How to Meditate

How to Meditate Your Way to a Successful Empire

How many times have you tried to learn how to meditate only to sleep in every day and eventually give up? I bet you’ve noticed that when you meditate and check in with your busy-biz-babe-self before starting your day, things are a lot less hectic.

So why is it so hard to stick to a regular practice? The most common excuses are not knowing now to meditate, having no time or not being able to quiet your mind for long enough. Those are also the three reasons that you NEED TO meditate ASAP!Are you business babes who want to learn how to mediate her way to a successful business? Check out all of the tips and tricks!

Meditation is a practice that gets better and more powerful with time, so don’t expect to be perfect day one!

Why your chakras matter

Now let’s kick the “woo-woo” up a notch. Have you
ever worked on balancing your chakras? Do you know what the heck a chakra even is?

You have 7 of them, and they are the core energy centers in your body that control EVERYTHING! They control your mindset, energy, vibes, physical wellbeing and emotions, which are all things we to keep in-check 24/7.

The energy in each chakra can be blocked or it can be over-active and if one energy is off, everything else gets a bit out of whack. Chances are you have at least two chakras that need some work!

Imbalances can lead to stress, fears, health issues, sleep issues, physical pain, headaches, low energy, and pretty much anything that sucks!

How your chakras relate to your business

One thing that few people realize is that each chakra represents a different area of your business. Your success depends on all energies being in flow!

For example, the root chakra’s role is to make you feel grounded, fearless and as if you know the direction in which you’re headed. 

It’s also about your survival needs, and let’s face it, today that means having lots of money. If you have money fears in your root chakra you’re totally blocking yourself from the flow of abundance.

The root chakra represents the foundation of your business. It’s all the groundwork that makes you feel stable, grounded and in forward momentum, such as, your “Why,” your core messaging and your target audience.

This is PRETTY NECESSARY STUFF and that’s just the first chakra! There are 6 more!!

How to meditate for chakra balance and success

If you’re anything like me, you don’t have time to scheduleAre you business babes who want to learn how to mediate her way to a successful business? Check out all of the tips and tricks!
a weekly reiki session or sit in meditation for an hour per day. That’s totally not going to stop you from chakra-bliss!

The most important elements are:

1) Meditate first thing in the morning (as often as you can). Once you’re up and about you’re much less likely to pop back down on your meditation cushion. If you wait too long your mind is already running a mile per minute!

When you wake up your mind is fresh and you’re in a dreamy state of mind which is great for reaching a meditative state. You can even meditate in your bed!

Extra bonus points if you don’t check your phone before you start!

2) Create a meditation haven. You want to find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted, which means you may need to tell your man to scram! I always suggest making a little corner of the room into your special meditation place.

You can add some nice candles, crystals, a blanket and something to sit on that’s super comfy because you might be there for a while. This is a great excuse to hit up your local decor shop and treat yourself!

3) Try to quiet your mind but be kind to yourself if you drift into thought. Everyone experiences the mind chatter (I typically end up thinking about my to-do list, or food) but the beauty of meditation is your ability to bounce back and return to silence.

That’s actually where the magic happens!

To “come back” you can focus on your breath. Try to inhale for 4 counts and exhale for 5.

4) Repeat a powerful mantra, such as,”Every day I expand my success and happiness.” You truly can!

5) Focus on being in your body and notice how the energy feels in each area or chakra. If your heart chakra feels stagnant you can imagine a glowing light in your chest.  With every breath the light expands throughout your body until you are fully lit up!

Energy grows where energy goes. When you add breath, thought and intention to your chakras, the energy and flow will shift!

How to meditate your way to a successful empire? How many times have you tried to learn how to meditate? In this blog you will learn how to meditate your way to a successful empire. Learn how to mediate her way to a successful business. Check out all of the tips and tricks!

The importance of Daily Practice

I hate to break it to you, but meditation is not a one time fix. You need to do it every single day, twice if you can. Sure, it might sound daunting, but I always suggest committing to one week at a time.

I recommend doing the following to find a practice that sticks!

1) Identify your blocked chakras. If you’re new to this journey, Google is your best friend. Another great test is to breathe slow and deep into your toes and see where the breath starts to get shaky. If it’s in your chest, your heart chakra might need some love. If it stops at your lower belly, it’s time to work on the sacral chakra, and so on!

2) Create your own daily practice that works for you. This practice only needs to last around 10 minutes. If you make it way too intense you’re going to end up skipping out on it!

Try to include a couple minutes of journaling for your mind, stretching your body, and meditating for your soul!

3) Make the practice intentional. When you can identify the improvement you want to make in your life and your biz, you can target that with your practice! 

If you’re working with the root chakra you can journal “3 ways you’re living an abundant life.” This will help you with your money mindset! If you’re working on the third eye chakra for clarity of mind, you can free-hand journal to get everything out of your head and onto paper!

4) Join my free meditation challenge! That’s right, I am hosting a free “7 Day Chakra Meditation Challenge to Revitalize your Business and Guide you to Abundance.” It starts Nov.7!

I’m teaching you how to meditate for success and giving you a run-down of each chakra and how it affects your life and business. I’m also doing live Q&A!

Sign up here!Are you business babes who want to learn how to mediate her way to a successful business? Check out all of the tips and tricks!

I am wishing you a happy and successful chakra journey and hope to see you in the challenge! This work will change your life!

xo Amber-Lee

PS: Can’t wait to see you in the challenge!

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Amber-Lee Schneider is the founder of Humblelifestyle.com where she is a Lifestyle + Business Coach and Chakra + Modern Meditation Expert. She supports new entrepreneurs who feel like they aren't living up to their true potential to instead balance their energies to create a thriving business so that they can feel confident, have that first class lifestyle and live day In and day out in their purpose. Amber-Lee's mission is to spread chakra-love and meditation techniques to the modern entrepreneur so everyone can build their empire while being #GlamAndGrounded!

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