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Four Things You Need To Do To Create Ultimate Success and Self-Empowerment In Your Life

I’m so glad you’re here, because I have a message for you.

You can have anything, and everything you want.

Even if it feels like you’re not strong enough. Even if it feels like there’s others that are further along than you.

Even if you feel like giving up.

I’m here to tell you that the life you imagined, with freedom in your schedule, meeting incredible people, learning things that fill your soul, is within your reach.

Here’s proof.

I grew up in a single parent household.

I spent my childhood years always feeling- different.

I didn’t look the same as everyone at my school. I didn’t have the ‘perfect’ family. We never really had much money.

But I had my mom. And together, her and I were a team.

But then, when I was about 10, my mom got into a really unhealthy relationship.

A relationship where he broke her down, her spirit, her mindset, her motivation.

It was completely toxic.

And he did the same to me too.

After years of being torn down, my self esteem was sub-zero.

I found myself never feeling good enough. Dieting to fit society’s idea of skinny, and looking in the mirror and seeing a reflection that I absolutely despised.

On top of that, I suffered with negative self talk. I was my own biggest bully. Every room I walked into I heard “You’re not good enough” “No one’s going to like you”.

For years, my biggest enemy was myself.

My endless stream of shitty jobs, and friends that treated me like crap was a reflection of how I treated myself.

It wasn’t until I changed my reflection of me, upped my value, and discovered self-love and self-care that things started to change for me.

When my inner voice changed, and I began to value myself, everyone else did too.

Suddenly I started making more at work, and I started to attract better and better opportunities.

I started to believe that even though all my past ideas had failed, maybe I could create success in my life.

And that’s when I came up with the idea for my business.

I wanted to share my transformation that even though I came from humble beginnings, when I was able to upgrade my inner world, and how I spoke to myself, my outer world changed too.

And I wanted to interview incredible people who pursued their passions despite the obstacles that life dealt them and came out on top.

And that’s how YES SUPPLY was born.

I’ve grown it from an idea that I was afraid to share, to a six-figure business, that inspires people around the world.

Leading retreats, speaking at GIRLBOSS rally, and being featured in incredible publications like NYLON, FLARE (with more to come).

You’re more powerful than you even realize. When I tapped into my inner power, magic started to take place.

Ultimate Success and Self-Empowerment

Here’s 4 Things You Need To Do To Create Ultimate Success and Self-Empowerment In Your Life

1. Dream BIG

Success for me is a lot of things. It’s not just money. It’s health. It’s having the people in my life that I want to be there. It’s feeling joy in the work that I do.

It’s feeling love.

And guess what, when you keep sight of the whole picture of success, you achieve it. You remember to keep the creativity, the fun, the play, the joy.

You can have it all. You can have freedom, security, love.

The world was made for you. Everything in your life is a gift. It’s a starting point. It’s a foundation. And one day it will be in your book.

Ask yourself “What would I ask for if I knew the answer would be yes?”

Pursue that.

2. Visualize Daily

Get your subconscious mind behind your dreams by visualizing every day. If you don’t know exactly where you’re going and what you want it to look- how can you expect to get there?

But when you know the outcome, and you can see it clearly in your mind, then you can focus on the WHAT and know that the universe will take care of the how.

3. Be Persistent

Starting a dream project of your own can be tough. I get it. You have to break down old patterns to form new ones. You have to create new beliefs.

You have to consistently do things you have never done before- all of which you have no idea if they will work out.

You have to be creating, posting and sharing- and to be honest, at the beginning you may get little to no results or support.

When I started my business, I felt like I was talking to a brick wall with my posts. Like no one else believed in it.

But I had to believe in it 100% first to give others permission to believe in it wholeheartedly.

But you MUST be persistent.

You must never give up.

If you have that big vision, keep your eyes on it, and move progressively closer to it every day. You WILL pick up momentum.

4. Believe In Yourself- HARD

I was never someone that believed in myself. In fact, I believed in everyone else more than me. I was the wing woman for the longest time. I was the audience- never the star of the show.

Until I had enough. Until I decided, why was I putting everyone else’s dreams in front of my own? Why did I perceive everyone else to have more value than me? Why did I play small?
I decided to give it a shot, and pretended to believe in myself as much as I would believe in a friend. Soon that pretending started to feel real and I realized my potential was limitless. Yours is too, babe, as soon as you decide to back yourself.

I know that with a shift in your self love, boosting your self-empowerment and with the strong belief and persistence that ANYTHING is possible for you.

I’m proof of that.

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