how to explode your email list using pinterest

How to Explode Your Email List By Using Pinterest

You’ve heard it everywhere.

Grow your list!

Your list is the most important asset to your business!!

So you’re like. Ok that’s cool and all but I’m just starting and it’s not like I have all this money just lying around for me to start running Facebook ads. You’re trying to think of every free way possible to bring in those subscribers that your are wearing yourself OUT.

What if I told you there is a way to do this on auto-pilot?

Would you be interested?

I’ll bet you would!!!

Here is the not so secret…..PINTEREST.

I can hear your eye roll from here. Just give me a second of your time.

Most people think they should just be circulating a new pin every time they publish a new post and this will get people to opt-in. While this is true, it’s not the ONLY way you can accelerate your list growth on autopilot.

The most EFFECTIVE strategy that I have implemented for myself has been by creating pins for my two BEST opt-in bribes (or incentives. Whatever you want to call them).  This converts REALLY well. It also helps to grow your Pinterest following which attracts more followers. It just snowballs from there, really.

The way you do this doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Here are the three basic steps you can take to implement this today!

1. Have a signature opt-in offer AND a resource library.

You don’t want to over complicate things for yourself. Having a resource library just makes your life easier because people only have to opt-in ONE time and then they have access to all of your free resources for as long as they follow you.

Having a signature offer is just another way that you can make sure you are attracting your tribe. Make sure you include a blurb about the resource library in the email you send them with the download. It shows you over-deliver and are truly there to serve and help them without holding back or asking them to jump through a thousand hoops. Which in turn, makes them love you. The more they love you, the more likely you can convert them to customers.

Only having two main opt-ins also saves you the headache of having a million automation going for EACH opt-in. It’s hard to track what is performing well and what isn’t if you have sh*t flying all over the place. Scale it down and only have a couple of things you are promoting the hell out of at one time. It’s easier for you to keep up with, but it’s also easier for your subscribers to keep up with too. Having everything in one place cuts down the “now what was that thing?” thoughts your subscribers may have. You want to come from a place of SERVICE for them. There should be a level of excellence in EVERYTHING you do for them. All the way down to how they can grab their freebies. Over delivering will NEVER steer you wrong.

2. Create a Landing Page for each

You want to make opting in to your list as EASY as possible while also guiding them through your funnel. Having a landing page with a small blurb describing what they are getting that also has everything ABOVE the fold (meaning they don’t have to scroll to get to the place for them to enter their information) is ALL you need.

See how simple it is? And you don’t have to scroll anywhere to opt in! Quick and too the point. When in doubt, keep it simple.

3. Make sure your pin has a preview of what they are signing up for.

I don’t know why, but people are ALWAYS more likely to want something they can see. I guess it makes it more real for them. Whatever works as far as I’m concerned. Just make sure you include a thumbnail on your pin image to get the want factor in there!

Here is my BEST converting Pin. Last time I checked, it’s been pinned over 100 times and I haven’t had it out there that long.

how to explode your email list using pinterest


Do you see how you are creating a path for the user?

Pin with a thumbnail of the thing -> Landing page reiterating what they are getting -> Email automatically sent to their inbox WITH the resource library password.

There is obviously WAY more to it than I can get into in ONE single blog post but the idea here is to eliminate some of the work for yourself. This is a GREAT way to increase your reach on autopilot. People are signing up to your list which is more than what you were getting hitting the streets all day every day. It will be a trickle at first, but the more these pins circulate, the more growth you will see.

My favorite way to keep those babies constantly moving is through campaigns posting to the group boards I am members of. I use a tool called BoardBooster to do this. It’s seriously the greatest thing EVER. (You can get a Free Trial HERE) If you aren’t using it, you should be. 

Another option for Pinterest automation is Tailwind. Click here to get a FREE month of Tailwind.

Now, get out there and start creating those opt-in pins and start getting those subscribers on auto-pilot!

Ready to build your Business With Pinterest? Sign up for Pinterest to Profits.how to explode your email list using pinterest

Gina is a Business Stylist and the founder of GinaLambert.com, a blog focused on working smarter not harder by being lazy productive. Her passion is centered around helping other female entrepreneurs beat the overwhelm and get answers to their burning questions all while still having a life. She also helps them style up their businesses to give them more free time while still being able to kill it in business. Check her out at GinaLambert.com

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