gained 145,000+ Followers in a Week

YES SUPPLY Review | She gained 145,000+ Followers in a Week and over 300+ Coaching Applications

Are you thinking of Becoming a Manifestation Coach or Becoming a Mindset Coach? Emily of Passion Based has taken the YES SUPPLY METHOD Coaching Certification and here is her review, as we interview her.

Her followers on Instagram have absolutely skyrocketed in just a week, she received hundreds of coaching applications from her work and the confidence the YES SUPPLY METHOD gave her, and she says this set her on the path to be a coach that stands out from the competition.

Here’s the entire interview with Emily, and if you would like to watch the interview, you can click here to watch it on Youtube. Leave your questions about the Certification program below, or Book a Call with our team if you want to know if YES SUPPLY METHOD is 100% right for you.

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Getting To Know Emily:

Hello, Emily. I am so excited that you’re here. Thank you so much for joining me today. So you are one of our YES SUPPLY METHOD students and graduates, and you have such an amazing story of a literal quantum leap because you know, sometimes when we are growing on social media or growing anywhere, we think that there’s these rules that things have to take a certain amount of time, or I started, you know, at this time, so I have to wait in line or whatever it is.

And you are such a beautiful example of a quantum leap and a example of breaking all the rules as you went from 3000 followers to over 150 K followers in under a week. And then now from October to January, so what’s that, October, November, December, January, four months, you’re now well over 200 K followers on Instagram.

So your community is growing amazingly again, such an Amazing example of a quantum leap.

So today I wanna talk to you about what happened, that whole story, how it occurred, and also you as a coach, your transformations, your shifts in mindset, everything that brought that together for this incredible manifestation.



Emily’s Story and Why She Joined the YES SUPPLY METHOD

Reese: Can you just share a bit about you and your story and who you are?

Emily: Yes. Thank you so much for having me. I was actually telling you earlier that this is so surreal for me because I listened to you on a podcast, I think it was five or six months ago, and that was the reason I joined Yes Supply. So it’s just crazy to be here with you on your podcast. I just can’t even believe it, but I also believe it at the same time. So it’s, it’s an incredible, um, incredible opportunity to be here. So thank you so much.


A little bit about me:

I started off as a life coach. I got my life coach certification before I came to Yes Supply at the beginning of 2021.

And so I had started my journey on social media and starting to put things out on social media, really making my stance as a coach, uh, really prevalent for everybody to know, like, Hey, this is what I’m doing. And I specifically wanted to reach out to people who had stress and anxiety because that’s something I dealt with my whole life and didn’t know how to approach.

And I finally found a way to holistically heal a lot and manage that stress and anxiety. And I remember that it was, I believe it was 2022 was the year that, like the beginning of the year that I went full-time in my business. So I quit my job. I was like, okay, I guess I’m doing this. I’m really gonna just put everything into, uh, my business.

And I would post like every single day. And I kept feeling like, you know, I really feel like these messages are so great, but I’m not reaching a ton of people. I’m really just reaching, you know, the people that I know, like my friends, my family, and I wanted to reach more. I knew I had a higher purpose to, and a higher calling to reach more people.

And it was around, I would say I think right before I came onto Yes Supply, it was like August or September where I was feeling like I was in a rut. Like I, I was working with clients up until that point, and a lot of my clients were starting to- our time together was done.

And so I was like, okay, I need new clients. But things were just stagnant and I was like, oh, no, what is happening? Things aren’t going in motion the way I need them to. And I started to feel like, okay. I feel like this is the universe telling me that something needs to change. There’s something, some approach needs to happen.

I don’t know what it is, but I literally sat with myself and I was like, okay, universe, please help me. Please guide me in the right direction. I trust you. I know that something great is gonna happen even though I’m in this rut and I don’t know what to do. I know that it’s coming to me. And I had this yeah, this inner knowing, like something was gonna come.

So I asked for these clear conscious signs for me to find this new next step. And I don’t know what it was. I found a podcast and it was the Manifestation Babe podcast. And I had never heard her podcast. I didn’t know anything about her or about you or about anyone. And so I, the, one of the first episodes I ever listened to on her podcast was the one with you in it.

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And your story was I can’t even tell you how connected I felt because I was like, wow. Everything that she like believed before she became a coach is what I believed or what I went through and Wow. To see her massive success. Yeah. I truly, your massive success was like, so inspiring to me that I knew.

I was like, okay, this just feels like a big yes to me. And the fact that your name was Yes Supply. I was like, why am I feeling this? Strong pull this strong. Yes. And then I was like, okay, I’m gonna allow the universe to give me another sign to know that. I’m gonna go and join the Yes Supply. And it was, I was on Pinterest, I was scroll scrolling through and I came upon a coach that looked very successful. She like did such a good job on just really releasing Content and just showing up. And her website was amazing. And as I scrolled down her website, it says she’s a yes supply coach.

And I was like, ok, that’s the sign I’m doing it. 

I hopped on a call before I went on to Yes Supply to make sure okay, this is feeling good. And the, I forgot who I spoke to, but she was so sweet and it just all aligned, it all clicked. And I was like, okay, I’m doing it. It’s a yes. And I invested that day.

And this was around September, October of 2022. And at this point, I’m still posting on social media, but I felt like on Instagram I wasn’t posting as much because I just felt okay, I feel like I need a like a reworking of my brand and my identity around social media. So I really took time to just focus on the yes supply at that time when I started and some of the, like when going into the sessions each Wednesday is when I had my sessions, I felt after every session that I was like, whoa, I feel a huge shift.

And then going through the modules I was like, whoa, this all this belief work and all the tools, everything just aligned for me. And I noticed myself changing with time and I felt more inspired to post totally different like content on social media. I was just like, this feels right. Like I think I’m gonna show more of who I am and the kind of people that I’m trying to reach and just really take everything that I’ve learned in Yes Supply and just put it in content. And I couldn’t believe it was in the end of November. It was right before Thanksgiving. I had posted a a reel and I didn’t think anything of it. It took me maybe 10 minutes to post.

I had written out the post, like I, I write out my content ideas sometimes, and I had written that idea out and I just decided, okay, I’m gonna film it. So I filmed it within 10 to 15 minutes, and I really did not think this reel was gonna go anywhere. I was like, you know what? I’m just trying to reach a certain person.

I want people to connect and be like, okay, this feels like me, because there’s so many people out there who are struggling with stress and anxiety. So I thought, okay, you know what? I want them to feel like they’re not alone. I’ve been there too. And I remember it was like a couple days later, I started seeing the.

The reel started to go viral and it was like going to, okay, it’s at 50,000 views. Okay, now it’s at a hundred thousand views. Okay, now it’s at 1 million views. Now it’s at 10 million views. I’m like, what is happening? And as the views started coming on, people were starting to follow me, and I couldn’t believe that like before Thanksgiving I was at 3000 followers.

