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Chef It Up!

Looking for a feel good movie that motivates you to get off your butt, figure out your calling, and find your yes? Look towards “Chef”. It’s really the perfect movie to make a hot cup of tea on a rainy Sunday and put some things (like life, for example) into perspective.
Chef Carl doesn’t really know how to be a good husband, a good dad, and he REALLY doesn’t know how to use social media. But what he does know how to do is cook! When his creativity is stifled in his current job, and he is facing backlash for expressing his emotions to his boss, he takes to saying eff the world, his ego and starts doing something he loves for himself. It’s pretty much a story of what we all want to do when our boss starts getting on our last nerve.

When you start setting out on the path to getting what you want, the biggest part of the struggle is simply starting! You don’t need to know how to do everything because when you. Share your goals with people around you and you’ll be surprised how many people want to hop on your team, and use their skills to help you collectively reach your goals.
Best part of the movie: When his friend Jon Leguizamo who play Martin quits his job to become Carl’s sous-chef. As he walks up to his food truck, Carl asks “Are you sure you want the job? It pays nothing!”
Martin’s response: “I’ll Take It!”

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