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How To Become A Massively Successful Coach

Dreaming of becoming a mindset, spiritual, or life coach? Read on. One of the common questions that I people ask me is, ‘How do I become a coach?’

They see people growing their following on Instagram, having 10K months, being able to travel the world AND feel really good about the work they are doing in the world.

But it can be overwhelming to know how to start. There are SO many options, right?

Should you start with growing an Instagram? How do you get an email list? And how does showing up sharing inspiration actually convert into making money as a successful coach?

Those are probably the questions you’re asking, and soon it will be all figured out.

Read until the end because I’m also going to be giving you three questions that you need to ask yourself to achieve mastery as a coach.

manifestation success coach

How to become a coach

Find Your Focus for your Coaching Business + Create Your Signature Package

When you’re launching your coaching business, you want to decide what your focus is.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed or want to play off of all the things that you’re good at- but the issue is, when you try to do it all, you may get overwhelmed and tied up in all the details.

In business, you achieve mastery when you zone in on the area that you LOVE and go hard.

I’ve grown a six-figure business that’s been featured in platforms like NYLON magazine, FLARE, and I’ve also had the honor of speaking at the GIRLBOSS rally.

But before I was able to do all of that, and package up my services so I could charge my worth, I had to figure out where I wanted to put my focus, and then go in deep on the area I wanted to focus on, and the people I wanted to help.

become a successful coach

To find your focus, you have to look inwards. No one else can tell you what your vocation is on this earth. No one else can decide for you what you will truly be good at. You must decide for yourself and fall in love with your purpose.

Ask yourself: What is your story? What is it that you have overcome in life that you can help others with? What would you love to teach? How could you best help others?

When I started the YES SUPPLY, I didn’t even know what coaching was. It was through giving myself time to explore what I enjoyed doing and what felt like it would be fun to do.

I didn’t let the fear of making mistakes stop me from moving forward- instead; I fell in love with trying things out- blogging, taking pictures, making videos, and being creative.

I found my focus by following what feels good to me- I experimented- I didn’t worry about doing things wrong and instead focused on things going right and amazingly. I didn’t worry about doing things wrong and instead focused on things going right and amazingly.

So think about what you LOVE.

Do you love spirituality? You can zoom in and become a spiritual coach.

Do you help all your friends with their relationships? You could be a relationship coach for women

Are you a boss at helping people grow their social media accounts? You can help people with their social media.

Are you amazing at manifesting? You can become a manifestation coach

… and the list goes on. There is no limit to the type of coach you can be, and how you can help others in the world lead incredible lives and achieve their goals.

Once you know your area of focus in your business, create your signature package.

Increase Your Value, and You Can Increase Your Prices and Income

I see way too many people simply caught up in increasing their income, without considering how they are helping the world, or adding value to people’s lives to be able to.

Money is energy, and although money can flow to you in many different ways when you are aligned to that vibration, one of the ways that you can be in control of the flow to you and actively co-create with the universe to increase your income is to ADD VALUE.

Adding value means helping someone solve a problem, teach them something, inspire them, or help them get one big step closer to their goal.

manifestation success coach

Think about it- money is just a paper form of trading.

Back in the day, before we had money, people would trade things that they wanted from each other. For example, I would trade you 5 bushels of apples for your MacBook pro or something {joking}…for your bale of hay.

Now we have money- so think about HOW you can add value to someone else’s life by helping them achieve some outcome they wanted.

When I started in the online space, I started building an online following pretty quickly, so I started making money by creating tools and offering services that help people grow their following.

Want to increase your following, audience, and influence? Join the Collective and take our training on everything from Pinterest to Instagram.

So think about ways that you can add value to people’s lives with the knowledge you already have.

If you don’t know how you can add value, then work on improving yourself by learning, taking classes, or getting certified as a coach, so you have more tools to help people in their lives.

Increase your value- If you don’t know what you want to do, get better at something. Find an issue that people are struggling with and fix it. You might have even overcome something that people are willing to pay for. Know that your focus can shift and grow along the way as you shift and grow.

Know Specifically The People You Want To Help

I can’t tell you how many people want to become coaches, but then they will not do a live video or talk on the phone with even one person who is in their target audience.

