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Celebrate Your Life Now

Come into the vibration of celebration, and you’ll create even more reasons for you to celebrate as you create increa

People are waiting for the perfect moment to start celebrating their lives.

They think when ________ is perfect, then I will celebrate. But the time to celebrate is now.

It’s living with a level of gratitude, knowing you have something special to bring to the table, and being thankful for that while you use it to improve your own life and others that will bring you to the next level.

When you focus on what you have, you’ll have more. When you focus on what you have not, it will never be enough, no matter where you are.

Celebrate Your Life Now

Today, every morning. you start a new day if you have food to eat if you a phone to these videos and even more so if you have something that you want to create something that you want to do that now is the time to do it.

When I was thinking planning hoping and dreaming of the life I have now, I came across a quote from Emma Watson where she said ” if not now if not me then who?”

And just that created such a fire inside of me.

Because she was right, if I had this thing and that I wanted to create and I have been dreaming about it for such a long time what was I waiting for?

Was I waiting for show someone to show me how? Was I waiting for someone to show me the exact steps? The thing is there is no one road map to success.

What I wanted to set out to prove to myself and to The world was that somebody who had a big dream and a big heart I wanted to do good I wanted to create a safe space for women, could succeed.

No expectation, no stress. Instead seeing it as creation, and setting a path for those to come after me.

Part of what I was doing experiment to see if I could really create a thing that I wish existed.

I knew I needed to happen in order to this I have to trust.

I had to open myself up to receiving.

I had to have faith.

I had to honour my story I had to celebrate my life every single day.

I had to stop letting my free time go to wasting time on social media and learn how to reinvest in everything that I have into my creativity.

And it was by celebrating me, my skills my creativity, and the thing that I wanted to create that is what allowed me to create a business and life that I love.

And when I first started out I didn’t know what I was doing.

Rarely does ANYONE.

I figured it out along the way and many areas because as I grow and get new knowledge I need to look at the next steps but I can tell you that it all happened it happened by celebrating every moment making the most of every single moment, making the most of your free time, cherishing what you have been making a commitment to share the best with the world in order to help people live their best life to the best time to celebrate her life and now you are worth celebrating.

Celebrate your life, and do the things you’ve been wishing you could. You already can. I give you permission.



Celebrate Your Life

Reese is the founder of yes supply co. A community created to help women learn how to love themselves, go after their goals, and only take yes for an answer.