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How To Become An EFT Practitioner and Get Your Certification

You may have read Gabby Bernstein’s latest book, and got major results from practicing EFT, Or maybe you discovered Emotional Freedom Techniques (Also known as tapping) from another source. Point is, you know how powerful EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) are for helping you when you’re in a panic, feeling anxiety about a certain event, or if there’s underlying emotional issues that were left undealt with for far too long. This article helps you how to Become an EFT Practioner by following this easy step-by-step guide.

You’re at the point where you want a deeper understanding of how (and why) it works so well, and you want to be able to help others by walking them through an EFT session- whether it’s a way to bring additional coaching revenue into your practice, help you uplevel the experience for your clients or you work in a professional setting and you want to be able to help your team members and staff perform at their optimal levels while showing how much of a leader you are by helping your coworkers deal with their emotions in a deeper way.

Imagine how healthy all workplaces, schools, and homes would be if we were all given permission to share our emotions, and had tools like this to help us deal and process emotions. I honestly believe this should be taught in schools.

Here is How To Become An EFT Practitioner and Get Certified step by step guide

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1. Be Your First Client and Love Yourself First

As a coach, you always want to remember to be your first, and best client. If you want to help others improve their own mindset, set the example.

Look for ways you can integrate tapping into your everyday routine. You may know that you tap on stressful situations, but did you know that you can also use tapping to tap IN qualities that you want. Tapping can be used to tap into more abundance, love, and joy.

You can include it in your morning routine, or any time when you want to spend more time with you.

Play with tapping, and get comfortable with it. When you are comfortable with tapping, it will show when you’re working with clients, family members or co-workers.

2. Get Your Certification In EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Unlike a complete coaching certification, getting certified as an EFT Practitioner is a much quicker process and a smaller investment. You can start working with clients as soon as you’re certified and know what signs to look out for when you’re working with clients and co-workers. If the person you are working with has experienced trauma, or has repressed their emotions to an extreme degree, there could be situations where your clients can go into a bad place because of the EFT. Being trained, you will be comfortable to help guide them to a place of safety. Typically when this happens, it’s because the client has been holding a lot of things inside.

I’m a true believer that if your emotions are not expressed through your words in a healthy way, than they will eventually come out in the form of disease. That’s what disease means: dis-ease.

Know that when you are tapping into some of the ugly places that your clients might have hidden from themselves, you’re delving into a healthy release of emotions that will allow your client’s energy to flow at a healthy rate, and they will be able to open themselves up to more experiences, and live a much healthier and happier life.

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3. Set Up Your Business and Build Your Dream

Now that you’re certified, you’re ready to accept clients! Congrats to you!

Because of the intensity of the sessions, and how rare it is to find a certified EFT practitioner (because this is still a very much unknown self-help technique) you can immediately begin to charge upwards of $250 a session- even for your first clients.

If you want to work with clients on a long term basis, you can create packages for long-term working relationship and a complete transformation for the people who you work with.

Emotional Freedom Technic is a powerful process, and as long as your client is onboard, they will see results very quickly. It’s almost a guaranteed process. As this is YOUR practice, you can choose how you run your sessions, you may want to integrate coaching into your sessions, and you’ll have to spend time listening to your client’s issues to help them discover the most pressing issue that they will be focusing on for your tapping session.

Due to the incredible results that tapping creates, you can begin a roster of repeat coaching clients, who will work with you, again and again, to tap on different things in their life, or to delve deeper into the issues they are dealing with.

FYI it is best practice to obtain insurance for your business, so you can make sure you’re protected. Often the rates are really affordable and you can cover the yearly rate with 1 or 2 sessions.

4. Start Attracting Your Soulmate Clients

The majority of people are walking around with some kind of emotional trauma. In the world we live in, were not taught how to deal with our emotions. I remember being told constantly not to cry- but that’s not healthy. It’s a normal emotional response when pain or stress occurs- keeping it in can lead to mental health issues, or addictions.

When you go through certification, and you see the many ways that EFT can be used you will be able to communicate your value easily, and you’ll find that people are very interested in working with you once they see how powerful it is and you share your passion for it, and results.

When you’re ready to start attracting clients you’ll start earning an income from your passion and making a massive impact in people’s lives.

Ready to change your life, and the lives of others? Learn more about becoming a certified EFT practitioner here.


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