How To Manifest Your Wildest Dreams Into Reality With Aubrey Daquinag

Ever wondered what it takes to finally say YES to yourself and become a successful coach? In our Student Success Stories Series we interview YES SUPPLY students who created the life they dreamed of and became a sought after Influencer, Leader, Coach, Entrepreneur, Teacher or Speaker.

Today, we’re sitting down with Mindset & Manifestation Coach and Published Author Aubrey Daquinag and talk about what inspired her to start her own coaching business, her favorite coaching techniques and mindset hacks, what her dream life looks like, and so much more!

Aubry works with ambitious women who are ready to step into and truly embody their Next Level Self so that they can confidently create a lifestyle of freedom, fulfilment and aligned abundance.

She runs an online coaching business offering 1:1 Mentorships, Group Coaching Programs and self-paced courses for the modern-day woman to cultivate the confidence and clarity to make the world her office doing something that she loves by blending the perfect mix of strategy, spirituality and science-backed tools + techniques.


What was your life and business like before you found YES SUPPLY?

I left the 9-5 working world and built my online business as a Travel & Lifestyle Content Creator where I was traveling the world, photographing for tourism boards, boutique hotels, airlines, lifestyle brands and leading publications such as Conde Nast Traveler, Tourism Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Stockholm.

This was amazing however after some time I felt like I was missing the true concept of travel; the spontaneity of it all and serendipitous moments that just happen, so I booked my official solo adventure to somewhere where I knew no-one, English wasn’t the first language and the only plans I had, were absolutely no plans!

Disaster? Turned out to be the most transformative months of my life as I discovered South America for three months as well as discovering so much about myself as a young solo female traveler. After coming back home to Australia after this trip I attracted a book deal from an international publisher to create my debut book WANDER LOVE: Life lessons from solo travels as a form of self-discovery.

With all this success, I kept getting asked the question “How did you do it?” and I really wanted to help in a way that was more than just the motivational “you can do it!” pep-talk. I decided to start teaching more of my personal practices and get down to the thing that makes it all possible, our mindset; and really mastering it to manifest your wildest dreams into reality, just like I had done.

That’s where I dived in deeper into getting certified with YES SUPPLY in the tools and techniques of Neuro-linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, EFT Tapping, TIME Techniques and Life + Success Coaching to not only coach from my personal experience but with the professional training to facilitate deeper transformations for my clients.


What made you decide to become a coach? Was there an “a-ha moment” that stands out to you?

I believe that there’s no point in any pursuit if there is no purpose. I made a promise to myself before I embarked on the journey of making my dream life a reality that when I had reached success in my own life that I would help and empower other women so that they could do the same for theirs.

I wasn’t sure how at the beginning of my journey but I trusted the process and firstly lead by example. It took a lot of courage and letting go including an 8-year loving relationship and my 9-5 job at the time because I knew I had something bigger inside of me to share.

I took my own dreams of traveling the world, building an online business, becoming a Published Author and earning money in abundance doing what I love with my interests, skills and talents.

Achieving all this for myself really made people from my life see that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. Now being able to serve more deeply as a coach from personal experience and professional training has been the ultimate sense of fulfilment and is truly my purpose; to help others feel this bliss that I felt (and still constantly feel!) when you’re living in alignment, operating from a place of service, and earning in abundance from doing what you love.


What makes you so passionate about coaching?

Serving women and seeing their external realities positively change as a result of working on their inner world reality. I’m so passionate about empowering women to discover their true self, step into their power and design a lifestyle they love.

I believe we ALL have the power to design a lifestyle that we love and coaching allows me to offer a safe space for my clients vulnerabilities AND transformations.

This creates so much impact because I know it not only changes my clients life but us as a whole collective consciousness.


What attracted you to the YES SUPPLY community and why did you enroll?

I knew I wanted to serve and facilitate my client transformations at a deeper level and I loved the approach Reese presented this in, the kind of energy she emitted felt similar and resonated with my own. By gaining the skills and getting certified in these tools and techniques for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, EFT Tapping, TIME techniques and Mindset + Success coaching it would allow me to do that with confidence and provide the best and most impactful transformations for my clients.


