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I think people underestimate the importance of the social interaction that takes place when dropping off your resume. In 2014, the internet encompasses almost everything that we do in terms of applying for jobs. Heck, even recently I’ve even had interviews held over webcam using new software technologies such as Take The Interview. When applying for jobs online through a employer-job site, only a handful of resumes are even looked at by a human eye. Most are submitted into a database that scans each resume for ‘keywords’ that they are looking for in a potential candidate. That being said, getting a chance to actually sit in front of a hiring manager is rare unless you’ve picked the right words, and every job is looking for something different.

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Few retailers even accept resumes at the store level any more. Knowing this, when you are dropping off a resume to a retail store put your best foot forward and treat it as if you are in an interview. You do not know if you are handing your resume into another sales associate or the store manager. Some managers like to interview on the spot while they have you in the store, so you had better be ready for any questions they may throw at you.

Here are my tips to drop your resume off + getting that retail job you are looking for:

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Dress stylish

Working in fashion requires people to know about fashion. The best way that retailers can judge if you can dress their clients in the most stylish outfits is if you are dressed in a great outfit as well. Think of the places that you are applying to because every retailer has a different aesthetic and a different idea of what ‘stylish’ is.

Juicy Couture girls looks a lot different that Chanel ladies.

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Make your headlines pack a punch

Most employers will give it a quick scan and think “Do I want this person to work for me?” That means that everything on your potential new boss’ sightline needs to be impeccable.

1. Change your email- noone is going to think that cuteykittys12@hotmail.com is serious about getting a job.

2. Make your job objective (if you have one) pop and make it specific. A headline like ” A professional, customer-focused, team player looking for a career in retail” gets my attention better than “Looking for a job where I can interact with the general public”. We want to know that you are focused on specifics.

3. Don’t be afraid to format; Please bold headlines for education and experience. If we cannot find the information we want at a quick glance, we may overlook trying to search for it at all.

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Have something to say

Whomever you may be dropping your resume off to may ask you to “Tell me a little about yourself”. Have something to say. Blow them away. Show them that you love the company, understand the culture and know a little history.

That is the final say in getting the job you know you deserve.

Most Importantly: Have confidence

Whatever you want, you can make it happen. You just need to have confidence and have the facts to back it up. Do not let you fear of being shut down, not being stylish/pretty/experienced enough to get the job stop you. There are always anomalies. There are always trail-blazers.

Thanks for reading this yes supply co. post. This blog is designed to inspire YOU to become the person you want to be through sharing stories of people who overcame great obstacles to find their calling. This article was sourced from experience through years of working in retail, being a hiring and recruiting manager. Feel free to email if you need any further advice: reese@nomeansyess.vom
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