YES SUPPLY REVIEW | | How Candice Had a 30K Launch After Graduating YES SUPPLY

Candice is an amazing Alignment Coach, and self-proclaimed Dream Doula who is a mother of 2 beautiful children.

She was already coaching when she joined YES SUPPLY, and she shares that the tools, modalities and support she received in the YES SUPPLY Method helped her to sky rocket her business, and have an incredible launch directly after graduating- even with a small audience of 1000 followers on instgram and 90 in her facebook group.

If you’ve ever told yourself “I can’t be successful because I don’t have a big audience yet” then Candice is amazing proof of what can happen when you get your mind and energy in alignment. She followed up in our community a few months after this interview to share that she had already made six-figures in her business, in less than a year as a coach. 

So excited for you to dive into this interview.

If you want to watch the full interview with Candice about her YES SUPPLY Review, you can find it here on youtube:

 Yes. Candace, thank you so much for being here with me today. I’m so excited to interview you as one of our students and your experience, and then of course all about your $91,000 day. 

So for anyone who’s watching, do you wanna just share a little bit of who you are? Yeah, so I’m Candace. I live in South Australia on on the beach with my family, and I’ve been in the wellbeing industry forever since I left school, basically  I studied  massage, collected modalities

I think as people in our industry do, we just collect modalities and keep studying. But I always came back to, the more I worked with my clients it was such more internal stuff, even I was working body work and all that, but unless kind of we change the way they perceive the world basically and themselves.

The sore shoulder and the sore neck, it just kept coming back or stuff like that. So then I was watching you online for ages, and I think I really resonated because you talked. There was this mystical way, it was like the manifestation and the abundance, but also, this bit of strategy as well.

And I was like, oh, you’re speaking my language. And I always make decisions by feeling into my body and I felt into my body and it was a big investment for us as a family. And I spoke to my husband, it was so awesome. Remember him saying, babe, this sounds like this course was written for you. He’s let’s do it.

And then we did it. And seriously, we’ve never looked back. It’s been like one of the best investments that I. we as a family that we have made, so thank you.

Reese: Amazing. I’m so happy to hear that. And when did you sign up? Did you sign up for the program? That’s just been redone, so after, yes, I think September, 2021.

Candice: Yes. Yeah, cuz it was during Covid and so that was like rocking my world. Cause I was such an in-person kind of facilitator. And we were like, like Australia got really locked down and we were like, my husband lost his job as well. And so it was like, what can we, I need, I really need to take advantage of this online world and how can I shift my, in-person business online.


What Candice Thought of the YES SUPPLY METHOD

And I felt your, I feel like your course for me was like this umbrella and it allows me to hold all my skills previously, plus have these like beautiful ways to ask my clients questions and dive deeper and go deeper with them in this really safe and beautiful way.

So yeah, I feel like it’s just been the container for me to hold. All of me. So yeah, it’s been wicked and I can take it all online. Absolutely. Yeah. We literally designed it for working online. So it’s great cuz you can do it online, you can do it in person and Yeah, it’s so lifechanging.

Reese: We did a A live goal setting event yesterday for 2023.

Candice: I know I missed it. 

Reese: It was so nice to be in the energy of everyone and people got such huge shifts. So yeah, I’m obsessed with the techniques, obviously.

Candice: Yeah, my god, they’re so good.

Reese: So let’s jump right into it. Tell me about your $91,000 day. Yes.

Candice: So there’s a bit of a journey to that as well.


The Techique That Changed Candice’s Mindset

I wanna talk about two things that I released through the course which were really pivotal to me, and then what I’ve been able to achieve since finishing. So first of all was in a parts integration and I adore parts integration so much. I just find it such a beautiful technique.

I always had this I wanna be successful, but I also just wanna sit on the couch and not do anything and live my life. Just, like there. And so we did the Part Integration Technique and it was so fascinating. I literally came outta that and I Realized I had the belief that success equaled literal death.

Like my dad had a stroke at the height of his career, which I was aware of, and I watched that, but I didn’t know then that I internally held that belief. And so I was like, of course I could never let myself want to be or be successful. I. Because my body, as I learned from you, my subconscious mind, its goal was to keep me alive.

So there was no way that could have ever happened. So once that release, that was a huge release for me. I felt like it took me a couple of days to let my body integrate this new belief and possibility. And then once that was in, it was like, This new, it’s like we attract by how we feel and how worthy we are.

So it’s like that kind of, then I vibrationally changed. So that was the, one of the biggest shifts. 

And then there was another one (limiting belief) that I never finished things and I remember working with is Tiana we had some really cool sessions together and she was like, you keep saying you never finished things.

And I never really thought it was that big a deal. And then we went back and when we released that it was like, Oh my God. Like I can finish things and it wasn’t even that I can, it was like this desire to wanna finish things. I’ve never had that. And we found it back in my childhood at when I was really, and so this desire to finish things, so then it’s like this worthiness inside of me just got really big and then I started to just feel really worthy of success and worthy.

I think that I could really help people too. It’s like even though I’d work with clients forever, 

There was something inside of me that felt still, like I wasn’t enough to help people. But it’s amazing how those two things shifted. And not only did that thing of not finishing things shifted, but then I finished the course cuz I, I did all the subjects, but then I had to do the exam and it was so funny.

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The Journey to a $92,000 Day

It was like, I resisted just doing that last little part. And then when that technique dropped in and held me, I finished the exam and I stepped out into the world. Amazing. Feeling very confident and worthy. And then my first launch, so before the $91,000 day, my first launch was $30,000. I used to earn half that in a year.

