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Collective Member Q+A || Tuesday, March 27th @ 9 PM EST // 6 PM PST

Ever wish you could connect with Reese and ask her for guidance on growing your business, creating a vision for your life, and going after your dreams to create your YES.

Now is your chance. In this exclusive, Collective members-only Q+A Reese will share guidance on how to boost your confidence, go after your dreams and only take yes for an answer. Get the chance to ask Reese any questions you have on creating the life of freedom you desire.

Members leave these group sessions with new ideas, feedback on their current situations from Reese herself, and the energy and inspiration to manifest the life of your dreams.

Sign up at least 24 hours in advance of the next session to guarantee you’ll make the session on time.


Have you tried and tried to manifest, but you can’t get it to work?

Are you feeling stuck, and want to learn how to tap into your own power to create your own reality?

Are you curious about manifesting, but don’t know how to make it work in your own life?

Let us show you the step-by-step tools and things you must know to manifest anything and everything you want into your life.

Remember, the universe is infinite and there is a limitless supply of everything you want and crave- you just have to tap into it.

Learn how to boost your confidence, raise your vibration and attract the life and love you dream of.

Join me, and Jacqueline of @Positive___Soul to teach you how we raise our vibration, and our favorite tools and strategies for manifesting money, opportunities and more.

Seats are limited, and early bird pricing ends on January 31st so grab your spot before they’re all gone.

See you on February 12th, in Central LA at 6 PM PST.


Head to

Price $97

Your Year Of YES: 2018

Are you ready to look back on December 31 2018 and say this was your best year ever?

Learn how to use your magic and manifest your year of yes.

Let’s set you up for success working from the inside out. Get self-empowered, understand your inner energy, and how to manifest the life and results you dream of.


You’ll learn:

• How to create goals that stick, and align to your true passion and purpose in this life

• How to visualize your upcoming goal and create a metaphysical blueprint (that your reality will later print out)

• How to identify and pinpoint stories you are telling yourself that are holding you back from reaching your peak potential

• You’ll harness your own energy to identify your limiting beliefs, and then delete and de-story them all one-by-one

• We will use NLP and Emotional Freedom Techniques so you’re armed with tools that will help you overcome any fear, doubt, or self-sabotaging behaviors so you have your subconscious mind working for you to help say YES to yourself and your dreams on autopilot.



Achieving any big goal can be scary because it causes you to face your fears, stretch your limits, and do something you’ve never done before.


Your goals need more than just a spot on your calendar. They need you to have the persistence, grit, and self-belief to know that anything is possible for you.


On Friday, January 26th, 6-9 PM it’s going down. I’ll be in the 6ix. Get your tickets here before they’re gone.

Price $97

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