How To Get Brand Collaborations, Strategic Partnerships and Sponsorships


Sample Collaboration Pitch


HI {personal names}

Hope you are well! 

I thought of you two for a collaboration opportunity that has become available on the Collabosaurus platform that can get you exposure to a large social media audience of females in Australia. (super brief logistical, overview, bit of a mystery, addresses target market)

it’s for a Valentines day competition with a max of 4 brands involved. Exposure to 35.5k on social, with emphasis on Instagram (27k). targeted to stylish women between 18 – 45. (STATS, STACKED)

Let me know if you are interested and I can get you set up for free + connect you two! It’s time sensitive, so hopefully you receive this before tomorrow. (TIMING, NEXT STEP, CTA)

Chat soon,


Click the link to get the Roles and responsibilities outline from Collabosaurus

Click here

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