How To Increase Your Value To Make More Money

A lot of people struggle with money, they think there’s not enough, they feel like it’s tough to get their hands on, or that if they ask for it, people will think they’re ‘greedy’ or be ‘mad at them’.

I certainly had these thoughts and feelings too. But what I’ve come to realize is money is simply ENERGY.

How To Increase Your Value To Make More Money

There is an UNLIMITED amount of money in the world, they are printing it every day, so there is more than enough for you to get what you need and then some.The key is in the art of the exchange.

In this video, I talk about where the idea of MONEY originated from. It goes back to farm days 😉

That doesn’t mean you have to trade your time for MONEY you have to trade your time for value.

You can INCREASE your value, and in this video I show you how I increased my value when I wanted to transition from a 9-5 and then when I wanted to leave my 9-5 to take my business full time.

Where can you increase your value so that you can generate more money.

There is SO much money out there. The amount of people in your industry, or someone doing something similar to you cannot take it away from you, the only thing that can deplete your value, which means taking away your sources of income is if you don’t reach out and grab it.

This month, the theme of the GOOD MORNING BEAUTIFUL emails is Get That Money Honey.

You’ll get a MONTH of incredible rituals, routines, exercises and tools to help you build your relationship with money, learn how to increase your value so you can make more money, and how to use the power of manifestation to attract more money into your life.

‘ll be walking you through rituals, routines, and real-life tools that will help you open yourself up to receiving, stop blocking abundance and see more money pour into your life.

In this month’s Good Morning Beautiful emails (included in your Collective subscription) you’ll be receiving:

• Money rituals to help you attract more GOOD things into your life (cash included)
• Exercises and tools that you can use to RESET the way you look at money, remove the fear and tension you feel around money so that you can subconsciously open up the flow of money into your life
• A VERY special Hypnosis audio that will help you reset the way you look at money and make money your friend
• Positive affirmations that you can listen to morning and night to revamp your relationship with money
• Tapping routines so you can feel good talking about money, asking for the money you deserve, and remove the anxiety around money
• I go deeper into how I reset my childhood money story, into one that serves me and allows me to charge my worth and work with clients who SEE my value, while I get to run a business I LOVE.

….and even more for every day of the entire month!

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