That was, so that was just like that was the first mind blowing. What? And it was from joy and love and doing what I love and online and. Just, the work that you do, it’s so joyous. And it’s like effortless and simultaneously giving. I find it such a simultaneous, like my clients have these beautiful, I call them rememberings.

I feel like they’re just remembering who they are and I simultaneously have their rememberings. So it’s just such a beautiful beautiful work that we get to do now coming out of their supply. Yeah, and then so I just feel like my worth, and then the way the $91,000 day came is actually from a client of mine who’s having huge success and she’s like a marketing strategist.

She works online strategy, but we’ve been working for about a year since I’ve finished the course, and she’s gone on from $0 to have. She had a $660,000 a year or something like that, and when we came together, so she actually invited me in. She said, Candice, is your work has been like, I don’t think I could have done this without your like alignment.

I call myself an alignment coach. Your strategies work, can you come into my business? And so we together came in and we had a just an internal launch, like to her little community of 69 people that are in her internal well, and yeah, 90, 90, I think it ended up being $92,000 within 24 hours.

Of our launch that was a combined launch together and that she’d never experienced that before either. So it was like, it was wild. I had to lay under the covers after that in my bed, just letting my body like you would experienced this, like letting it allow that to be a new normal.

And reality for me is like the body had a bit of a freak out. Do you get that? Oh, absolutely. Yeah. You have to normalize it or else. The thoughts of I’m gonna lose it. Come in. Yeah. Yeah. I remember when I first moved into my house cuz my whole life I lived in like apartments or lived with my grandma.


Reese: So when we first bought our house, I. It’s a 5,000 square foot. It was like, this is too big. this is gonna get taken away. Like I have extra space, extra rooms. What? So yeah, you have to normalize it in the nervous system.

To be like, this is normal. Yes. So yes. Yeah. Yes. It’s, that’s a big, I’m seeing this is a big part of the work, right? Like we can change our minds and stuff, but then the body it takes longer to come along for that journey. And yeah, I’ve found that ground in my nervous system after those, mind quickly opens up and then the manifestations come in or your success, and then it’s Okay, now I need to breathe through this and allow myself to, to have this and hold this.


Reese: This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your whole story and not your whole story. Cause I know there’s so much more. But thank you for sharing the journey because what it sounds like is you had to clear some things and get them out of the way the blocks, the resistance, the old beliefs, the old identity.

And then when you did that, you stepped into the pure energy of the wealth that you deserve and the abundance that you deserve, and you attracted it. You didn’t need to spend six years learning all the marketing hacks and strategies you attracted someone who is in the marketing world and worked together, synchronicity.


Candice: Yeah, a hundred percent. And that’s where like the manifestation, and that’s why I love you talking about it and the universal laws and all of that because, and this is another thing that I feel like has dropped in for me as this with this work. It’s it’s just this belief. You know how like experienced teachers, Abraham Hicks always say that.

It’s like words don’t teach. It’s this works. This is what just keeps coming to me. Now after this. It’s like this works, this work. Works. I’m a living, breathing embodiment and proof that this works. And the fact like, I don’t care for strategy, but this person, my client does.

And so I feel like coming together, it’s perfect. I don’t. Have to learn the strategy and implement the strategy. Some people love it. Like my client and now my business partner, she loves strategy, so that is her gift to the world. And so she shines in it. And I, and then it allows me to shine in mine, which is definitely I say it’s the energetic alignment.

It’s the foundations, it’s the inner that I align that with. Where they’re wanting to go and she has the proven steps and then together we saw what happened. But yeah, it’s that for me it was the worth coming out of your course that I felt that definitely led me to attract what I’m attracting.



Reese: That’s so beautiful. A big thing is, I’m sure a lot of the yes supply method students who are gonna be watching this are going to be asking. What exactly happened on that day? So it sounds like you brought together the energy and you brought together a little bit of strategy. So do you wanna share what you did to create that alongside your partner?


Candice: It was like, I don’t know, almost like when we came together. In saying this, actually, she said to me, she said to me so many times. She hit a roadblock with her clients cuz she’s just strategy, right? And they and lots of them were finding success and lots of them weren’t.

And she’s the missing piece is alignment. The missing piece is this inner work, the mindset, the manifestation. That’s the missing piece. Like what I said about mine, like I could have been in that strategy course, but if my subconscious thought I would die if I actually heard the money.

It would’ve still never worked. I would’ve sabotaged through. I’m not gonna follow through. Exactly. So she knew this, so it was like, I think it was really amazing of her to see what her clients needed. And then, we did a lot of work with her. Even like I. To be open to collaboration. And I didn’t know at the stage that we were opening for me to step in cuz that wasn’t even talked about, which she knew that she needed support, so we had to do some inner work and we needed the techniques for her to, she did have a lot of trust issues and all of this stuff. So we had to do all of that inner work on her. To feel safe and supported and where she was next going to then invite me in. And then it was almost like then we worked, I worked with her around the energetics of this launch what does she want? And we lined up with some big numbers with her.

So got the belief on board for her. And I was in a place actually of pure surrender. So the last three, four months I’ve been really playing with just pure surrender and serving from a place of love. Having all my tools and techniques feeling worthy and then almost just like God, universe send me where I’m needed.

Yeah. So I was still working on that from that place and then aligning her to her big vision cuz she’s real works really well. She’s a strategic, she works really well on goal setting and I don’t as much, so I was like, Set her up. I’ll keep coming from my place of surrender, which works really well for me.

