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How to Make Banana Icecream with No Artificial Flavours, Colors, or Dairy

Ever have an intense craving for icecream, but do not want to deal with the regret, not to mention the sugar crash that comes along with it?

We have found the solution. I’ve been keeping it to myself for a couple years, but I thought to myself, if I love have this guiltless snack, I’m sure a ton of other people would too. I even found a great way to change this recipe to become an AMAZING post-workout treat to replace a regular smoothie.

We’ll be showing you how to make your own banana icecream at home.

You will need:

A blender

Coconut Milk- 2 Tbs

3 Tbs Organic Cocao Powder or Cocao Nibs

2 Frozen Bananas

Honey or Organic Cane Sugar (optional)

What to do:

1. Blend all of the above mentioned ingredients in your blender

2. Make sure to put the wet ingredients in first, and the powder close to the blender blades to avoid having it stick onto the side of the blender.

3. Blend it up!

Post work-out tip! I also noticed that I could replace the Organic Cacao Powder with my Protein Powder and it is actually amazing! I use Vega Sport Performance Protein and it is like eating Coffee Crisp Icecream. I’m not big into coffee-flavoured desserts (you’d be surprised since I am OBSESSED with coffee) but this is just creamy goodness you cannot turn down.

Let us know in the comments section how you liked this recipe!




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