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Your Guide To Book Discovery Calls On Autopilot + ...

Your Guide To Book Discovery Calls On Autopilot + Attract High-Ticket Clients To Fill Your Calendar [PART 2/2]

This article is part 2 of Your Guide To Attract High-Ticket Clients + Book Discovery Calls On Autopilot To Fill Your Calendar. To read part one <<click here>>

Step #4: Create Your Messaging + Add Value

This part is essential.

Now that you have your pieces of the puzzle set up so that you can start getting Discovery calls on autopilot, it’s important that you have proper messaging in order to connect with the perfect people who you wish to work with for your Discovery calls.

The common way to build your list, and lead a new potential client onto your email list, is to create a  ‘freebie’ that offers value and establishes you as the expert so people are joining your list to receive the free content- This is definitely a great option and I use it myself, but I’ve also found another way that works. This is ESPECIALLY good if up til now, you’ve been booking all your calls manually and your thumbs are getting tired of texting new clients back and forth.


Option One: Create an INCREDIBLE freebie that aligns to your offering.

If you want to grow your email list, simply stating ‘Sign up for our free newsletter” is no longer effective. You need to trade value in order to have someone sign up for your list.

A great way to invite someone to join your list, and also ensure that you have the right people joining is to create a ‘freebie’ that someone can receive in exchange for your email list.

In the past, I’ve created incredible free pieces of content that have had people RAVING about how much the content has helped them, and has also allowed me to build my list easily.

Common ways to build your list by offering a freebie are:

  • A free PDF guide
  • A free mini-course
  • An audio
  • A planner
  • A checklist

If it’s a video course, you can create your course with a simple video camera (this is the one I use) or even just your iphone and upload it to a platform like youtube or vimeo.

If it’s a tutorial video, I use Screenflow to easily record my screen and create slides.

If I’m creating a checklist, a PDF download or a checklist, I’ll use canva to create an easily design.

However, If you’re stuck on what to create as a guide, or you want to have the option to have people book a call WITHOUT needing to download your freebie, I’m about to show you a second option.

By doing this, you can refer people to book a call with you straight from one of your live streams, or even a simple social media post!


Option 2: Create a Landing Page Sans-Freebie

Instead of creating another FREEBIE, you can use strategy #2 to create free value on your social media platforms and then create a landing page that you can use to capture a someone’s email address. Once you’ve captured their email address, you will then be able to nurture and connect with them further through a series of emails and invite them to book a call with you.

When I have my availability open to book I love having a simple page that I can send people to when it’s the right time to schedule a chat with me, because I love having appointments put through to my calendar on autopilot.

You’ll also have them on your list so you can keep them up to date on the growth of your company, and even present them with different offers.

I’ve found that by showing up for my audience every day with different pieces of content, posts, and live streams I’ve created a real connection, which makes it easier for people to connect with me, and to invest in high-ticket products like coaching and retreats since there is a high level of trust and a strong relationship.

Types of free content that you can create on your platforms are:

  • Live streams
  • Instagram stories
  • Youtube videos
  • Instagram Posts
  • Facebook Posts
  • and even through meeting people in person!


If you’re looking to create a real community, make sure that you’re showing up regularly for your audience, and making it a priority in your day so they can feel a constant connection with you and you’re at their top of mind! Remember, people can’t purchase your AMAZING products and services if they’re not even aware of you!

In your messaging, you need to connect with your ideal client, and let them know that you are speaking directly to them. Once you’ve done your audience research (from point 1) this will become so much easier for you. If you’re struggling to connect with your audience in a real way, or need some help crafting incredible messaging, check out THE FORMULA: Craft Perfect Messaging That Attracts Your Ideal Clients.

You want to offer a piece of value, hopefully a helpful tip, that allows them to see that you are someone who can truly help them achieve their goal, and from there, you can push them towards your call to action, which is the opportunity to apply for a free strategy call or discovery call with you.

Step #5: Create Your Landing Page That Your Ideal Clients Will Respond To

This is the step that will help you create a steady stream to enter into your email list of ideal clients.

I used to send people straight to an the application form to book a call with me, but the thing is, you can lose a lot of qualified leads by not capturing their email address the first chance you get.

The thing is, someone might have EVERY intention of filling out your application, but they stumble upon it while they’re at work, or busy, they might close it down and forget to do it.

By not capturing their email at this opportunity, you’re doing someone who has a real problem that you KNOW you can help with a huge disservice. If someone has made it to your application form, they likely have an issue that they REALLY want your help with. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be there. It’s your job to step up, and do what you can to help them.

If you’re not making an effort to capture their email address so you can stay in contact with them, you’re not giving them the opportunity to connect with you again and learn more about you and what you do through your email automation (which we will talk about in the next section)

If you can capture their email list while they’re interested in booking a call with you, then you can rest assured that you can send them emails to remind them to set up a call with you, as well as nurture them, sharing more information about you and your business to help them get a better understanding of who you are, what you have to offer and how you can help them.

My favorite tool to create simple landing pages is Thrive Themes (aff link). I use the Thrive Content builder to create my landing pages, and the thrive leads to create pop ups on pages within my website.

Side note: I actually took the leap and purchased the entire Thrive Themes Membership as it is an incredible value for what you pay. With the amount of things that you get when you sign up for this membership you’ll actually save hundreds of dollars a year on your marketing efforts.

Inside the membership you’ll find templates for landing pages, ways to make incredible quizzes for your sign ups, countdown timers, pop ups for your WordPress blog, headline optimizers to get the most traffic to your blog posts and much much more. I only share tools with you that I use and absolutely love.

