How to Create a Signature Coaching Program

Coaches, do you have a signature coaching program?

If you’re still struggling to stand out in your niche or attract the clients of your dreams, it’s time to become KNOWN for your unique style of transformation by designing the coaching program you WISH existed!

Whenever I meet a coach who tells me that they’re constantly working, posting every single day on Instagram, and that they have a podcast and they have a Facebook group and yet NOTHING is working and they’re not making money…

…The first question I ask them is:

What is your signature coaching program?

If they don’t have a clear answer, then I know that’s exactly where they need to start!

Too often coaches don’t have a signature offer or coaching program that they’re known for, so they’re doing all this posting, sharing advice, helping people, and constantly promoting — yet they feel like they’re on a hamster wheel and not making any money.

OR, the other scenario I see with a lot of coaches is that they have a few lower price point products — mini-courses, workbooks, or one-off sessions — and they’re not able to earn enough to make a sustainable living, let alone get to 5-figure months.

This is where a powerful signature coaching program comes into play.

In the YES SUPPLY METHOD, I teach a process to create a signature coaching program, and it’s helped SO many students create 6-figure and multiple 6-figure businesses!

(If you want to learn more about it, My 5-Step Coaching System Masterclass is a great place to learn how to build the 6-figure business of your dreams!)

Here are the steps to create a signature coaching program that you can become known for, making it easy to confidently promote your work and attract your dream clients!

1) Decide on the Transformation You Offer in Your Signature Coaching Program

The first thing to understand is that when someone signs up for any coaching program, what they’re really signing up for is TRANSFORMATION.

Think about it this way:

The last time you bought a book, did you buy it for the 500 pieces of paper inside of it, or for the transformation, the book would give you?

As much fun as it is to flip through the pages, you bought the book because you wanted to come out the other side of the experience with the PROMISE the book was delivered – whether that was to learn how to grow a business, get healthier, or become more stylish.

It’s the same with a coaching program, but on a deeper level.

When someone signs up for a coaching program, it’s because they’re currently struggling with something or stuck in a certain place, and they want to move out of it and into a new destination.

Your job as a coach is to take their hand and walk them to that destination, and your signature coaching program is HOW you guide them there.

What that means is that it’s not about the number of workbooks, videos, or even the hours of coaching they get with you.

What it’s really about is whether you can help them instill the belief that they can change and create the outcome they want, and can you be the one to guide them there.

If your signature coaching program is clear on that, it’ll be a huge success!


 2) Identify Where Your Dream Clients Are and Where They Want to Be

Before you can design your signature coaching program, you need to know what your dream clients are struggling with, where they’re stuck, which emotions they’re feeling, and what they are DONE with!

The more deeply you understand where they are, where they want to be, what they want to manifest, and how they want to feel, the better you’ll be able to guide them on their path.

So start by asking yourself:

What do my dream clients want?

 Travel? More money? To feel free and do work they love? To feel healthier? To fall in love? To get organized? To love their life?

 How do they want to feel?

 Who do they want to be?

For example, if you’re a health coach, your clients may come to you because they want to go from feeling out of shape, lethargic, struggling to eat healthily, and uncomfortable in their bodies…to feeling fit, having lots of energy, eating healthy, and loving what they see in the mirror!

If you’re a business coach, your clients might start out feeling stuck in their business ideas, constantly journaling but not executing, and comparing themselves to other people who are further along. Your job would be to guide them to the result where they’re making money in their business, enjoying their work, and confidently showing up and executing their ideas!
Or if you’re a mindset coach like me, your clients probably start out feeling stuck, not excited about their lives, not feeling connected to themselves, and unsure where to start on their self-love journey. Your coaching program could show them how to love who they are, feel confident in relationships, and create daily mindset rituals that they can’t wait to jump out of bed to do!

…The list goes on and on, but I hope this gives you a few ideas of what kinds of transformation you can offer in your signature coaching program.

And if you’re still not clear on what kind of transformation you want to offer or what kind of coach you want to be, I have a free workbook you can download to help you gain absolute clarity on who you want to help and what you want to be known for!

3) Design The Pathway For Your Clients

Once you know the transformation you want to deliver to your clients, you can design the path for your clients to walk on…and that becomes your signature coaching program!

Imagine you’re entering their result into your GPS…what does the path to get from point A to point Z look like?

Think about what your coaching clients would need to believe, or how they would need to see themselves to get there.

Do they need to have a certain mindset shift?

 Take on a certain identity?

 Clear limiting beliefs and negative emotions from the past?

 Step into more positive beliefs of abundance, freedom, happiness?

What actions would your clients need to take?

