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Breather: My Review Of The Event and Workspace For Creative Entrepreneurs

If you’re an entrepreneur working from home, or from coffee shops it can be hard to get things done.

And forget about it if you’re living with room mates.

While you have dreams of taking client calls without an anxiety- inducing amount of background noise happening, and you wish you could have a beautiful space to take pictures for your brand, it all seems out of reach, right?


Even if you’re a new entrepreneur with a small budget, or you just need to pop into a space for an hour or two, I found an amazing option that can help you make it work no matter what stage of business you’re in.

I recently discovered this incredible brand called Breather, that creates beautiful spaces for anyone who needs to step out of their normal environment.

Breather: My Review Of The Event + Workspace For Creative Entrepreneurs

Breather event yessupply

Using Breather For Brand Photos

One of my best friends has a company that sells Content Planners, and she was looking for a space to take a photo shoot. I recommended we share a breather space and it was absolutely perfect for us to get right to work.

She got amazing photos, for her brand, and I ended up with some new head shots.

Breather event

Taking A Breather For A Wine + Cheese Night 

Later on, when I was planning a workshop in LA, breather came to the rescue again. With about 20 women in attendance, and a TON of wine from our sponsors, we needed a place that could hold a crowd, and of course, be Instagram worthy. We found an incredible breather space in Santa Monica, with two floors, an outdoor space and gorgeous pink walls. It was the perfect place for our event.

yes supply event

Running A Two- Day Workshop In Our Breather

The next day, we ran a two day event to help connect Business Besties from around the world. It was a huge success. yes supply workshop

Breather rese evans

Breathers can also be used for:

• Offsites for your work team

• One on one meetings with a client

• Getting some space and alone time to map out an upcoming project and plan

• Recording videos and doing a super-cute photo shoot

I absolutely LOVE Breather, and they’re one of the best ways to get work done, and get some flexibility out of the ways you work. If you’re traveling, and need space, Breather is available around the world!

Leave a comment below if you’ve used Breather before, and what you’ve used them for.




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