And then it just grew like everybody wanted to understand and know, like, how do I deal with this massive problem? Of anxiety, of stress what do I do because I need support. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I saw your reel and I really was so shocked because I was like, I understand that there’s a lot of people who feel this, but I didn’t know how many people felt this, like over 12 million, I think it’s now at 13 million views.

And I also posted it to TikTok and there’s another 13 million views there. So I’m like, I dunno, I think everybody is needing this, like is called to this kind of work of like healing and of really just, mindset and a manifestation because I started posting more content on mindset and manifestation and people were being so called to that content too, and realizing that they’re all connected, right?

Like all the stress and anxiety really does come with belief system, with how you feel about yourself, how you view yourself, and. That’s really what I try to do in my content. And it’s been like, just the amount of love and just gratitude I’ve received from people has been incredible. So I’m just really happy to be at this place where I am not only gonna be graduating the YES SUPPLY  method in February, which has already given me so many tools that I’ve used on my clients.

And my clients are like, whoa, this is amazing. But now I’m like so well equipped now to take on more clients. And now I have so many people asking for my support, they’re applying. I remember the first week that I went viral, I think I received at least 300 applications. And I was like, how do I do this?

I’m a one woman show, what do I do? And was like, okay no. Like you don’t need to be overwhelmed. This is a good thing. This is this is the impact you’re making. I know I started doing EFT tapping, I was doing the EFT tapping okay, you know what, even though I’m feeling overwhelmed, I’m gonna, I’m gonna release it today.


Manifesting the Followers and Creating The Vision: Yes Supply Review

It was an amazing thing. It showed that it was an, I made an impact and this is what I wanted. This is the vision I had for myself. I really never thought it was gonna happen this soon. And, oh, this is a very important part of the story, is I had told my mom, I had written down everywhere.

I was like, I’m gonna get hundred thousand followers on Instagram. And I was at 3000 at the time, and I had message, or I had called my mom and I’m like, mom, I’m gonna, I’m gonna have a hundred thousand followers by the end of 2022. And she’s that’s a month away, right? You have 3000 followers.

Are you sure? And I was like, yeah, I’m sure. I don’t know how it’s gonna happen, but I’m putting it out there into the universe. I’m writing it down, I’m saying it out loud. I have amazing, an amazing audience of a hundred thousand followers and I’m just so excited for it. And then it happened a few, like a week or two weeks later, and I was like, wow.

It works. When you set an intention and you believe that it’s possible for you, it happens and it happens in a way that you wouldn’t expect. But it just shows that literally anything is possible. Like you could be in the biggest rut of your life and just a month or two later, completely turn your life around, which is what I did.

Yeah. Oh my gosh. So much fun. You just brought us on such a journey, so thank you. That is so much fun.

It’s a crazy, it’s a crazy I know. I went all in. Cause I just wanted to really paint the picture of what it feels like to be in such a rut and to feel like I don’t know what to do. I have no idea where to go. And just trusting that something was going to come to me and I trusted that.

And then I found the YES SUPPLY and then I went viral on Instagram and TikTok and then I got more clients and it’s I now know that mindset and manifestation works. And I’ve known this for a while cuz I’ve I’ve been into manifestation since I was 18. My mom showed me Abraham Hicks and Abraham Hicks is like the foundation of what, I don’t know.

You, you, I think is that, where did you find Abraham Hicks around that time too? Because I, I found Abraham Hicks 10 years ago, and nobody knew who Abraham Hicks was. Were you like also a, are you a big Abraham Hicks person? I found the secret manifested some amazing things, forgot about it completely.

And then when I was on the path to starting to change my life, I remember I wanted, I knew like something was telling me I need to be a better communicator in order to get to where it is that I wanna be. So I YouTube speakers. I started listening to Bob Proctor just because he looked like a confident speaker.

And so I was just learning like what does a confidence speaker look like? And then as he kept talking, I was like, interesting. Then I started to really listen and pay attention and I didn’t even make the connection that he was on The Secret. And I probably even forgot that I’d even watched it.

And I still can’t remember how I even discovered The Secret. Who told me about it? I think it was one of my best friends from high school, but I can’t remember. But anyway, I think, I was just thinking about this other day, so maybe I meant to say it today on the podcast, but when things really started to click, when I had just been passively listening to Bob to really being like, okay, he’s on to something, was he had this figure and he was talking about expression and he said something along the lines of how we’re meant to express essentially, and when we suppress it leads to anxiety and depression.

And he said it so eloquently and it just connected like, oh, maybe that’s why I’m feeling anxious about things and depressed about things because I’m suppressing so many things. And I need to express. And so Ma and he was also talking about the subconscious mind there. And so much of what he taught has translated into a lot of the success that I’ve created because it reminded me like just to express, like if I have an idea to say something on social media or to.

Whatever, whatever ideas coming through me, express it, share it, give love, help others. And then I become a flow, right of ideas, of channeling, of energy to help other people in their flow and their channel and their energy. And I feel like it also has a lot to do with connecting back to source, cuz sometimes we don’t even understand why, but it just feels good.

Someone’s talking and it just feels good or you wanna hear more about them. And I feel like that has something to do with being really connected to source. Long story short, cuz that wasn’t exactly what you asked me, but Bob was a big part of what got me on this track of loving the subconscious mind.

And all the stuff that we teach in Yes. Supply method. And I discovered Abraham Hicks a little bit later. I can’t remember. I, it might have been through my friend Danny, who I. Ran a retreat with back in 2017, or I might have just found it on YouTube, but Yeah. But I do love Abraham and it’s a great vibration razor to just put on a video in the background when you’re like getting things done.

Yeah, I listened to all the tapes. That was like, my mom gave me a bunch of tapes in my car and at the time, like it was like CDs and at the time I didn’t understand the language at all and, but I like worked. I was like, you know what, even though I don’t understand it, I’m gonna continue to listen to it over and over again.

I guess maybe like certain speakers have certain language, obviously, Abraham Hicks has a very certain language like different words that they use and I didn’t, I had never heard anyone talk about, how your emotions. Really determine how you’re going to experience this life, and how what you put into, the energy you put out is what you get in return.

And I had never heard that before and I think like I’d already, I think a lot of people who listen to The Secret or listen to some of these speakers, they get so drawn to the idea that, wow, my stress and anxiety doesn’t have to like, be so prevalent in my life anymore. Like I can actually work to release it.

And I had really started learning about the subconscious mind. I think more so with the Yes supply than anywhere else I had. I’ve listened to so many different speakers. I went through the Tony Robbins master University of two years ago. And I think like I had done all the like, inspirational things, but I had never really hacked into the subconscious mind.