And I’ll work her with her energetics and that combination. And I think we both came together too, with this vision, right? And this this bit bigger vision. And then We learn launched to her in a community basically with honesty of she, with storytelling of this is her journey. And she really came to see that she hasn’t almost, that alignment is a huge part of her journey and these tools and techniques and she hasn’t been giving them to her clients.

So there’s, it was this real honest storytelling that she’s I bought, yeah, I’ve brought Candace in. And then so when, and then I just shared my story. So basically we just, went live in her communities. We answered questions, we chatted about it, we shared her story with me. I shared my story, basically like this story.

And then I think, it’s that thing which you would know is like then the people who are meant to call. And resonated with me. They would. Yeah. And then, so there was, I think we had 12 women sign up that day and we haven’t launched yet to the greater community. And I haven’t even told my community yet.

I think I told them today in a post. But so we haven’t even really told anyone else. So that’s I think my nervous system has to get around that. Yeah. Like that, that $91,000 day is a new normal, but it can be a consistent normal as well. Of course. So I’m just course. Getting myself on board for that.

So if you’ve got any tips. Yeah.


Reese: This is so inspirational, I think for so many of our students and new coaches as well. And I agree with you coming from a place of service, that’s what it is. But you launched a 69 people, right? So many people would think to do a almost six figure launch, you need to have a hundred thousand followers or whatever it is.


Candice: No, you need 69 people. I trust you and me who trusts you and I think you’re, cuz you’ve got that dream clients course. So if you worked through that, found the people who are your dream clients and your ideal clients and then you give them what they want and they need, it works. Yeah, I’ve always talked to everyone.

I’ve been that person that’s scared to niche. Like, how can I box myself? How can I, but I’ve seen the power of talking to a specific person through this launch and it’s really changed my mind a lot. I thought it was boxing, but it’s really, I’ve seen that it’s actually quite freeing because you can just speak.

It’s like this, having a conversation. I’m not having to try to talk to everyone and make sure everyone. Understands me because they’re not all gonna understand. And I think that’s thing too, like my personal, like social media. So I think I’m up to like just over a thousand on Instagram. Like it’s, and probably majority of them are my friends on Facebook.

I have a Facebook group, which has 90 people in there. Again, so many of them are my friends. Doing this work and then becoming attractive yeah, we don’t need humongous followings to to, yeah to get the clients, to get the money to be a success. I think with my first launch, my $30,000 launch, I reckon I had 90 people in my Facebook group or something, and that’s where most of them came from.

Yeah, so if anything too, like you said, that inspiration, like my whole, one of my. Intentions is always just to be a light that like, I’m just like a, I’m a mom. We live like, the majority of the time I’m literally a mom. I’m wearing like my tracksuit pants and stuff. I’m not like very glamorous on, yeah, completely. Same. Before I was all about the glam. I was talking to my coach about that. I was all about the Chanel and I’m like, Luxury for me now is cuddles with my kids. Oh my god. Nothing feels better. I could go. I could go. We were literally just having this conversation. Like I could go buy 10 bags right now.

Do not give enough. Yeah, I just cuddle with my kids all day. Happiness, pure bliss. And this yes. I wanna start a pod. Finally, I’m starting a podcast next year. And we were just talking about what are the things that bring me joy now as this new Reese who’s come out of a pandemic with two?


Reese: New children, two beautiful children, and it’s yeah, luxury for me now is connection. It’s these types of conversations. It’s the event that we did yesterday where we saw people shift in front of our eyes and yeah, it’s, yeah. I don’t know how that translates in marketing, but it doesn’t matter because the right people will resonate, like you’re saying with the story I said.

Candice: Yeah. And I think it’s that thing of when we just allow ourselves to be completely us and then completely seen, especially if we’re doing an online business, we don’t have to show all part. I’m not into that either. 


Candice: I’m putting my big held pants on I’m treating it more like a business too now. Like before it was just me having fun and seeing what happens and not really, yeah.

I could step in more, but there was this hesitation where it’s now it’s okay let’s step in and treat it like a business. But with all this, with the alignment as well, right? I think we’re shifting paradigms at the moment in the world from this. This real patriarchy and this is the way it slave slave away and do this.

And it’s whoa, we’re all shifting. I think the coaching industry, the online industry, we’re shifting that. We can do it with ease and grace and love and joy and space and cuddles. Like that’s success, isn’t it? If you have time to sit and be present with your children, like that’s a billion dollars to me.


Reese: Absolutely. I agree. And going back to that point too, on nicheing and Yes: Dream Clients, I agree with, I don’t think you can niche a human. So I’m saying I, in the program, I say don’t niche yourself, cuz that’s gonna be impossible, and that’s gonna feel hard and sticky and uncomfortable because you’re so multidimensional, you can’t fit inside a box.

So I said don’t package yourself, package your program. Yes. I love that. Yeah. And then when you package your program and you’re launching, it makes sense to talk about relevant things as you’re doing that launch, but you don’t have to do that for the whole rest of your life. So if you right now decide you have two beautiful children and maybe you’re gonna unschool them.

Maybe you do a program around your experience with unschooling and you create a community of people with that. It makes sense for the 20 days before you launch it to talk about tips and stories and things you learn and things you’re celebrating about that experience until you launch. But it doesn’t mean that’s all of you, and that’s all you have to talk about for the entire rest of your life.

And if you post. Video of you making your smoothie in the morning. Now you’re off knee, off niche or whatever. It’s just yeah, package the program, make it make sense while you’re in that launch, but you still get to be you entirely. I love that. And I think that’s, yeah, that needs to be spoken more almost because I think especially to the people like me who.