Step #6: Create Your Email Automation To Nurture Your New Members Of Your Community

Now that you’ve set up the landing page in order to attract ideal clients, you can create the email automation that’s going to introduce your new leads to you and your business and offer them the link to fill out an application to speak with you.

If you haven’t implemented an email automation, or you’re unsure what this means- DO NOT WORRY. I’ve been there. I’ll give you an explanation.

Imagine you had HUNDREDS of people joining you list, all at different times of the day. If you were sending out emails only once a week, your clients and customers might miss important information about you, your brand, and what you have to offer. You would also be PRETTY busy trying to welcome all these new people to your list by typing out these emails one-by-one.

That’s where having an email automation system comes in handy. *smirking emoji*

You can create well thought out welcome emails that will:

  • Help new leads get familiar with you and your brand
  • Give you an opportunity to add value to your new leads’ lives and build trust
  • Share more information on you, your personal story, and your products and service

In order to create an incredible personal BRAND you want to make sure that your audience knows you and who you are. Creating a well thought-out email automation can help your new audience members connect with you on autopilot. Also, if you have created a FREEBIE that someone is meant to receive upon signup, you can deliver this in the first email of your email automation.

If you’re using a tool like Mailchimp, you can set up your email automation in the automation tab:

By sending an email automation you’ll give your audience multiple different ways that they can connect with you and learn more about who you are, what you do, and how you will help them.

In the first email I would recommend sharing your personal story, how you help people and call out the perfect person that you wish to work with. In this first email you should also provide any freebies that someone has signed up for, and also share the link so that somebody can apply for a strategy session or discovery call with you.

In this email automation you can continue to send emails after the first email so that people can get to know you in a different way, you can share past results and testimonials, and help your target audience familiarize themselves with your products and services. That way when somebody hops on a call with you or you offer them your product or service, they’re familiar with you and how you can help them overcome their obstacles.

Having an email automation that nurtures the new members of my list is a great way to help people get to know me better, and makes my sales calls even MORE successful!

By the time somebody ends up on a strategy call with me they already know the products and services that I offer, they have an idea of my price point, and that way the majority of people who end up on a call with me, end up working with me. The conversation never feels salesy or sleazy because the person has learned enough about me, and has self-qualified themselves as my perfect target client, so signing up with me is a no-brainer.

Once you have a new potential client in your email list, your autopilot email sequence can be working for you around the clock.

The beauty is, you can write this email automation once, and it can of out to your potential clients again and again, helping them become familiar with your brand, and getting them excited for their 1:1 call with you.

In the past, I’ve used mailchimp to set up my email automation stream, and I currently use active campaign. Both are great options, especially if you are first starting out (aff link)

In your first email, give your new members of the community an idea of who you are, and of course provide them with the link that they can use to sign up for a strategy call (the one you created earlier)


In the follow up email, write a message that shares a personal story that connects with your new member on a deeper level, showing that where you used to be aligns with where they are now, and showing them that you are the perfect person to help them overcome the things in their life or business that are currently holding them back from achieving their goals.


In the first few emails, you can remind them to apply for the strategy call with you by entering in the link for your application form. After they fill in your application form they will automatically be sent a link to book their call with you.

Step #7: Scale Up Your Efforts – Promote, Promote, And Get Yourself Out There!

The next step is getting yourself out there to get your ideal clients into your system. If you know you have something incredible to offer and your discovery calls are full of value then do not be shy to put yourself out there!

The world NEEDS your message, and the unique perspective and solution that only you can create.

From my own experience, I held myself back way too long from putting myself out there and offering my services because I felt SO shy! Now that I regularly share my products and services, I help people grow their businesses on autopilot, attract dreamy clients and make the impact they’re meant to make on the world!

I have people tell me all the time how myself and my platform has changed their life!

The same is SO so possible for you, once you get out of your own way and put yourself out there to deliver your incredible message!

If you’re already creating content on your blog, Instagram, on Facebook all you need to do is add at the end of all of your pieces of content a strong call to action that inspires people to apply for a free Discovery or Strategy call with you. You can invite them to set up a call, and send them to the link where they can apply to have a chat with you.

For me, doing live streams in my facebook group, and on instagram stories have been an incredible way to form a personal connection with my audience that has led to sales, new clients, and even attracting interns to help out with yes supply’s mission! You never know what can happen when you put yourself out there!

Make sure that you’re speaking to the perfect person that you want to work with, so that they can feel that you’re speaking DIRECTLY to them, and make sure that you’re sharing how incredible it is to hop on a call with you- make it exciting!

Once you have perfected the messaging that attracts your ideal client, gets them into your system and sets them up to sign up for your high ticket offers now it’s time to automate this process when you found your perfect pieces of content you can scale them up.

You can promote your live streams with ads, or use automation tools like Smarter Queue (for facebook and twitter) and Boardbooster (for pinterest) to get your message out to the MASSES!

Share value on your favorite platforms that you know your dream clients are spending their time on and lead people back to your offer of setting up a call, if they know they need help overcoming the issues that you know you can help them with!

If you need an extra boost for creating INCREDIBLE messaging that connects, inspires and motivates your ideal Target client to sign up before call with you click this link to get THE FORMULA: Craft Perfect Messaging That Attracts YOUR Ideal Clients

Now, sit back and relax and watch your dream clients start rolling in to book discovery calls with you.

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