Learn How To Elevate Your Coaching Sessions

Join the 5-Day Challenge to learn deep subconscious mindset techniques, coaching tools, and NLP Secrets to stand out as a sought after coach.

In This Step-by-Step Video Training You'll Learn:

September 12th @ 11:11am EST

 Uncover the foundational secrets of the subconscious mind, belief systems, and internal filters that your clients are DYING for you to uncover so you can get to the root cause of their fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs and create a powerful transformation in a fraction of the time

September 13th @ 11:11am EST

A step-by-step breakdown of how to structure your sessions, how to prep your clients before your sessions, what your must-haves are to create space for a impactful coaching session so you always know what to say, and to help your clients in the most powerful way

September 14th @ 11:11am EST

The NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) techniques for major shifts in seconds. Learn how the world’s top mindset coaches and lightworkers use NLP to help their clients ditch addictions, self sabotage, and all limitations through creating massive shifts in the way your mind stores information

September 15th @ 11:11am EST

How to speak directly to the subconscious mind, so your clients can fully step into their powerful identity, believe deeply in their worthiness, and completely change their lives – thanks to you

September 16th @ 11:11am EST

Discover how you are truly an energetic being and go through a process of clearing, shifting, and moving energy to help your clients (and you!) release anxiety, tension, and low vibrating energies and replace with abundance and light energy.

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