Candice: It felt very uncomfortable. Especially I’m a manifesting generator. There are so many dimensions to me. And that was really terrifying. And it’s, and it really confused me for such a long time as well. And it’s, and it put me in inaction for a long time, but when you can, like you just said, niche programs niche offerings.

It’s like just, I bring so much space to my heart and to my body, it’s oh, I don’t have to Yeah. Sit myself in a box forever. Yeah. But and then you can follow your heart a lot more too, can’t you? Cause it’s my heart’s, like you just said, in this moment, this time of my life, this is what’s important to me and this is what I’ve learned and I know I can help people.


Here’s , here’s an offering. Exactly. And Yes: Dream Clients literally breaks that down step by step how to do it. So it makes it really easy. Yes. So you know, the $91,000 day has the sizzle. So we talked about that and that’s amazing. And it sounds like it was very much about. Sharing your story and she had some strategy too or she has a background in strategy, which was great, and it’s so great getting to know you and you’re sharing that you’re not really about the strategy, you’re just about showing up.


As who you are and being in the energy and using these great tools from the YES SUPPLY Method and integrating your emotions and getting aligned with your emotions. A $30,000 launch isn’t anything to sniff at either. That’s pretty exciting. So do you wanna share a little bit about how you did that?


Releasing Her First Offer & Having her $30,000 Launch

Which sounds like it’s on the. The more feminine energy. The other side of things I’d love to hear it was what you did there. That was like the funnest week of my life too. Like it was so fun. My whole intention, like I, I’d done offerings before I. Like little ones ca but they came from my mind for sure, they were like, oh this was the first offering and it was basically my coaching container, my first coaching container. And I called her Alchemy. And it felt like it came from my heart. Like It felt very vulnerable. It felt very raw to release it to my community. But I did exactly like what you just said.

Then I talked about it, I shared about it. I shared, actually, when I came outta Yap, I, one thing I did do is I offered free coaching sessions like you guys recommend, to get out. And so I offered them to my community and that gave me immense value as well. I felt really solid in the practice. I saw transformations.

People were like, wow. So really. Doing that for free first led me to feel again, that worthiness and I felt very, I felt valuable. I felt like who I am has something really to offer. So then when I launched the paid coaching containers, I was coming from that place. I had no intention because specific goals don’t work so well for me.

I get really like grippy and then my head comes in and I try really hard, whereas I really wanted to be. Attract. I wanted to attract this and I wanted to be the embodiment of it. So I just really I prioritized and dedicated my alignment during that week of the launch. My energy was everything.

I followed my heart in every moment. I was waking up early. Like my morning practice is very important to me. That mor, that week it was like all of it. I was meditating. I was we live on the beach or a street back from the beach. I would go and swim in the ocean. But I remember the feeling. I still remember like diving under the water.

The sun was like not even up yet. I was up that early and just feeling. So grateful. I think the word was like, the feeling was just like that. This was my life. No matter what happened, no one had even I put the stuff out there. Seriously. I’ve got crickets. Like nothing came through, but I was still, I didn’t give up.

Like I didn’t let my mind come in and doubt it. I didn’t let you know, My mind wander to doubt. 

“I was just like, this is amazing. This is so great. And I really just kept stepping every day. With the belief.”

I was just like, this is amazing. This is so great. And I really just kept stepping every day. With the belief. This is happening instead of it doesn’t look like it’s happening. I didn’t care what was coming through in reality yet.

So I was just really that. And then I just felt so good. And then by the last day, I think there was nine, I had nine people reach out. And again, it was from that place of I didn’t try to get them, they just DMed me. And I’m like, yeah, here’s the information if you want it. I would love to, I would love to see you.

But I never checked back in with anyone. I never did anything of that. I was in full trust that the right people were coming and they did. And that weekend actually was my birthday and I took my family, we went to the city cuz we live on the coast. And I was just like, let’s just, we never go to the city.


Using Neural Energetic Encoding To Drop Her Vision In Her Future Timeline

We booked a hotel and I had a vision. Actually I dropped I do a lot of those future, what are they called? Where you drop the future? Neural energetic encoding. Yes. In the future time. I love that technique so much. And so I dropped, I remember dropping a technique of it was me and my husband out to dinner in the city and we were like, cheersing and I, and the feeling of us cheersing was like, I did it and I felt like I’d cracked the code to success and to us never having to worry about money.

And so then when that happened, we were living it and we were in the city. It was different. Like it wasn’t exactly as I saw it, but I knew the moment and I was like, whoa, like this works, this yeah. But it was the funnest week. I was on the biggest high and I actually got covid the day we got back and I was like, wait, this isn’t, this is in my high, but I probably needed a rest.

That’s for sure. Yeah, sometimes we get sick cuz our body’s just telling us to slow down. It sounds like you really launch in the Quantum. Yes. That’s like a program name right there. Launching in the Quantum. It sounds like you really launched in the Quantum because it was all about the energy and we teach this, manifesting, believing, acting like it’s already done.

Being in gratitude. everyone, not everyone, but everyone knows this who’s into manifestation and is into coaching. You actually lived it. That’s a difference. Like we, I feel like I have to say this three times for people to like really hear it, but it’s do what you know to do. You have to live it.


Manifesting From The End Result

All the manifest, you have to live it, you know all the manifestation stuff, quantum physics, You have to actually live it. And you also became a product of the product. The best way to sell coaching is to use it. So you did your own morning rituals. You got yourself into the energy.


Reese: You were your best client. And so it showed, and I’m willing to bet that what you talked about in the week that you were launching wasn’t as important as the energy you were in when you were talking about it.


