to help them

What has been holding them back up to this point- So you get a deeper understanding of what’s happening in their life

How badly do you wish to see this change in your life? – This helps you find out the commitment level of the person you’ll be speaking with

Are you willing to invest in yourself to overcome this goal – So that you know if the person on the call is ready to make an investment in themselves to and create a new life.

And any other questions you feel like would align to your business and the change you create in people’s lives and business.

If you’d like to see my application form, you can find it here: (Please do not fill this in unless you are 100% serious about working with myself to improve your business and start moving quickly towards your life goals)


I ALWAYS have potential clients fill in an application form before booking a call with me.

I only get on the call with those who see the value of booking a call with me, and I encourage you to have an application before someone books a call with you too. I have even seen coaches charging 100$ for a discovery call (that of course comes with added value and a bit of coaching within the call) and I think that it is an incredible way to ensure that you only get on the phone with someone who sees your value.

Through the application, you’ll be able to see if the person you plan on talking with is the right fit for you, and you can do any necessary research before the call so you feel prepared for your call!

At the end of this application, when the applicant has 100% completed and submitted, you can give them the link which will send them to your calendar so they get the link to your booking page and choose a time in your calendar to speak with you.

Learn how to attract dream clients into your business is a simple and easy way and book discovery calls on autopilot. Great topic, advice, and strategy for female entrepreneurs, girlbosses, and bossbabes.

Step #3: Create Your Booking Link – Sync To Your Calendar

Now, in this automated booking system you’re creating, the LAST thing we want for you is to feel like you’re turning into a receptionist constantly booking calls manually and feeling like you’re emailing people back and forth to find a time that works.

I prefer to open up my calendar, and see that my calls are automatically placed on my calendar at a time that works for me.

This is why you need to use an automatic booking system to book calls right into your calendar.

The two booking systems that I recommend are Calendly and Bookly. Both can sync right into your Google calendar to help you avoid double booking yourself.

What you’ll want to do is ensure that AFTER someone has filled in your application to book a call with you, they’re being automatically forwarded to your booking calendar so they can schedule a time that works for you.

This step is very helpful in saving you time and energy when you’re booking your calls.

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