Like how you said Bob Proctor gave you that. Insight into wow, the subconscious mind is such a powerful place. And I have gone through other coaching programs and we never really touched so much on the subconscious mind. And now I know so much about the subconscious mind and it was like the, like I had already known so much about manifestation and love of attraction and the laws of the universe.

Yes Supply Review: NLP & Life Coaching Certification Program

But it wasn’t until I started understanding reprogramming the subconscious mind that I was like, that’s what’s really gonna help me manifest. That’s what’s really going to allow the things that I thought was impossible for me come into my reality. Because I have programmed my mind to believe that it’s possible for me.

And Thank you for creating such an amazing program that like, has actually switched my whole mindset on the subconscious mind because I’ve healed things and I, I kind of wanna share with you like this amazing, there’s this amazing tool called that you teach, it’s called neural energetic encoding.

For anyone who doesn’t know what that is, it is the most, I think for me was the biggest breakthrough I’ve had thus far. And it happened two weeks ago. And it was just like, it was like the missing piece. I needed to understand intuitively, first of all, that our intuition is so deep within us, and then all we need to do is connect.

And once we connect, we have all the answers. And when I connected to that intuition, I, it took me to a place that I never thought I would go. Like I went to my mother’s womb and I was like, what? I’ve never been here before. I’ve never even thought that this was possible. And I found out that so much of my programming and my belief system was around this like fear around coming into the world and showing who I am.

Because actually, I called my mom after. I was like, did something happen? Was there like a fight or something really traumatic that happened to you when I was in the womb? And she told me, she was like, how did you know that? I actually, yeah, there was this woman who was so awful to me and really made my life so awful when I was working with her.

She, it, it was a very traumatic event for me. And you were in my belly at three months old and I just am shocked that. That you know that or that it affected you. And I was like, yeah, it affected me so much because I felt your anxiety and stress that I was, I didn’t even wanna come into the world.

Like I actually didn’t wanna come. My mom told me that I came out as a Conehead baby because I was stuck in her belly for so long, and the doctors like couldn’t get me out because the water, I had soaked up all the water. So she didn’t even have her water break. They were like, wait, she, you’re gonna she’s gonna die if we don’t get her out.

So I really didn’t even wanna come out because I felt so much anxiety around coming into the world and it translated into that anxiety showing up around other people because I was so afraid that I was going to have the same thing happen to me where my mom. Was so severely bullied by people around her, or specifically this woman who was really jealous of her for being able to have a baby because she wanted to have a baby.

And she was so awful to her for that reason. But it was like, I felt like a burden. I was like, oh, this, I know that I’m the reason that this woman is mean to my mom. I felt like this burden and I didn’t wanna come into the world. And then it’s funny because my mom being bullied when I was in the womb, I started experiencing bullying in my own life, which is why I felt so connected to you, because I know you had been bullied as a child too.

And so when I went through life being bullied, I wa I didn’t know the root cause. I didn’t know and understand why this was happening to me. I was, nice to kids. I never ever. Wanted to be mean, and I just didn’t understand how people could call me names or tell me that, I was better off dead and tell me all.

Yeah. Like I, I’ve been told awful things as a kid and I was in, in middle school, I think I was like 10 or 11 at the time, and I really felt wow. Like I really were, I thought I was worthless. And now going back and getting that message from my higher self, from my intuition, knowing that it was never about me, that it was like I had felt all of these emotions in the womb already coming into the world with all of that anxiety and stress around other people, it all made sense to me.

Taking Inspired Action to Attract Your Ideal Followers

All of a sudden, all of the doubt, all of the fear I had about showing up. In front of people just completely dissipated. So if anyone wants to know, if a subconscious mind is like that, powerful. It absolutely is. So I’ve had such amazing breakthroughs and I really believe that it has just begun. It made me become a better coach and also show up on social media in a more authentic way because now I don’t have fear around showing up.

I just post whatever, like you said, when it comes to me intuitively, I know that it’s because it’s a message that people need to hear. And so I’m so inspired by everything that you’ve taught me because I am now so connected to my intuition. So thank you. Thank you so much for sharing that. Yes. Intuition is such a great guidance and no one else can tell us.

Like what we need to do because we know, like we can listen to different advice or whatever, but like we know on a soul’s purpose. So it’s like our intuition will say, go in this direction, and that’s what you did. You, your intuition said, go in this direction. Sign it for the yes supply method and you did your part.

The universe can do a certain part and then we have to match it and meet it because we have free will. So you said, okay, I’m gonna go all in. I’m gonna, it probably felt like a risk. I’m gonna take this risk. I’m gonna see what happened because I asked the universe for guidance and it’s presenting me with this opportunity, and I have to say, yes, I’m gonna go in and I’m gonna meet.

I’m gonna match that energy. I love what you were saying about neural energetic encoding that. Like your story is so beautiful and so unique, and that type of thing has happened so many times in the past too, with so many students where they’ll go back to three months in the womb, five months in the womb, eight months in the womb, and be like, I don’t know why.

At three months in the womb, I was feeling da. And then they’ll ask their parent and they’ll be like, how did you know I got into a big fight? How did you know? And it’s because consciously we might not remember the wound, but our subconscious mind remembers everything. So I’ve seen that a lot with our students.

And another big theme that I see with our students specifically too, Is they’ll go into, and for anyone listening, if you don’t believe in past lives, and you could just see it as how, as the subconscious believes in everything with metaphors or the subconscious is very much a metaphor. So if you believe in past lives or not, you can take it how it feels right for you.

But a lot of people will go back to a past life. And in a past life they were a witch that was burned at the stake for helping people. And so in this life, they’re called to help people. They’re called to share their story, but then the fear of showing up feels equivalent to the fear of death. And they’re like, why does doing a live stream or a real or a story feel like I’m gonna die?

Like, why do I want to say my story and help other people and support other people, but then I literally cannot move? And it’s because in a past life when you were helping other people, You got hurt for it. And so the neural energetic encoding is so powerful cuz they can go back and they can see that, okay, that might have happened in a past life.

In a past life I was penalized for wanting to help others and wanting to share my magic and wanting to, uplift the world. And I can learn from that and forgive that and release that so that in this lifetime I can be the full expression that I’ve always meant to be. That’s always been my path.

That’s always been my purpose. And the fear was holding back. We can just let go of that fear now. And I love what you said about forgiveness. I think that’s what has really helped me is to like, forgive myself and my past and specifically forgive myself for, I think I, again, Instagram and social media was such a big Subconscious block for me for so long I knew I wanted to be somebody that showed my life and to, was really open and honest and shared my story and really showed people who I was and I wasn’t doing that for so long.