Candice: Hundred percent. I feel, I always felt like I didn’t need to. I couldn’t. I maybe didn’t need to talk about anything, but I talked. When I felt like talking, like it was like I gotta show up and I gotta say this right now, but you’re so right. It’s that energy and it’s, that’s that word embodiment. I use it a lot now. I didn’t really understand it before. And I think this is what this work with you, Helped me do is I’ve studied everything like I have studied my entire life and I feel like I had all that knowledge up here the last few years has been bringing it into my life and living everything I know.

“And now it’s like that’s my work is just when I go to do something or I think about what I’m calling in. I just live it. I don’t tell anyone about it. I just live it and be it, and I’m, I have seen this huge results. That is the magnetic force that is that is literally it. Live it, breathe it, let it radiate through all of your cells.”


Candice’s Morning Routine

And for, like you said, my morning practice is everything to me. I call them medicines. So my morning practice is my medicine. My I like to say that my whole life is medicinal. I have created a life that, that supports me, and I’m very, I’m getting very boundaried. Like I don’t allow.

I drink less. Like all these things that it’s like I wanna just feel the best basically that I can possibly feel. And the more I play with it too, I’m getting less and less. I used to be very conscious benefit I would like, I want this, and then I line up and want it, but now I’m playing just surrendering, like just.

Like you talked in the very beginning about presence, like being present with my children. So I’m like, if I’m just present and I’m feeling the best I possibly can, and I come from a place of service and love. And then I’m just surrendering to go to the universe, take me wherever. And that’s been a wild, that’s becoming wild.

That led me to that $92,000 day. If I just know that anything’s possible, then there’s no limits almost. And the universe is taking me to some cool places like here with you. I’m so stoked. This is amazing. I’m so happy to be talking to you.


Reese: In that moment, you were cheersing your husband, and then you thought back to how you manifested that moment.

Did it feel like a hologram?

The reason why I ask is because, I’ve manifested a lot of different things. Yeah. But there’s one that I don’t know, it really hit me like I’d already been manifesting, but then when this happened, it really hit me how much like the universe is a hologram and. Yes. Like our thoughts create reality.

And so it was I used to work at a tech job at nine to five, which was like I liked the job, but I knew yes, supply was on the horizon. More things were on the horizon. Yeah. And I used to walk down this one specific street because I. I loved this one house and fast forward a few years later, I was sitting at home and something told me it’s time to look for an office.

And so I went on Kijiji, which is like the Canadian Craigslist, and that place had been listed. Like five minutes before. Wow. And so I knew it was for me, and I actually drove there. Like I was supposed to meet, I was supposed to meet my assistant, I was about to hire, and I was late for that appointment because I drove there and walked in and I said, I saw this listing.


And the lady who was working didn’t even know because the landlord listed it without telling her. Wow. And they gave it to me because I showed up and they said, I liked your energy. And I was working there for a bit and I finally hired a company to put the sign outside like this, Yes Supply flag outside.

And when I was looking at it, it was just such a wild feeling because like I was looking at this flag that I had visualized like. A million times before walking down the street to my old job. Not even it just felt like a whole different, like parallel universe, lifetime, and it really just felt like I had collapsed the wave into the particle. 


Manifesting Money Out of the Blue

Candice: Yeah. Of what I was seeing right in front of you. It’s a trip, isn’t it? Sometimes it trips me out. I have to be very grounded in my body because it can be such a wild trip. All this co-quantum stuff. So I have to be, yeah, it can be actually one technique actually in you.

Just remind me of something that was very similar to that feeling. We did a we did the neurogenic encoding and we deposited something in the future. And I was like with the, with my partner, I was like, oh, I’m just gonna play around with it like a hundred thousand dollars or something like that.

And I remember, she was asking like, what are you wearing? And I used to do yes supply and I’m in Australia, so it was like, I was always like 4 35 in the morning. So I was just in like my pajamas basically. So I was like, oh, I’m just wearing what I’m wearing now. And she’s like, where are you?

Oh, I’m just in the kitchen. And so it was just this very normal morning, but I looked at my phone in the vision that we deposited and I saw in my bank account there was a hundred thousand dollars. Anyway, got off that call. Didn’t think much about it. I was on a high though, like I felt, you know how you just feel high after all the calls and I went out into the kitchen and I picked up my phone to put a song on.

And I was like, and then I had deposited that my kettle went off and my dog was barking, and then my kettle went off. The dog was barking. I was wearing the exact clothes that I had just said that I was wearing, and I was like, this vision, literally like the only thing is I don’t have a hundred thousand dollars in my bank account, but I was like, that’s more than enough.

I’m like, what the hell? Like the vision happened 20 minutes after the call anyway, though. I was just stoked with that night. We were sitting around having dinner. My husband gets a phone call and we’d had a block on the market, like a land. We had land over on this other coast, been for sale for I don’t know, a year or something.

I didn’t even think about it. He called and he sold it that day. Yeah, it was So I was like, what is going on? So we ended up with more than a hundred thousand dollars in our bank account and I was like, not still thinking about it. I was like, me too. This work is wild. I’m like, this is just the craziest thing ever.

So yeah, that was after a yes supply. One of the calls. It was very cool. That is amazing. I love, ugh. I love it. Cuz you don’t always have to know the how. You don’t, you just have, yeah. Oh my God. Yeah. You just have to clear what’s happening on the subconscious. You do just have to clear what’s happening on the subconscious.


Candice: And then I think it’s, like you said, just do the daily work that makes you feel for me, it’s like what’s gonna make me feel better today? And then I take my medicines presence. Presence is I’ve studied yoga and been a yogi for a long time, which is actually where a lot of my money blocks came from, that I had to release through your supply.

