Google Analytics Clicks Instagram

Google Analytics Is Now Tracking Instagram Hits

It used to be that you needed to use a link creator and tracker like bit.ly to track how many hits were coming from your Instagram account.

When you would go to google analytics, I would see hundreds of clicks from ‘direct’ but not have a clear way of seeing which ones we’re from Instagram without using special tools.

Google Analytics Clicks Instagram

I’ll be honest, I’ve put tracking the traffic on my blog on the back burner and focused my energy on creating content and products that help ambitious go-getters build their businesses, their confidence and their online strategy.

But after a relaxing evening of binge watching Orange is the New Black, I decided to check on my traffic levels. Why not?

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When I landed on Google Analytics today, I noticed something different from usual.

instagram tracking clicks from google analytics

Yep, it was like music to my ears, except, well, it was to my eyes. This graph shows us that google analytics is now keeping track of your clicks from Instagram too.

With the rollout of Instagram For Business, it’s no surprise, as I expect a LOT of things are going to change about Instagram, outside of the algorithm.

Including the fact that you’ll soon be able to add links to Instagram

I’ll be honest, I have vibes that Instagram is slowly turning into facebook and soon it’s going to be so ridden with ads that it will be a long lost memory like myspace. But that’s another rant, for another day.

But one thing I’m really excited about is the new opportunity to see better analytics from Instagram.


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Google Analytics Clicks Instagram

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Pin this:

Google Analytics Clicks Instagram

With the new Instagram for Business features, you’ll also get:

• The ability to make your Instagram account a ‘business account’

• Insights- You’ll be able to see page views, demographics, a summary of engagements on your photos

• Ad insights- View performance of your advertisements

• Audience- A birds eye view of who your audience is, and their interests to help you cater better content for your potential customers

I’m a geek for data, and I’m really PUMPED for these changes.

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  1. davidfricks

    15 August

    You seem to be the only one covering this. Where’s the big announcement? Did Google post anything about this?

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