And knowing now what I know about the subconscious mind and what was stopping me, forgiveness was like the biggest thing I needed to do to forgive myself and who I was in the past for not being able to show up in the way that I needed to. And it wasn’t my fault. It wasn’t anyone’s fault, it was just, that was what had happened in my past and it was something to learn from.

And I think now that I have taken the past as wow, this is not something that needs to be a setback anymore. It’s something to really learn and grow from because. If I didn’t go through all those hardships of bullying and or going through my mom’s womb and being so anxious or going through different career paths, not knowing what I wanted to do, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

Doing what I’m doing, helping people on a soul level and really sharing my gifts and my story on social media. And I feel like you are also such a great example because when I saw your, or when I heard your story and I saw you, on your Instagram as well and I was like, wow, okay, this is an example of someone who is doing it and it is possible.

So I know it’s possible for me too. And I think that anyone who is listening to this who can take away. Like something, maybe they have a belief that oh, it’s not possible for me, or, oh, it’s too hard for me. I’m telling you right now that it is absolutely possible for every single human being on this earth to get what they want, to have their desires, to be able to show who they truly are.

But again, you have to go through that subconscious mind and understand where those blocks are coming from and to be able to work to release those emotions and like specifically fear or anxieties around like posting or around going for a, like quitting your job and going for something that you’re actually passionate about, which was something that was so huge for me, quitting my job because I was working for my dad before I came and became a coach.

And my dad really wanted me to be in the mortgage industry. He was a loan officer, made good money, and I just felt so. Stuck because I was working for him, feeling like I loved my dad. So I love my dad so much and he’s the greatest person. And I felt like I was gonna let him down if I left and did my own thing.

And that was a huge thing that was holding me back. I was working hi for him for almost five years, thinking, oh my gosh, I’m gonna have to stay and be a loan officer and just make him happy. And then I realized, I was like, I cannot do that. Like I felt the anxiety coming on being like, this is not right.

Like I know the anxiety is telling me that this is not what I’m meant to do. And now I see emotions so differently now instead of a negative, I look at it as like a catapult of showing me where I need to go. And I knew, I was like, something is off. Something is not aligned. This is not the life I wanna live.

I need to go forth and find what that is. And then I found coaching, which I had not known was a, an actual. At the time, I think it was like three years ago that I decided to be a coach or to go through a certification program and I didn’t know it was possible. I didn’t know it was a job. Like I really didn’t know any coaches at the time.

And then I started really like diving deep into investing in myself and investing in seminars and coaching. And I saw huge differences in my life each time I invested in that. And so I’m like really grateful for all the anxiety, all of the fear that I had because it really taught me about who I really am and taught me to find, otherwise, I wouldn’t have found my purpose.

Thank you. Anxiety. Thank you. Fear cuz now I know my purpose and so I, yeah I look at it a totally different way now than I did before. I love that. And you’re such a great example too, because you’ve gone through other certifications before and you’ve had this big shift, especially with the subconscious mind and sometimes people ask what’s the difference between other certifications and Yes.

Supply. And it’s like we dive so much into the subconscious mind, like actually using the language of the mind, actually using the way that we store the past and store the future. Like you’re just entering into a whole new realm. That is, it is there because we’re using it as we move through our day, but we don’t realize it’s there.

We don’t realize that we can actually hold it and access it. So what would you say is the difference between the other, and you don’t have to name any specific ones, but what would you say is the difference between the other certifications that you went through versus when you joined? Yes.

Supply. Yeah, so there’s actually some big differences. And the ones that come to mind is specifically I feel like the yes supply is more action-based. It gives you actual proven tools versus the other ones I would just get, like guides or like how-tos or it was more like question based.

There was like a structure, but it wasn’t it worked for a while for me. And my clients saw transformation, but I’ve been working on some of, with some of my clients right now, I’ve been working on the tools that you have shown in the s supply and like really talking about the subconscious mind and or, and really talking about the language of the mind, which is something I didn’t do in my past trainings when I was coached in my other certification.

And this time, like my clients are actually telling me, they’re like, I. The tool that you showed me, it like, has changed my life already, or I’m seeing a huge difference in how I feel just from that one session, which is not something that I had in my previous coaching sessions. It was more like there was a digging deep in a sense, but it wasn’t getting to the actual root, right?

Like of the actual subconscious mind of the actual belief system. It’s a totally different, I just feel like it’s so much more in depth and there’s so much more, so many more tools that you’re, we’re given in the Yes supply that I can’t even believe. I think I paid, yeah, I paid ju like the same amount I would say for the other certification.

And this one has way more value like way more value. And I was like, how is it possible that this has so much value that I feel like. I like, if I had known about Yes supply, I wouldn’t have joined that other certification. Like this is everything that I needed. Because the other one like was a great foundational base, but it wasn’t like really scratching the surf.

It was only scratching the surface. It was like right here and the yes supply, blew it out of the water basically. So I am like so grateful because of the fact that it’s structured so well in a way of like going through the trans, specifically going through the transformation modules. I feel like my brain is just whoa.

Like I now know that transformation happens on a totally like different level than I ever expected because I was going through transformation with my other clients, but it was like just the bare minimum, and now it’s now it’s a totally different transformation. It’s like an actual subconscious pattern that they’re.

Like tapping into that is now oh my God, I feel better. I am doing things I never did before. I’m behaving in ways I never did before. I’m actually believing things are possible for me now. And so I’m just really grateful for like actually having proven tools cuz I didn’t have tools before. I would go through meditations and connecting.

But not like actual tools like ef, f t tapping the neural energetic encoding, just so many amazing tools that I didn’t like. I actually had learned at EFT tapping in another coaching certification. But it was not like this, like it’s a, it, like they only gave you the foundation. It wasn’t the full hey, this is actually how you do it to get transformation.

So I’m like, okay. I now have the full tools like. I know now what to do in my coaching trainings. So yeah, it’s a huge difference to answer that question. Amazing. Thanks so much for sharing. Yeah, because I think we don’t know what we don’t know. And we’re not, I wanna, I’m gonna train or teach this to my kids from young cuz this is how I want them to see the world.

I want them to see the world that it’s like you create from the inside out. Manage your emotions and anything is possible. Set big goals and write them down and boom, you can catapult your Instagram or your income or whatever it is. So we think that we can. Tackle shifts with the mind, with just stories and questions.

And that’s what the majority of other programs out there are. It’s telling powerful stories and asking powerful questions. And that’s amazing to an extent, but we have a critical faculty that’s there. So if you’ve been going along with a program in your subconscious mind for 25 years of your life, one single question is just gonna it is just gonna bounce off.

Or one single story that’s just gonna bounce off. You’re not gonna, you’re gonna, you’re gonna be like, that’s not true. Like it’s still hard to make money or whatever it is. But when we use these tools to actually access the subconscious mind, we’re bypassing that critical faculty. And then that’s why your clients are saying, oh, I actually feel different.