And but then the presence, like just be present now. There’s so much magic around. And when you’re in that energy of magic and then it’s gratitude and then it’s love. You embody that most of the day. You’re only just gonna get stuff that mirrors that and it’s so beautiful. What’s your favorite technique?

My God, I love so many of, do you know one that I do love that lots of people are like, oh, it’s they don’t rate as much. I love anchoring. For the simple purpose that we attract by how we feel. Yeah. The fact that I can have access, I have an alignment anchor, so this is like the most juiciest feeling that floods through my body.

It’s like falling asleep on the beach, in the sun and and it’s such a simple technique, but I feel from a law of attraction point of view, it’s so powerful. But I love parts integration. I love neural energetic encoding. I even just love questioning. I love talking. I’m a Gemini, so it’s yeah.

What’s your favorite, do you have one favorite?


Reese: My husband’s. My husband’s a Gemini.I think I go through, Phases of different ones. So I feel like when I first learned about these techniques, I liked neural energetic encoding the best, like going back to the root. Then I liked, it’s so funny. At first I was like I don’t know about swish.

But then I fell in love with swish and that was the most amazing thing. Most recently Took me a while to get into it. Most recently, I think I like parts integration. I think parts integration is so powerful. It’s so powerful. It’s so beautiful. I feel like it’s a real holistic. Holistic technique. It’s it’s just bringing all of us, all of who we are.

It’s so beautiful. Yeah. Yeah.


How Candice Knew It Was Time to Sign Up For YES SUPPLY

Reese: That’s how did you know it was time to sign up for your supply? I always follow my body, right? So I was watching you for ages and I was like, Oh, I love you. I love what you say. I love what you do. I love your offering. But I guess I was just starting to come into a place of really trusting my body and trusting my heart. And my body just kept saying just kept being drawn to it and, it just kept being drawn to it. And once you start to learn to trust that, and then you do it a couple of times and it leads to magic, it becomes easier to trust it. So I feel like if anyone’s been watching you and thinking about it and they’re a coach, or even if they’re not a coach yet, right?

Like obviously but they wanna change their lives and they wanna work online. And for me, like freedom, I wanna travel the well with my family. Just do it. Just you would ne I can’t imagine that you’ve ever had one person regret it. Like I, I can’t imagine you’ve ever had one person say, I wish I didn’t do that course.

Like I just can’t imagine exact, at the very least, you’re learning so much about yourself and you’re doing the personal work. And then at the very most, You’re traveling, you’re quitting the job. You don’t like, you’re having freedom. 


Reese: The thing that, that I love the most is when people message me and they’re telling me that they’re able to do things that they didn’t know that they would be able to do or didn’t even know that they would need to do.

Like some of be like, I’m so grateful I took Yes Supply because my grandmother in a different country was. Going through something and I was able to just drop everything and just go. And I had the money too, and I had the resources to do it, or I was able to finally spend the holidays with my family after always having to work through the holidays or just it.


Candice: And that’s what it’s mostly about, like it’s like those little things. And then of course there’s the $91,000 days and the 30 K mines and the 50 K months and all that fun stuff too. But it’s because of the freedom. Hundred percent. It’s the freedom and it’s yeah, the money is amazing and it feels good in my body, like more freedom.

But it’s everything else that’s like you said, it’s the cuddles on the couch. Like I see people, I’ve always been an entrepreneur. But there’s Yeah, like people, like you would say, like people work jobs that they hate. Like we have one life that we remember. Yeah. And I, it’s so sad to me that people just work.

People were really sad, people were depressed, people were anxious. People are have not enough money and really you can change that. And I always just think what are we all do? Why are we all not laying on the beach, just drinking outta coconuts? Not. Like it’s why it blows my mind.

It’s like you don’t have to when you believe and that’s what yes supply gave me. It’s that belief in myself, belief in the possibilities and then the tools and techniques to firstly open them for me. Cuz I was actually, that’s another thing before Yes Supply, I was looking at maybe I need a coach.

And I was like, being, I don’t know what’s to do with me being a manifesting generator or just how work. I was like, if I sign up for yes supply. I will get coaching because you do. Yeah. You self coaching come out as a coach. So I was like why just play a coach if I wanna eventually be a coach?


The Huge Value She Got From YES SUPPLY

Like it was double whammy. So I feel like I got a year of coaching plus I came out as a really I feel like a really equipped coach, so it was a bonus for me. I don’t think people see all of the value that you get inside the yes supply method. And you just remind, like I, whenever people ask, I always say it’s a one-stop shop for everything that you need to become a successful coach.

And you just reminded me, you actually do get a built-in coach too, because you go, and every time you’re practicing a technique, you show up to the call and you say, I’m working through this, or This is my block, or this is my resistance, and then someone’s poof. I know it’s help it disappear. Yes. It was wicked.

Yeah, it was. It was awesome. Yeah, I was, every, after every call, I was just on the biggest high and I loved it. Like I was up at 4:00 AM doing the calls, like it was like my favorite day of the week. And then I would always take, it was on a Friday. I’m pretty sure I’d always take the rest of the day off to just integrate my my new learnings and But it was such an awesome year for me.

That’s beautiful. I know you said you manifested coming on this call and sharing.


Candice’s Message:

Reese: So what did you wanna share? What’s something that you would love for more people to know about you or about whatever you feel called to share

Candice:  I feel like it’s just that being the light, right? And I think I see this with my clients is we’re all scared to be the light.

