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In #yessupplysayings we get introduced in to the lives of the people that yes supply admires, and ask them to share a quote or thought that they use to keep motivated + grounded. This week we’re getting our yes from Belle Krol, an Art Director (and we think model) hailing from NYC. She reminds us that every path happens for a reason, and using lots of cute emojis is the best way to send an email.


Belle Krol

belle krol at her intothegloss.com interview

I am an art director of photography basically for Fashion. I started in Fashion when I was 18 when I had my first internship at a PR Agency. Then I worked as a fashion journalist, then I started designing for a big company which led to being an art director and stylist of photography which is my ‘love your life’ I guess.

Belle Krol
It all started with my illustrations when I was young I used to paint dresses and then I started drawing model portraits and that’s it.. Haha I call myself an octopus in this field ?

My #yessupplysaying may be very cliché but I always say to myself that everything happens for reason. I always remind that to myself.

But if I were going to make up one maybe I would say: if you really feel that you belong somewhere or you’re meant to do something, try your hardest to make it happen. Travel, read, learn, be nice and discover what makes you happy in the meantime.

Belle Krol

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