I can, I actually am changing this habit. And also too, I’m sure some of the coaching that you got when you’re going through the ESPY method that helped you make those shifts to that change your perspective and your feeling and your confidence. Oh my gosh, absolutely. Going through the, each week and being coached and vice versa.

And also Riley is my coach for the, for my cohort, and she is amazing and does a great job of like really outlining everything and like to give that space to be like, you’re safe to coach here. And we go through coaching each other through the, these tools and doing that each week has only made me a better coach and much more equipped to take it into my to my sessions with my clients.

So yeah, just the way, and I didn’t really have that with my other, Sessions like, yeah, we would practice, but this is like such an intimate cohort and I just love it. I’ve connected with the girls on this this cohort so much. We’re like all friends. We message each other on on WhatsApp and it’s a beautiful connection we’ve all made together.

So it’s made that this entire it’s made it even better to be so connected with other women and to coach each other and to apply these techniques into our own lives so we can see the transformations and then to be able to apply it to our sessions with our clients, like that has been the biggest breakthrough because I’m transforming myself so I can transform my client.

Absolutely. And then it’s like everything you’re sharing feels real unauthentic because you are doing the work, you’re seeing the results in your life and then you’re just like, Hey, this is what happened. I’m so exci the excitement is palpable and the excitement is genuine cuz you’re going through it at the same time.

Yeah. So thank you so much for sharing like how much the tools have affected you. And that was so cool to hear about the neural energetic encoding and going back to the womb and having that release. And I’m sure some of the people who are listening are wanting some of the same results as you. So you’re such a great example of a quantum leap, right?

Like asking the universe for help, taking the inspired action, seeing a huge result, and then you said, As soon as that post went viral, you had over 300 applications for your coaching, which is okay, that’s what every coach wants to, just like so many applications and so many people on the wait list.

So let’s talk a little bit about that social media posts that went viral. If you were to look at it and say to yourself and again, we never know how the algorithms are working, but if you were to look at it and say this is why I think it connected, this is why I think that it like worked.

This is why I think that it went viral and reached, not only reached a lot of people and went viral for no reason, but actually reached your dream client and Exploded your business in such a powerful way and exploded the way that you can help and impact people. Yeah. It’s such a great question.

I’ve actually had so many people ask me this. You’re like, why did that one go viral? I’m so curious. Cause it was really to show like how we can be so dependent on stress. And it was called like it was like five signs that your body and your mind are so addicted to stress. And I used the word addicted because I went, I actually had.

Gone through, like I’ve learned so much about stress and anxiety. I’ve gone through like different programs, I’ve read books on it, and I actually read an article like, I think it was a few weeks before I had posted that, about stress addiction and how when cortisol is so like always constantly being pumped into your body, we become so dependent on that feeling, on that stress that it starts to become a habit and we just continue and continue until we break that habit, right?

So I knew that I had the same issue of like constantly overthinking, constantly like looking at my phone when I’m in the middle of a task constantly feeling exhausted and constantly feeling like. What was the other ones? There was like five signs and I think the other one was like overthinking and comparing yourself and criticizing yourself.

And I think, and I showed actual clips of me like doing it. Like I That’s good. Yeah. And actually acting it out to show people, cuz I know what it feels like cuz I was there and actually acting it out allowed people to see, oh my gosh, wait, this is what I’m going through. This is what I’m, so it was very personal and personable.

I think people were like, whoa, this person sees me because this is what I’m going through. So it’s like I’m outlining a problem, showing them like, this is the problem and contact me to find the solution, follow me to find the solution. Or here you can even, do, a call to action of this is what you need to do.

And I think people were just so intrigued by, wait, I wanna know how to do this. I wanna know how to no longer have this be a problem in my life. And again, I didn’t intend it to go big at all. I thought I was gonna get a few thousand views on it. That’s like how I was, my standard was like a few thousand views every post.

And to see that so many people were reacting to it just showed me that People are wanting a change. They’re wanting something different, but they just don’t know how to do it. They don’t know how to get there. They’ve been stuck in this cycle of feeling, like that negative feeling of I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy.

Criticizing themselves, feeling exhausted, feeling drained, feeling like, oh, life is just not the way I want it to be right now. And so people are wanting to change and I think like energetically what’s happening on social media, I think there’s so much around self-growth right now, so much about, really doing the healing on yourself.

Really like understanding who you are. And I think that’s what’s allowing people to connect with that kind of content. So that one went viral and then, What also, which was crazy. I had posted two weeks before that, another video and it was a Mel Robbins audio and and I was just pl doing clips of me doing things like changing my habits, things like that.

And that went viral right after my other one. So I started getting I think I got 3 million views on that one. So both videos were going viral at the same time, which were drawing people in because that audio was about like, intentionally act like the person you wanna become. And people want to do that.

They want to learn like, how do I intentionally become that person? So it’s like segueing o off of that. Other real of being addicted to stress and being like, wait, how do I intentionally become the person I wanna become? I wanna move out of the stress, out of the anxiety and be the person that I know I want for to be for myself.

And I think that’s why so many people gravitated towards my page and started following me because they just felt like connected to it. And. I always ask myself if I were to go onto my page, what would I want to see? If I was an outsider, right? Not knowing who I was, what would I wanna see? What kind of content would I connect with?

And that’s the kind of content I put out. Now, I put out content that really allows people to feel like I wanna feel connected to my intuition. I wanna feel connected to my higher self. And that’s the content that I’m knowing people, the kind of avatar or like audience that I want to attract.

Those are the people that are disconnected, that are feeling anxious. So what’s the solution? What do I need to teach them in order for them to feel connected or to lessen their anxiety, to lessen their stress, to really start feeling better about themselves. And that’s why I got the applications coming in because I’m telling people, Hey, I have the solutions and I’ve really Become an authority on my page to state, okay, I know how to do this.

And I give a lot of in my captions, I try to do the best I can to give as much information and value as possible so people can apply those things to their lives. And if they’re like meeting more support or they’re like, oh my gosh, wait, I love what she has to say, I wanna work with her. Then they come and apply to coach with me.

And so I really do believe that honestly yes, obviously I, I’m very proud of my content. I think my content’s great, but I really do believe it’s the intention. I said, I think it, I truly believe if I had not set that intention of I want to reach this many people, which I ended up doing double by the end of the year, I ended up doing not a hundred k.

I did 200 K by the end of the year. So it just shows you that, like when you set an intention, you never know what’s gonna come of it. It could even be bigger than you expected, but if you set the intention, your actions are going to reflect that intention, because that’s how I started acting. I posted content differently by that point because I knew, okay, what’s gonna get people to really respond to my page?