For judgment. I don’t know if it’s big over there, Australians we call it the tall poppy syndrome, but I’m like, just and j and by being the light is that embodiment. It’s just live your life the way I. You want your clients to live their lives the way that you know it’s possible.

Just be that person. Show up every day for yourself. I was talking to my son about this yesterday in the car. He was talking about braggy. He’s a Leo and I don’t know if you guys know much about Leo’s, but they’re like, they’re quite son’s. A Leo. Oh dear Leo’s son as well. Yeah, I was always googling how to parent a Leo, so like they need to be the center cuz they are the Sun, but at the same time they’re extremely sensitive.

And he used to brag and he, we never said anything, but he was telling me in the car about how, I’ve stopped bragging. About he’s good at everything Leo’s are. I was like, yeah, mate. I’m like, when you are good at stuff, you don’t need to tell anyone. Like just you being good and feeling good.

Tells everyone, and it was like, it’s that reminder of you just be, you be the best. You shine your light bright and you attract who’s ever meant to come into that. And then it’s like they light up and then they light up and it’s like partnering with my new business partner. She always says it’s like the global domination of goodness.

And I just see as coaches, like when we embody it, We’re just spreading this light around the world and we are literally changing the vibration of the world, which has always been my intention is just, if we can raise those people outta those darker, heavier vibrations into the light, and if everyone was walking around with their cup field, Oh, like there would be no hate.

There’d be no, it’s just love. Just love. I dunno if I just went onto a big tangent there, but just that was so beautiful and I feel like when we’re talking about the things that are great about us, It’s also ask ourselves what is the intention behind it? Because yes, bragging, we don’t necessarily wanna brag, but what if the intention behind it is I’m doing it and you can do it too.


Reese: I too, right? Because? Because perhaps your son through saying, I’m really good at this sport, or I’m really good at that. He can show other people, you can be really great at this sport or you can and da. And you are so right about your or your business partner is so right, who’s saying like spreading the good because I remember grappling with sharing my success with Yes supply and be appearing as bragging or whatever and still have that internal conversation all the time.

But a big thought that I had was, What if more people knew it was possible to create a lot of success or create a lot of money or create a lot of happiness or freedom through being good and working on your emotions and everything like that, how much less like drug dealers would be on the street, or how much less crimes oh, you can make.

5K through selling drugs or you can make 91 k in a day through selling a manifestation program. I’m gonna do that. Like the you’re, it’s like I can actually shift where the economy is going and how people are spending their time and investing their time. Yeah. And imagine I always just think the conscious people like you myself is time for us to have the money because we haven’t had the money.


Candice: I know. You probably attract a lot of spiritual, wellbeing, holistic people like myself, and we’ve been conditioned to. Not want more than enough. That was such a big thing for me. I learned it through yes supply. I looked at my money stories and I literally had the story, I don’t want money.

Money equals sacrifices I’m not willing to make, we, when we look at it and when I saw that money was neutral and that in fact like now one of my real driving forces if is if the conscious women especially had the money, The world would shift dramatically, right? Like we’d be all be buying organic from the local farmer and supporting the tailor down the road and, so it’s it’s time, I think.

And what a blessing. Like we all hate social media and we all love it, but what a blessing it exists that we it’s like a portal to be able to do this work and receive money. Like what? I know it’s like that thing sometimes you have to like, there’s a lot of programming or there’s a lot of. Mindset work that we have to do in order even to allow ourselves to receive the money for doing work we love online and having space.

But if we do that work, like you said, and then we share it and I think we are, we’re always gonna get, I don’t know if you do, but there’s gonna be people that are triggered by it. Like I’m aware of who I tell like just even within my friendship communities, because I know some of them it will. It won’t land well and the jealousy or, and then it’s bringing, trying to bring you down, but then going through yes, supply and understanding mindset.

You can take that not so personally because you understand it’s not anything to do with you, especially when you’re always coming from your heart. So I, I understand when the reactions aren’t just joy and excitement. Because it’s, they’ve got stuff as well, and it’s not me. Yeah. They’re butting up against their own limiting beliefs.


Reese: Yeah, I had someone message me because I posted a story essentially sharing that I lost and trigger warning for anyone who’s listening trigger warning for weight loss. Postpartum. But I talked, and not that my postpartum had been easy, but I was celebrating in a story that I could fit in my old clothes cause I don’t have to go shopping for new ones.

And somebody messaged me not being happy that I shared about that. And at first glance I could think, okay, I’m not allowed to talk about. Anything on my platform. But instead, I had a real heartfelt conversation with this person and through the dms and voice notes, and this person was working through a lot of things, and so that’s why she projected that onto me.

And in the voice note, she actually started crying. She had a realization of what she was working through. And we connected and she thanked me for giving her a little bit of space. And now we can’t always, give everyone that space. It’s like you could ha get a million comments, not be able to respond to all of them.

But yes, it’s when we receive those negative comments a lot of the time it’s because the other person also too, is working through things. And so we can both understand each other and we can both exist. And we can both be different and post about what we wanna post about. And I think if we’re being conscientious of like trigger warnings and people knowing what your space is about and what your space isn’t about, we can all coexist having different lives, having different successes.


Candice: Having different experiences. Totally. And then it’s like celebrating that, isn’t it? Like you move into that and I think it’s like the less limiting beliefs that you have when you do this work, the more when I see success, I. I just feel so excited for them. Yes, they’re just, it’s just so much wow, this is amazing.

You’re so excited because you don’t have that second thought saying, oh, but that’s not for you. You can never do that. Or, this will never happen for you because, We’ve learned to, even if they’re still there we understand what they are. They’re not truths. So then you can just be so excited and sometimes you can forget.

