It’s About BEING, Not Doing- The Stepping Stones To Your Version Of Success

Have you ever started on a BIG goal, but it was just so tough and overwhelming, that it fell by the wayside?

Maybe you really want to start that business you’ve been putting off for months.

Or you want to be more confident and have a presence when you meet new people. 

Or you want to launch a new product that will bring you so much joy. 

But it’s just so hard, right?

You may do it once or twice for a few days, but when it comes to doing it consistently- your old habits seem to creep up.

The answer to effortless success with ease is not DOING, it’s BEING.

See, when I used to see myself as an employee, or a shopgirl, getting outside of my comfort zone to show up on a live stream, share a blog post, or see myself as a leader felt….off.

It wasn’t a habit. It was DOING, pushing force- more than being.

And when you have to forcefully do something you’ll never get into the flow of creating a life of your own design.

My shift had to come from the inside out.

I had to embody the person I wanted to become.

I had to see it, feel it, and believe it in my mind before it could come true IRL. 

I had to know, deep down that anything I wanted was possible for me.

And so I started with being my own best friend.

I decided I would only tolerate being kind to myself.

Negative self-talk was no longer welcome in my mind.  

I started to shift my attention.

Instead of spending my mornings endlessly scrolling Instagram, looking at what everyone else was doing, I would start my days thinking about the magic I could create in my own life.

And I shifted how I saw myself. From being someone who was a cog in someone else’s plan, to be the designer of my own.

I decided that anything I wanted was available to me. And just like that, it was.

My new YES Collection has launched.

It’s for the YES muse who knows she’s the maker of her own destiny and wants pieces in her life to match.

I used to put my positive affirmations on sticky notes and paste them around my loft, and my workspace, until I realized that I could make my own mugs, shirts, and iPhone cases inspiring to me.

Your subconscious mind is paying attention to everything you feed it. Feed it inspiration, motivation, and reminders to create your YES. 
The Stepping Stones To Your Version Of Success

Use the limited code LAUNCH10 at checkout to get 10% off your entire order. Head to https://shop.yessupply.co/ to grab your pieces.

Empowering Creative Entrepreneurs launch a brand, blog and business to design and create their yes supply life.

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