And again, I didn’t know it was gonna be that one, but I was just constantly thinking about how can I reach someone so that they don’t feel alone, that they feel like they’re. What they’re going through. There’s something that can be done about it, and I think that’s probably why people really responded so so well to it.

And again, not to say that everybody responded well to it. There were some people who there were a lot of negative comments or a lot of people being like you’re not a psychologist, or You’re not a therapist, or, that sounds like a D h adhd, which absolutely, yes, those are A D H D symptoms as well.

But I do believe that from what I’ve learned about stress is being around stress when you’re a child can develop into an A D H D later on in life because of the fact that you’re around maybe stressful parents or stressful situations and you don’t know how to handle your emotions or handle your energy because you were dealing with that as a child and it goes through into adulthood.

And I struggled with ADHD too but now I’m like, I don’t feel like d h D runs my life because I’ve done a lot of subconscious programming now that. I believe that anyone can heal their energy and can heal that stress or to that anxiety or the A D H D to be able to to be able to manage it better.

Not to not to say that stress and anxiety’s never gonna come up again, but it’s more so that when it comes up, you’re so aware of it and you have the techniques and the tools to be able to release it. And so that’s what I’ve learned through the Yes supply. And I, yeah, I think that’s like why people gravitated.

So anyone who’s listening, if your fear is that people are going to negatively respond to you, just think about the impact. Instead, think about the people that you can reach, because the people that are going to love your content are going to be there for you. And then there’s other people who are going to say negative things, but again, it’s not about you, it’s about how they feel.

About themselves or about their own model of the world or reality. So it’s really just continue to post what you believe is what is aligned with you and what is gonna help others, and that’s gonna get you the results that you need. I love that there’s so much there. Like from what you just said, I could start 10 different conversations.

Utilizing Law of Attraction Techniques for Organic Growth

One that’s coming to mind is from when you first set that intention, it sounds like you really worked with the law of assumption and the law of expectation, which is step five of the Yes supply method going through your whole day with that expectant energy. And I think something that’s so important that everyone knows is that there’s laws that work in the universe that are always working, whether we know of them or not.

So everything’s gonna be that much better when we know those laws of the universe. And that’s why I put the laws of the universe in the embodiment phase of the sly method. Cause I’m like, we need to start with this. When you know this, everything that you do from that point is gonna be so much easier and so much more in flow.

So it sounds like you, you set the intention, you expected the best case scenario, and then you acted from that best case scenario. And there’s a quote that says something along the lines of, Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. So you didn’t wait until you went viral and then said, okay, let me get my stuff together and start making good content.

And I think that’s what PE sometimes people think, they think, okay, when I get a lot of followers that I’m gonna start showing up as the coach that I wanna be. You already had so much great content ready to reach the right person. And so then when that post went viral, then they could continue to scroll and scroll And so that, that probably helped that other one reach 3 million too, cuz it’s like opportunity.

You went viral, but you were prepared, so they were already going through the other content. You already had your coaching application up and then boom, you saw like all the business success that you’re having now too. Yeah, actually that’s like expecting energy. It’s so funny that I didn’t bring that up because that.

I had never heard that word expectant energy until I went through that module about the five step manifestation method, and then also going through the laws of the universe. But I had not really, like I heard it, expect the best, but expectant energy. I remember listening to that and being like, wow, that’s the energy I need to have.

I need to expect these things to happen to me. And when I did that, when I started to apply that’s when I started to see results. But not only that, like you said, I already knew and I wanted, I had a strong desire to connect with people in this way. Like you said, I had the content already.

I had, the link and everything, and you, it’s never. Starting. It does. You don’t need to have everything together, right? Like you don’t need to have all of the I think that’s what stops a lot of people from starting is because they believe oh, I need to have this, I need to have that.

I don’t have this, I don’t have the website, I don’t have all these things. And it stops them from creating the content. When content is the thing that’s going to, as you continue to create content and take inspired action, you become aligned with that action that you’re gonna wanna take all the other actions.

At the same time too, like you start to feel really excited and exhilarated and you’re like, wait, like this flows through me so easily. Now I’m feeling inspired to create a website, or I’m feeling inspired to enhance my brand by taking photos that I wanna take for my brand. There’s so many different things, but I think taking one inspired action will allow you to feel into that experience and then run with it and just keep doing it.

And not to say you have to post every single day, but if you can let your intuition speak through you, you’re gonna realize that you’re gonna actually wanna post most days. Like you’re gonna wanna po Like when you’re so connected to your intuition and having that expected energy, you are just going to feel into the experience of post, post, post.

And I think that’s why I’m so inspired by you too, Reese is you’re constantly posting about how yes, supply is so transformative. And I’m always seeing like how you’re posting about what your clients are saying or you’re even posting about, your talks and like how you know how to become a better coach.

And those have really helped me a lot. And I think about if you didn’t post content like that, it w I would feel like, oh my gosh, like I, I need that kind of content in my life in order for me to be a better coach. So I thought about it the same way as. Myself. It’s if I don’t create this content, people are, people that are needing it are not going to know that they need it.

They’re gonna feel like lost or uninspired and it’s it’s my job to help them feel inspired. So think about that when you’re about to create content is like you, you’re better off creating something than nothing, right? It’s just much better to be able and you start feeling more confident as you continue and continue.

And again, you can redirect when something feels like that doesn’t feel like the kind of content I wanna put out. I’m feeling more gravitated towards this or this topic or this kind of Style or format then do that because yeah, you want to like, don’t get stuck in the same, okay, I need to keep doing what everyone else is doing, like voiceovers and things like that.

Like you do not need to do what everybody else is doing. If anything, what sets you apart is when you do something that’s totally different from what other people are doing. And I think that’s probably, a lot of people hadn’t seen like that kind of content that I put out for that one reel that went viral.

And so because of that, people were like, I don’t see that very often. Yeah. I wanna see, I wanna do that. And I’m really grateful. I was an actress back in the day, so I was like in my early twenties and I was always so sad that I gave it up. I was like, oh man. I left acting cuz it wasn’t for me, but I love acting.

I wish I could still act, da, but now I’m acting in my content. Yeah. It worked like I went through all those classes and it didn’t, it wasn’t for nothing, like everything in life. Ends up being like, it makes sense after you’re like, you get through it, you’re like, oh, that’s why I went through this.

Yeah. Or that’s why I did this. It’s not for nothing. You learn something through everything. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. You can see you’re acting in that reel when you’re like looking at the mirror. That is so amazing and I love that you touched on energy again because it’s just about letting it flow.