When you first sat down to design your “YES,” what did it include? What did your dream life look like?

It included the top values of Freedom, Fulfilment, Connection, Fun and Creativity. Freedom to be location-independent; working anywhere in the world and earning in abundance online. Doing work that I love, am passionate about and is good for the world + humanity for me to feel completely fulfilled. Connecting with like-minded souls who are also driven, heart-led and ready to go after their dream YES life also. As well as operating from a place of creative flow — following what feels good to me and having fun along the way!


What is the goal you’ve successfully achieved that you’re MOST proud of?

Becoming an Internationally Published Author and having my book WANDER LOVE on the shelves of my dream stockists like Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and all bookstores worldwide has been a key highlight in showing myself and others that it’s possible, you can intentionally manifest your wildest dreams into reality.

I’m also proud to be honouring my value of connection and to dedicate my time to coaching which brings me so much fulfilment. My very first course scaled my earnings with a multiple 5-figure launch that kickstarted the momentum for me to continue to expand my offerings online. The key elements in my Signature SELF Formula from my program, Empowered Creator, take you through a journey of self mastery to be able to shift your mindset and manifest your dream life into your reality.


What was the biggest mindset shift you had to make to achieve this success?

The process of trust and surrender. It’s so important to learn self mastery to be able to tune in and trust your intuition, and take inspired aligned action. But mastering the art of surrender is such a significant step to the whole manifestation process and one I’m so proud to be able to do to see the magic of the co-creation process unfold. It is already done!

Out of all the tools and training provided in YES SUPPLY (NLP, EFT, hypnosis, etc.), what are some of your favorites to use with your clients? Why?

NLP is such a powerful practice that I love to incorporate in all the ways I serve my clients, from releasing negative emotions and limiting beliefs to creating a new identity and guiding my clients to step into and fully embody the next level version of themselves for success. My clients also love and feel the positive impact from the custom hypnosis and meditations I offer, and the internal shifts that happen instantly through EFT Tapping sessions are always so nice to hear about and feel for myself.


How did the YES SUPPLY Method help you live your YES life and become a successful coach?

It’s allowed me to not only guide women to go through deeper transformations in their life but also empower myself and my clients with the tools and techniques to use them for a lifetime.


What do you love most about the work that you do?

Witnessing ambitious women step into their power, create and own their success, “feel the fear but do it anyway”, and have complete transformations within themselves that cause a positive ripple effect to every other part of their life. As well as being able to guide women from burn out to balance and inner alignment for more freedom and ultimate fulfilment in their life. It’s such a pleasure to be a part of the shifts and I’m so honoured to work with the incredible, courageous and talented women that I attract into my programs.


What does the newest version of your “YES” look like? What goals are you going for next?

The newest version of my YES life looks a lot like my life now that I’m truly grateful for but amplified! I am launching my 6-week group coaching program Empowered Creator, to be able to serve and guide more women in stepping into and embodying their power so that they can create their dream life + business of freedom, abundance and ultimate fulfilment.

As well as two new online courses aligned with the energetics and soul purpose of creating your dream life into reality. My team will grow to help with spreading the message and mission for female empowerment, and once travels opens up again my in-person retreats for WANDER LOVE CLUB will begin in destinations around the world like Bali, Byron Bay and Greece. Make sure to keep updated and join the journey! Promise it won’t be boring ;)


Where can people find you if they’d like to follow your journey?

Instagram: @theloveassembly and @wanderloveclub

My website: www.theloveassembly.com


If you could give one piece of advice to someone considering becoming a certified mindset and manifestation coach through YES SUPPLY, what would it be?

The tools, techniques and trainings you learn in the YES SUPPLY Method Certification will be so beneficial for you to facilitate deeper transformations for your clients but they also give you a chance to up level your life and mindset too.



Reese Evans is the founder of YES SUPPLY INC., who has trained over 1000 coaches in her methods and teachings. She's a mom, and a lover of teaching manifestation, mindset, and helping people all over the world overcome their past and create their best life. Follow along on instagram @yessupply for more behind the scenes.

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