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IT is a word over-used and under appreciated. 
You see it tattooed on your best friend and it is
 the theme of every good quote on Tumblr.
We’ve heard it so much that it has 
almost lost it’s meaning at the sound of it.
 But take some time to hope today.
You’ll realize that that is the difference between pressing the
snooze button again and racing out of
 bed to accomplish something. Give yourself the opportunity to hope.
Allow yourself to believe that something amazing can truly happen to you.
It is too easy to lead yourself through life worried that
 something bad is going to happen; 
to live in fear.
 When you have hope that magical things will happen; and they will, you become a ray of light.

-yes supply co.
Thinking of becoming a writer, but constantly telling yourself you can't? Let your doubt be Gone, Girl. The best writers have humble beginnings. This will helps entreprenuer, girlboses. Entrepreneurs, female business owners, girlboss, bossbabe to have confidence in establishing business. Repin and save this for later.

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