Developing a Clear and Compelling Social Media Vision

Whatever comes through, you let it flow and then you’re gonna go through something else in life. Let that flow and ah, so good. So your story is so inspiring to show others a quantum leap. So what would you say about that? Okay, so about quantum leap, it’s funny, I actually have quantum leaped before. And in that experience, it showed me like, wow, quantum leap is actually possible, but I’d never quantum leaped in a career. And that was like the, for me career and money was a bit, there was a lot of blocks. For a long time around that. But in terms of quantum leaping, I really do believe that it has to do with having that vision for yourself.

I had read a lot of Joe Dispenza books and that was the first introduction to Quantum Leap for me because he just talks so much about that and his meditations are so helpful for that too. But I started having and creating a vision, and I wanna give an example of before I quantum leaped in like social media, I quantum leaped in relationships where I was in a really awful, like I had a awful breakup.

I was with the same guy for five five years and I was it was again another rut. I think any rut you get into, you’re like, what do I need to do? And that’s when you ha your soul is called for a redirection. And so I was like, okay, I’m gonna redirect my energy to create the. The Embody, which isn’t my favorite word now, because it like the yes supply is like embodiment.

Yes. Embody the person that I wanna become and the person that I wanna become. Who is that person gonna attract? Who do I wanna attract into my life? Because I wanted to be with somebody who was going to align with me because my past relationship was a pretty toxic one and I never had an example of what like real safe, authentic love was.

And I was like, I wanna experience that. So I literally scripted and wrote down. Okay who is this person? What do I want him to be? Like, how do I feel around this person? And I meditated on that vision like every day. And I went on a trip to Europe for six weeks, like a healing journey of just like doing what I needed to do to to heal myself, to love myself, to enjoy life, to be adventurous.

And my friend messaged me, this was literally right before, cuz I wrote that like list and envisioned it right before I went to Europe. And then my friend, who I’d only met once, messaged me. On Instagram. And she was like, I know this is so random. I know only, I know we’ve only met once, but I had a dream that you and my friend Doug were super in love.

And I just feel like I have to tell you that. And I was like, that is so crazy. Okay. And I felt this, like when I went on his Instagram, I felt this pull. I was like, wait, like this feels right. But I was like, you know what? I’m gonna allow it to just flow. I’m not even gonna entertain it. I’m just gonna let it flow.

And then a couple months later, he started following me on Instagram and we started talking and it was like the most like serendipitous thing. And when we met for the first time, a week later, We both felt instantly in love. It was like love at first sight. It was like this major change had just happened in my life, and all of a sudden we had been in each other’s lives.

I have not gone a day without him since it’s been five years now. And I really believe that was like the first quantum leap was that I was able to make that happen through my act of envisioning what I wanted for myself. Like really having, again, the expectant energy of this is what I want and I know it’s possible for me because I’m worthy of it.

I’m just so worthy of it. And so when it happened, it showed me, okay, like quantum leaping is totally possible. Like you can go from being in a rut and feeling so alone to all of a sudden having this amazing new relationship or new following, or new career, whatever it is. And it just showed me it’s possible.

So when I. I found the yes supply. I was like, okay, this is amazing. This is like the step to my quantum leaping. And then I went into social media like feeling like there’s gonna be a quantum leap here. I don’t know what it’s gonna look like, but I know it’s gonna happen. And then it happened. And again, I really do believe that it comes from having that expectant energy, taking the inspired action.

Like really just taking it, like just doing it without thinking, overthinking it. Yes. Cause that’s the biggest thing. I was such an overthinker for so long. I would be like, I don’t know. Like I would literally go through a whole post. I would type up the caption. I would have everything filmed, and then I would not press.

Send or I would not press like post. Yeah. And I think about that a lot now of wow, I can’t believe that I felt that way for so long because I. It was possible for me to quantum leap, but I didn’t think it was possible. Yeah. And that was the difference. That’s the difference between like actually experiencing quantum leap and not experiencing it because when you experience a quantum leap it’s because you have this inherent belief that it is going to happen and that is how you quantum leap.

And I also think that now I’m really glad I quantum leaped now versus a year ago because I was not subconsciously ready for it. I think now I was subconsciously prepared for it. That the universe was like, okay, we’re getting giving you this quantum leap because you’re feeling into this experience, you’re embodying this version of you.

Yeah. And it makes sense for this to happen now because if it had happened a year ago, I was not anywhere near where I am today. Yeah. I would’ve been so like unprepared and so not like I feel like I would’ve just. Ended up like not posting at all, like after a video went viral, I feel like future or past me past would’ve been like, Nope, I’m not gonna post anymore.

This is too much. Uhuh not doing it. And I wouldn’t have taken inspired action. But now it just fueled me to keep taking more inspired action because of who I’ve embodied now. So I would say that’s what I would have to say about Quantum Leap. And I’m very curious as to what you, your opinion on quantum leaping and like your experience with quantum leaping is.

I totally agree with you. So how I created the five step manifestation method is because every time I manifested something like wild or very synchronistic or like, how did that happen? I reverse engineered what I did. And it was always this process. And you talked about you doing some of the same thing.

So step one is asking yourself, what would I ask for if I knew the answer was gonna be yes. It doesn’t matter where I was. It doesn’t matter how realistic. It’s what would that be? What’s like my true soul intuitive desire? Step two. So getting clear on that, envisioning that, visualizing that, making it real in my mind, I.

Because once it’s like that real picture in my mind, that’s how I can impress it in the subconscious mind, which is where the manifestation is gonna, connect. Step two is identity. So embodying that person, being that person, not just when I do my morning rituals, but all day. Step three is the inspired action.

So sometimes the inspired action drops in and that’s amazing. Sometimes if we’re distracted or busy or stressed, it can’t drop in. So that’s why we can intentionally give ourself the space to be like, okay, if it was gonna show up, what would I be doing? So if I was gonna be an incredible coach, okay, I’m posting, or I’m doing live streams, or I’m taking a certification or whatever, right?

So it’s either upleveling our skills or just being it so we can get better at what it is that we wanna do and add value. And then step four is releasing. So as we start to do all these first three things, embodying, posting, whatever, all this stuff is gonna come up of you could never do that. You’re not deserving, you’re worthy.

What about this thing that happened in the past? So releasing. And then step five is living in the expectant energy. So I believe the same thing as you. It’s as easy to manifest a penny as it is 10,000. But like you said before, if the thing shows up and we’re not ready, we haven’t looked within and had that con conversation with ourselves and done the subconscious techniques, we’re gonna push it away anyway.

Yes. So might as well. Do, and this happens a lot. Someone starts a business or I don’t know, starts doing art, and then someone’s oh my God, I wanna buy that painting from you. And no. I’ll give it to you for free. Like we, we stop ourselves or yeah, we write an amazing post and then we say, I can’t post this.