I can forget. I get very excited. So when someone’s not that excited for me, I. I can sometimes take that personally, but then, like you just said, I sit with her and I understand that’s not me, that’s them. And then I can sometimes to be sensitive and I’ve learned, I know the right time to share it.

Same within the business, like I just said before, like showing up and sharing. I know when I get a prompt to share something on my social media, I also know when I’m sitting with a friend of mine, if I should share my recent wins or not. And I know, you know that. Absolutely. I was just talking to my coach and she was saying like, my social media is like my home, right?

So it’s like what you’re doing in your home. You can expect, the respect or whatever. And so it’s yeah, you can share what you wanna share on in your home, and people know what your house rules are. And if they don’t wanna come to your house, they also don’t need to come to your house too.

And I’ve never been someone to post ne negative comments or anything like that, but definitely in the past I’ve seen people sharing success, and in the past that triggered me. And then I had the realization what? What is this bringing up in me? Oh, they’re showing how you can make a lot of money really easily, or you can have a lot of success really easily.

Where am I telling myself that I’m not allowed to have. A lot of wealth or success or whatever really easily. Okay. I have work to do, and after doing that and reprogramming a lot of the money, mindset restrictions that I had on myself and resistance that I had on myself, now I’m the same as you. I see someone buy a new yacht and I’m like, that is amazing.

I don’t even want a yacht. But that is really cool to see you do that and it’s a whole different experience then when you go online. Totally. Yeah. Yeah. But I understand the triggering too in the beginning. And like you said, it’s, yeah. Where is that resistance in me? And I think that easy thing, like I’ve always I’ve loved the word ease and effortless, and I use it a lot.

It’s not that I don’t do the work but my work is different. I do the energetic work, like we were saying. I do the I’m obsessed and devoted to my personal alignment, which takes a lot of time and energy, but then it feels, doesn’t feel like work. And so yeah, it’s like that when people see success and then they speak it, that it came with relative ease or not sacrifice, not doing something that you don’t want to do.

When you are in a space where that’s, yeah. All, it’s very confronting. I wanna be conscientious of your time. I loved talking to you. I loved getting to know you more. I loved hearing your story. I loved hearing how much yes, supplies helping you or has helped you, and how you’re integrating to the world.

And. Oh, it’s so much and I loved hearing about your successful launches as well, and I only hope for even more success for you. So I’m sure everyone who’s listening or watching will want to learn more about you and follow along on your story. So what would be the best pathways for that? Maybe just, I’ve got a connected social media, what do you call it?

Instagram, and I think they’re, and Facebook? They’re connected. My end, I don’t actually know if they’re connected on other people’s end. I’m still not that great. But I’m on Instagram. Doesn’t seem to matter. You’re still doing great, right? Candace, j Allen. On Instagram. I’m pretty sure that’s what I am.


Where can everyone find you, Candice and follow along with your journey?

Candice.j.allen on Instagram. And I think I’m Candace Hooper on Facebook. I have a little private Facebook group too, like if anyone wanted to come in where I literally just talk about what’s on my heart basically. Yeah, but find me there. And so just for clarity too, so you had your $30,000 launch.

To your private Facebook community that you said there was like a couple hundred people in there. Not even it would’ve been around a hundred when I did it. And I did launch it on my Instagram which had, at the time, I reckon like 800. Like I said, I, that is so inspiring. That is so inspiring, girl.


Its okay to be YOU and show up in that way

Cause people think they need to be like, Have millions just show up. I think it’s like we’ve talked about resonance, like show who you are. And I’m a bit of a dork as well, and I’ve hid that. From people. I think. I thought I had to not be a dork. Like I find myself funny, I’ll show my husband’s not on any social media whatsoever.

And I’ll show him something that I wrote that I thinks hilarious. And he’s it’s not funny. And I’m like, but it’s like I just let myself be me. I’m not. I don’t try to speak to someone in a way because I think it, you eventually you’ll fall if you are, if you’re not just being you.

And and people see that. So just, I say to everyone, just be you. Doesn’t matter if you’ve got a hundred people on your social media, just be you and the people who are meant to be with you will fall in love with you and we’ll want to work with you. I love that. And what would you say to someone who’s thinking of joining the Yes Supply Method?

Oh my God. Don’t think that’s what I’m That’s true. Don’t use this. Go into your body. And seriously, it’s if you feel it, like I’ve got goosebumps actually just thinking about it, if you feel it, like just take that step. That’s a sign to the universe too, that I want this, and I want success.

And it’s like a solid step declaring to the universe, this is where I’m going. I believe in myself. Or even if I don’t truly believe in myself, I believe my body’s calling me this way for a reason. Yeah, don’t think about it. And you do payment plans too, right? Yes. Like I went on the payment plan. It was totally doable.

It was, it was. It was totally dual and yeah, I feel like you could never regret it. You definitely made your investment back. Oh my God. So that’s great. That’s, I can, yeah. And I can use that with my husband too. I’ll be like, remember that big investment that I made? And look what it did so in future, when I wanna. The next thing I wanna do, I know he’ll have my back. For sure. Yeah. Whatever you invest, you make it back tenfold. A hundred fold. Beautiful. I really appreciate your time and it was so great to get to know you and talk to you, and thank you for inspiring, and I’m really excited to share this with more people.

Yeah. Thank you for inspiring me. I wouldn’t be here without you. Oh, thank you.


YES SUPPLY is dedicated to helping you create your best life by saying Yes to yourself, backed by science and data.

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