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Three Ways To Improve Your Business Website

When I first started yes supply co. I had no idea what I was doing. I knew a little about how to start a WordPress blog, I fumbled around with the graphic design and designing a logo until I thought it looked pretty good (if I do say so, myself) and then I waited for the traffic to come. I waited, and waited, and waited some more. I probably would have continued to wait for it to trickle in slowly if I wasn’t so impatient. But, at the end of the day, I’m a results-oriented person, so I need to see that things are constantly improving, getting better, and seeing results or I get frustrated.

Finally, I’ve figured out how to generate passive income from my blog (hello, waking up to money in the bank is a great feeling), get a substantial amount of visitors, even on days I’m not working on my blog, and helping creatives launch successful blogs + businesses of their own. Needless to say, it took a lot of interesting turns, and a lot of research, taking courses and reading books to get here.

When it comes to making improvements to your business site, there is always so much to learn, and it’s hard to feel like you know everything you need to know. If I had the choice to do it all again, I would invest in coaching, as it would save me so much time and energy by learning from someone who was already doing it before me. However, if you’re just starting out and need some direction, here are the areas of your blog you need to consider to generate traffic to your site, and increase sales in your business.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is critical if you want to attract lots of relevant traffic to your website. If you’re wondering what SEO is, it’s essentially how a reader (and potential buyer) makes it to your page after performing a search in Google, Bing, or…Yahoo (is it still around?). This is how I’m able to see sales come in, even when I’m asleep. We’re already in mid-January, but marketers and small business owners are still searching for social media dates calendars.

You need to perform some research into the most desirable keywords for sites in your industry. You can then make changes to your domain and add those phrases and terms. With a bit of luck, publishing the right text will encourage Google to place your URL within the correct listings. It’s sensible to link your site to all your social media pages too. You also need to engage in some basic content marketing. That is how you will get lots of backlinks that make your site appear popular.

Conversion rate optimization

What is conversion optimization? Well, that’s a reasonable question. Most people consider it to be the process of turning your website visitors into customers. The percentage of visitors who land on your page and then make a purchase is your conversion rate. There are many ways you can try to increase the rate using simple techniques. For instance, you might like to change some colors on your pages and then split test to judge the results. You could also outsource the task to experts who know have experience and proven results in. It all comes down to the size of your budget.

Customer questionnaires and surveys

Most people have no interest in completing questionnaires for your company. However, a small number of your visitors are willing to offer their time. So, one of the best ways to improve your website involves asking your customers. Send them an email inquiring about their experience and what they thought of your site. You don’t have to make alterations based on their responses, but they should help to highlight any serious issues. Maybe there’s something you’ve overlooked during the testing phase.

The only other thing you need to think about relates to the content of your site. It’s wise to include in-depth product descriptions and professional photographs for the best results. You should also add a live chat feature that allows customers to contact you in real-time. That should stop them from leaving your site and looking elsewhere if they have a problem. People feel a lot more confident buying from a brand that appears to offer good customer service. That is especially the case if they know nothing about your business and haven’t encountered you in the past.

So, now you just need to set the wheels in motion and start making improvements. With a bit of luck, your site will utilize its full potential very soon.


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Business Website

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