What are other people gonna think? Some people are gonna think it’s the best post in the world and 7 million people are gonna see it. And some people aren’t gonna like it, but you’re doing it for the 7 million who did like it? Or what, yeah, if we haven’t gotten there internally, we won’t be able to keep it externally.

So I think that just having those inner conversations is the way to go. And that’s how it always goes. For me. I create the vision and then one thing that’s coming to mind for me is like my past office, I knew that I loved this certain office on this certain corner. It was like a beautiful house with all vines on the side.

And one day I heard a little. Person in my head say, it’s time for you to look for an office today. And that office had been listed on K Gigi, which is like the Canadian Craigslist, literally 10 minutes before the landlord had. Yeah. So we’re all, and just you’re saying what to that, but you had a friend with a dream.

We’re all connected and the illusion is that we’re separate. And I think going back to doing the inner work it and then, sending out that, that radio signal that happens when we do the envisioning, that is proof how we are all connected. Yeah. Oh my gosh. Absolutely. Yeah. It’s funny that you talk about the five-step manifestation method, because that is the first thing I did when I went into.


How YES SUPPLY Helped Her Quantum Leap: Yes Supply Review

The yes supply, cuz that was like one of the first modules. And I really do think that actually helped me quantum leap because I went through the entire thing. I went through the questions and I literally wrote everything word for word. I actually have to find it and see if it’s on my laptop somewhere.

I have to find it and see if it like, actually aligns with what I’m living right now because I feel like it is. Cuz I think I would’ve asked, I think I would’ve asked exactly what I had set the intention of I’m gonna have this much this. Many people following me or having this many clients.

And I truly believe like that helped me to be specific and to be able to understand and know and have a clear vision. And again, go all the way through and to expect an energy. Because I, even the exoneration of the past self that the fourth energy sep, the SEP four, that one was like, whoa.

I realized I had a lot of beliefs that were not serving me. And I was like, okay, these gotta be released. They have to re-release today so I can embody the version and have the expectant energy of being the person that I know that I envision for myself. Cuz I think anything that you envision. It’s meant for you.

It’s a desire and it’s meant for you. And now I know that before I thought all my desires were just dreams. And they were just like, hopeless dreams. I shouldn’t have these dreams. I shouldn’t desire this for myself. It’s not gonna happen for me. And I absorbed the beliefs of other people around me being like, you can’t do that.

You can’t be an actress. You can’t be successful. You can’t be this, you can’t be that. And I believed it for so long. I believed them because, and it’s not even them, but they were mirrors of how I felt about myself. I was like, I can’t do this, I can’t do that. And they were reflecting it back to me, you can’t do this, you can’t do that.

And I was like, oh, okay. So I really can’t then. But really it was that I was feeling that for so long. And that was what was showing up in my reality was like proof that it wasn’t gonna happen for me. Yes. Yeah. Then now my mirror proof and mirrored and now the proof is so different because I feel so differently about myself now.

And so now, and I believe more for myself and I desire more for myself. And now the mirror is reflecting back to me this beautiful quantum leap. So I’m very grateful for it. I, and grateful for you. Cause you have literally taught me so much that like I would not have quantum leap without the s supply method.

Oh, thank you for sharing that. This is what I want. It’s like when everyone starts to think like this cuz I’m thinking of it like the future when everyone starts to think like this, I truly believe everyone will be happier and I truly believe the world will be a better place because it’s like I.

You’re going through the yes supply method, you manifest for yourself. You get to see how quickly things can shift. Then you use everything you learn and you help your clients make those shifts. Go through the five step manifestation method and manifest things. They’re gonna manifest for themselves.

They’re gonna manifest, they’re gonna show their kids how to manifest. They’re gonna show their communities how to manifest. Everything’s gonna change because when we all have someone in our corner that believes that your dreams are possible, then we don’t just write dreams and throw it in a journal and it hides in a closet forever.

Nurturing a Positive Mindset for Social Media Success

We actually go after it. We believe in ourselves, and when we know that our reality is being created from the inside out, that’s gonna help all of our relationships because we’re not trying to force. Change. We’re not arguing, we’re not judging. We’re doing our inner work to make the positive change. So that’s how I see this.

I’m so excited when my kid, like I teach little things to my two and a half year old, but, and like I’m remodeling and everything like that, but I’m so excited to teach it to them and just see how that ripples through ev every area of their life to know that shift your vibration and feel positive and know that the fact that you want something, the fact that you have a yes, it means that you’re allowed to have it.

And then just see how that shifts everything around them. I’m so excited for you to experience as they grow up, like how their belief system is so different from I think like from maybe ours and how we experience things because of the fact that you’re raising them to really trust themselves and to expect more for themselves.

That they’re, they can achieve anything. And that’s just such an exciting thing. That’s why I’m excited to be a parent cuz I’m like, I know so much now and I can’t wait to teach this to my kids in the future. I don’t, we’re not anywhere near that, but yeah. Yeah. I envision it and I dream about it cause I’m like, wow.

Like I cannot wait for that. Cuz I feel more equipped to be that person to raise kids because I’m like, wow, I have so much knowledge and like you said, Earlier about like you we’re literally changing the world as you continue to coach more people or as you continue to share your gifts or share your knowledge.

We’re changing the collective frequency Yeah. Of the world. And that’s what I’m excited about because when we were, kids, this kind of conversation, I would never be able to hear a conversation like this. Yeah, we, there, there wouldn’t be anyone talking about subconscious mind or manifestation.

As a child, this was not something that I ever heard about until I was in my late teens or like early twenties. And so the power that people now have to be able to reprogram their subconscious mind and manifest the life of their dreams, like there’s so many possibilities now and it’s exciting that we’re helping change that.

Collective. Yeah. And changing the world in that way. So I love that you said that. Yeah. Because it’s true. It’s so true. Yeah. And because of you, people will be a lot less stressed and anxious while doing it. Yeah. I love it. That’s the goal. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for being here and just sharing.

So open and honestly about your whole journey, your journey with Yes. Supply, your journey with sharing on social media, and congratulations on all of your success and all the ways that you’re positively impacting people. So for anyone who, for everyone who’s fallen in love with you during the podcast today, how can they continue on a journey with you?

How To Follow and Connect with Emily


How To Follow and Connect with Emily

Yes. So you can follow me on Instagram and TikTok at Passion Based. That’s. P A s I O n_b a s e d. You can follow me there. And I have my website linked there so you can learn more about me there. I will be starting a YouTube soon, so you’ll also find me there very soon. But yeah, really excited to meet you guys who are listening.

Send me a message and let me know that you’ve listened to this podcast. I’m very curious. It’s been so fun chatting with you today. Thank you so much, Emily. Thank you so much, Reese, for having me. I’m seriously so grateful. Thank you. Thank you.

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