If you think about it- people are signing up with you as a coach for YOU.

So they need to know who you are. Coaching can be a very intimate relationship, especially if it is on personal matters, so if you want people to be comfortable and open with you, then you want to lead the way as a coach and show them that example of being real, vulnerable, and embodying who you really are.

Show that they don’t need to hold things back and that they can be themselves.

You show them how to do that by being completely and totally yourself.

And also, getting on the phone with people whether it’s offering a FREE coaching call, or even just getting on a call with people who are struggling with whatever it is you help with, can give you amazing insight into what people are struggling with, and more confidence on how to help them.

I have a course called “YES: Dream Clients” and a number of women closed their first $2500 client on their first sales call. There are so many people who are hungry for the knowledge and support that you are meant to help others with, and they just need someone to help them out.

In the YES: DREAM CLIENTS course, I walk you through how to create a high-ticket coaching package, and how to set up your entire coaching business system and start closing sales. To sign up for the waitlist before we launch next, head here: YES: Dream Clients


How To Become A massively successful coach

Find your Voice + Build Your Presence

So many people are playing small. You might be afraid that if you show up, people will laugh, make fun of you, or even go so far as to call you  out for being a ‘fraud’

But that’s just your fear, doubt and ego getting in your way.

Give people the benefit of the doubt. Expect that they will accept you. Affirm that people will need your message. I had SO much fear before I started and look how many people’s lives I’ve changed!

Once you know your message, and the people you want to serve, it’s time to get yourself out there.

There are SO many good ways to get your message out into the world to grow your business and coaching client base.

how many people lives

Remember that Sales Is A Service- Sell Often

At this moment, right now, there are hundreds- maybe even THOUSANDS of people who are seeking what you offer- they just don’t know that you exist, and so they can’t hire you….yet.

Once you know what your amazing product is that you have to offer, get it out into the world and SELL.

Selling is not sleazy. In fact, we live in SUCH an overwhelming world with so many bad products out there and distractions that it is your DUTY to sell.

If your dream client doesn’t know that you exist, or that you have an amazing product,  they might end up wasting their money on something that doesn’t work for them- or continue to struggle with the problem that they had before.

When you show up knowing that what you have to offer is a game-changer, and showing your ideal client how they can change their lives, you SERIOUSLY help them!

When you know how you’re going to help people package that up and remember that selling is a SERVICE. There are people out there that don’t even know you exist. They don’t even know that coaching exists. They are hiding, they are scared, they are not confident, they need support. They might not have anyone in their life who can help them, support them, or hold them accountable and that is where you come in!

Congrats! You are that much closer to becoming a coach and working with the clients you dream of helping.

manifestation success coach

Imagine your dream day. Working with amazing clients. Seeing thank you emails in your inbox. Seeing hundreds of thousands of followers. Looking in your bank account and seeing that you have so many savings. Expansive. Abundant. Like a muse. Inspired by the work you do and inspiring. What would that feel like?

It’s SO possible, and I got to six-figures WAY faster than what I thought was possible, and it’s SO possible for you too.

If you’re ready to uplevel as a coach, learn how to have successful coaching sessions, and learn deep mindset tools that will help you really change the lives of your clients, I invite you to join my FREE 5 Day training:

better coach course

Elevate Your Coaching Sessions Challenge.

You’ll learn the secrets of the world’s TOP mindset and success coaches, to help you fast forward your way to massive success… Sign up here: www.yessupply.co/elevate

Here Are Some Questions That Will Help You Narrow Down Your Focus, and Become A Successful Coach:


What do people typically come to me for advice for?

What would I love to become a master at, and become known for?

What is something that was a struggle before I started, and now that I know how to do it, it’s easier for me (or maybe even fun)!

Have a question about becoming a coach? Let me know in the comments.

Reese Evans is the founder of YES SUPPLY INC., who has trained over 1000 coaches in her methods and teachings. She's a mom, and a lover of teaching manifestation, mindset, and helping people all over the world overcome their past and create their best life. Follow along on instagram @yessupply for more behind the scenes.

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