 Are there rituals to incorporate into their life?

Then, you can plan out that pathway, week by week!

Oftentimes when I’m working with someone in my signature coaching program, I like to start the very first session with goal setting.

As a coach, I want to know what they hope to get out of working with me…and of course, it’s also beneficial for the client to have clarity on what they want to get out of our work together.

I also make sure that they’re setting goals based on their unlimited potential versus what they THINK they can do because of who they were in the past.

The question that I love to ask when I’m helping someone design their dream life is…

What would you ask for if you knew the answer was going to be yes?

With that question, I invite them to let go of who they were in the past, their old beliefs, expectations people have of them, their education, and work experience…

…I guide them to forget all of that and clear the screen.

I KNOW that anything is possible, regardless of someone’s past.

So from that place, what would YOU ask for?


tuns your thoughts to unlimited

Also, think about what tools you want to use to help your clients on their path:

Will your coaching program include videos and workbooks?

Audios? Meditations? Hypnosis?

Will you send them physical products, like candles or crystals?

You might even think about including bonuses or gifts for your clients if they pay in full!

Put it all down on paper, look at it, and critique it. If you’re part of a Mastermind, you can ask for feedback. If you join the YES SUPPLY METHOD, you’ll be in a private Facebook group with hundreds of coaches who can give you feedback, too!

I recently had a 6-figure launch for my Manifest Money For Good Mastermind. For inspiration, take a look at the sales page to see how I outlined everything included in the program!

4) Fall In Love With Your Coaching Program

This next step is so important, and it’s what’s going to propel you to be the best ambassador for your product:

Do you LOVE this coaching program?

This is SO SO important to think about because if you’re in love with your coaching program, you’ll shout about it from the rooftops!

Think about the last time you read a book that you truly loved, or saw a movie that changed your life. You probably went out and told everyone and their mom about it. Understand that at that moment, you sold something…just not for your own profit.

When you truly love your coaching program, people will feel your enthusiasm, and it’ll never feel like sales — it’ll just feel like talking about something you believe in.

This is exactly how I’ve manifested 6-figure launches and multiple 6-figure months — it’s because I believe SO deeply in what I do.

I KNOW that I’m HELPING people when I share what I do because my products and services create such amazing results.

I’ve seen my coaching clients…

Make more money

Have their biggest month ever

Transform their emotions

Improve their relationships

And so much more!

if you have never seen it done before that is all the more reason to do it

With my Manifest Money For Good Mastermind, I created the coaching program I WISHED existed…the kind of program I would’ve loved to sign up for, and that’s what has made it so successful.

So once you’ve created your signature coaching program, look it over and ask yourself if you LOVE it and can’t wait to talk about it.

If the answer is YES, you’re in an incredible place to launch.

If the answer is no — don’t be hard on yourself — but ask yourself what it would take to make it a program you believe in 100%!


Reese Evans Make An Impact

5) Launch, Re-launch, and Keep Improving!

Once you have your signature coaching program outlined, it’s time to put it somewhere where people can find it — whether that’s a PDF, a google doc, or a sales page — and make it easy to promote it, talk about it, and receive payment for your work!

Start posting about your coaching program on social media, telling your friends about it, and sharing it in Facebook groups. Get it out there!

Your first launch won’t be perfect, and that’s okay.

By putting yourself out there, you’ll be able to tweak your coaching program based on potential customer feedback and client feedback. As you work closely with clients to get results, it’ll only get better and better over time! Keep it simple at first and love the world you’re creating.

Know that you may get a few no’s, but as long as you keep trying, improving on your marketing strategy, and learning from the no’s, you will inevitably get you YES!

Every time you relaunch and repromote your signature coaching program, you’ll make progress, and eventually, you can create a business that impacts thousands of people!

Shift to An Unlimited Mindset Now

And if you’re looking for a coaching program that will teach you everything from how to transform your clients’ lives to how to create your signature coaching program to how to use social media marketing to amplify your message and grow your audience…the YES SUPPLY METHOD is the one-stop-shop for EVERYTHING you need.

You’ll learn how to build a coaching business that allows you to earn while helping people deeply, and you can become certified in life-changing modalities like neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping), hypnotherapy! And you’ll walk away with the confidence that you have the tools to guide your clients to an amazing transformation in your signature coaching program. Watch my 5-Step Coaching System Masterclass to learn more!

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Reese Evans is the founder of YES SUPPLY INC., who has trained over 1000 coaches in her methods and teachings. She's a mom, and a lover of teaching manifestation, mindset, and helping people all over the world overcome their past and create their best life. Follow along on instagram @yessupply for more behind the scenes.

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