The Entrepreneurs Secret

The Entrepreneur’s Secret That Every Wanna-Be Entrepreneur Forgets About

If you’ve been wanting to dive into entrepreneurship for a while, but haven’t seen the sales, found your idea, or even know where to get started, you’re probably missing out on:

The Secret That Every Wanna-Be Entrepreneur Forgets About.

The Entrepreneurs Secret

I see facebook ads everyday selling courses, ebooks and conferences on becoming a successful entrepreneur. I’ve seen friends and family members get caught up in the dreams that multi-level marketing companies promise.

They’re all selling these things knowing that 80% of people will spend their money signing up for them, but receive none of the benefits of the courses, membership fees, and any other offers they put out to get you HOOKED in.


Why? Because just like building a skyscraper, you can’t build the business of your dreams without a rock-solid foundation. That foundation is your mindset.

If you don’t have the right mindset, you won’t make it past the common hurdles that entrepreneurs face. Here are a few of the MAJOR hurdles, and how to pin-point them, so they won’t slow you down.

Avoid Confusion + Shiny Object Syndrome Like the Plague

Like I said before, we’re bombarded with imagery and reminders of successful people every where we turn our heads, so sometimes it’s hard to pick a focus. Without that focus, it’s hard to know where you’re headed, and you’ll end up starting a ton of new projects and hobbies, but not really following through.

Have you ever had a blog that you wrote one blog post on, but forgot about? I wrote a business plan, but didn’t make it any further. It’s really not your fault. There are SO many opportunities for success, especially with the opportunities that having a wifi connection and 50$ to buy a domain name can help you achieve. Take some time to reflect on what it is you really want, and the lifestyle you want to achieve. When you have that focus in mind, it will be easier to blaze the path you want to move towards.

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There is no room for sensitiveness

I am the #1 sensitive person. Seriously, I cry over strategically timed Tim Horton’s commercials. But there’s a certain type of sensitivity that will block you from seeing the fruits of your labour.

It’s the one when if you don’t get enough likes on your posts, you think you’re not good enough. It’s the kind that if people aren’t singing from the rooftops excited about your business, then it’s hard for you to get excited too.

Ensure that your feelings and emotions towards your passion project are being created intrinsically. Meaning, you decide how you feel, and even if people in your circle aren’t excited about your idea yet, you still deserve to be. You don’t have to follow the path that others take to lead the same kind of regular life day in and day out.

Don’t worry. The non-believers will come around!

CREATE OVER CONSUME: Make sure you’re not taking in too much content

This part breaks my heart but I see SO many ‘want’entrepreneurs spending their savings on courses, a ton of coaching, and reading every blog article under the sun before even taking action.

If you are taking in a ton of content before you even know where you want to end up, you’ll find you’re reading content that is not even relevant to your future business. Without putting the lessons you have learned into action, they you will forget about them and then all your time/energy/ and money will end up worthless.

If you’re a perfectionist, this is a hard pill to swallow because you want your first swing at business to be absolutely PERFECT and have every graphic, sentence, and button on point, but if you are a perfectionist with no outcomes, there’s no point in having something perfect, if you don’t put it out into the world for anyone to see it.

Try taking that first step and allow yourself the opportunity to fail. It is only then that you’ll know what you need to learn more about, and what information you can do without.


The Entrepreneurs Secret

Remember to GIVE GIVE….OH YEA….and GIVE some more

If you’re creating a business simply because YOU want to live an extravagant life, and you want pretty things, and 100,000 Instagram followers, I don’t believe you’re going to get far. People are going to see right through that, and it’s very rare that people want to pay something for nothing ( or am I the only one?!)

Ensure that when you set out to start on your venture, you’re thinking about what your unique experiences, skills, and talents can help other people, and make the world a better place.. then you can figure out how to monetize it.

If your product is not creating some sort of value, whether educational, inspirational, entertaining or helpful, you’re not likely to find customers. Which, by the way, are the life-blood of your business.

You have to BELIEVE and SEE what you can create, before you can make it real.

When you first set out to start your new business, you better believe in your mission. Why? Because if you don’t believe in it whole-heartedly, kick-ass, all in passion, no one else will too. In fact, it will take you a loooong time to stumble across someone that believes in what you’re doing as much as you.

Keep your eyes on the long-term prize and remember that “If it was easy, everyone would do it.” Those long nights, heart-ache and struggle are what separates the weak from the strong, and what will separate you (an obvious winner 😉 ) from a sea of people with pipe-dreams.

There are so many convoluted messages going out to people who want to take control of their lives, but the very foundation is your mindset. If you don’t deep down feel like you’re capable of living the life you want, you won’t be able to make it a reality. You deserve to be confident, to love every unique part of you, and to live this life you’re in RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW to the fullest.

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