how to monetize brunch

How To Monetize Brunch: Meet Two Boss Babes That Did It- Yes Supply Collective Member of The Month

Every month, we feature one of the incredible ambitious YES girls from the Yes Supply Collective- A Members Only Community of creative females who only take yes for an answer in life and business.

This month, we caught up with the Founder of the Boss Babes Brunch Club to find out how she took her love of connecting people and turned it into a opportunity to get paid to have the best meal of the day, Brunch, while surrounded by incredible women who inspire her.

Find out how she did it, and how the Yes Supply Collective continues to help her and support her to meet her goals.


how to monetize brunch
I’m a San Diego based woman whose always had a passion for community and for empowering women. In 2012 I graduated with a degree in Women’s Studies from California State University San Marcos with a desire to pursue my PhD in order to become a professor. Due to health issues, family issues, and
multiple complex life transitions, I realized it wasn’t my time to leave SD. After a few years of exploring what I want my life to look like, a lot of drawing, even more yoga, and hundreds hours of self-education,
I’m now the founder of the Boss Babes Brunch Club and a full time copywriter for a local e-commerce company. I’m the youngest in a family of 4 kids, make it a priority to watch the sunset as often as I can, have a strong passion for a good flat white, and I love food more than most people. I have a lot of hobbies and I’m an extrovert to the extreme– I gain energy from those around me and although the path hasn’t always been easy, I’m so in love with the life that I’ve created for myself.

What is your business?

how to monetize brunch

The Boss Babes Brunch Club is the non-networking network. It’s a place to build community, ask questions, and get inspired by the other women who are kicking ass and taking names.
We build events where you can get the knowledge, network, and necessities that will make you a better business woman without the pressure of a suit and tie. My collaborator Brandi Daniels and I host and offer a range of events at different tiers in both engagement and price.
how to monetize brunch
There is everything from intimate full catered champagne brunches with swag bags, CEO’s, and raffle give aways, to free mix/MINGLE events (happy hours), with a shorter keynote speaker and networking as you continue to build relationships. We focus on building awareness for smaller local businesses and generally host events in their store fronts.
We also offer workshops, speaker series, and things like yoga classes. Essentially, we love collaborations with women run businesses or small companies. No matter what level event, we have a keynote speaker– a woman who is thriving in her industry, so that you can gain motivation and knowledge to further your life in the direction that you want.
We want to build connections and support for the women around us; if you can make a good business contact, that’s amazing, but if you can find a friend to grab coffee with, I find that equally as valuable. We hosted our first event last August (2016) with the goal of hosting quarterly brunches. Due to the feedback from the community, we have successfully hosted close to 15 events with more on the books.
how to monetize brunch

What is your MISSION STATEMENT? How are you going to change the world/other people’s lives and make a positive impact?

We believe in community over competition and know that together, we are better. The more we build up, motivate, and encourage others to follow their dreams, the more space it gives us to do the same. Together, we thrive.

What are the steps it took you to get to where you are now?

Boss Babes Brunch Club started as an idea in a coffee shop. It wasn’t something that was 100% planned, it was simply a response to the community and lack of connections that my friends were making. I wanted to host 4 brunches a year, and keep it simple. Because of the feedback that we’ve received, we’ve grown exponentially, and are continuing to do so.
Here’s what we’ve got going:
1. Listen to the community- what do they need and want
2. Create a cohesive website with solid marketing material (thanks photography friends!)
3. Form an engaging Social Media platforms (we increased our following by 30% on Instagram within the past 3 weeks).
4. Connect with local businesses, ask how we can support them, and in return if they will support us via hosting us in their space, donating swag back items, or raffle prizes.
5. Find keynote speakers- who inspire us and how can we connect with them?
6. Stop making decisions based off fear.
7. Teach myself how to become an entrepreneur and business owner– commit time to educating myself and taking the proper steps protect myself and my business. Never stop learning.
8. Consistently reflect on what’s working and what’s not. How can we improve and grow, how do we make decisions to allow our business to grow organically and sustainably.
Honestly, it’s impossible for me to answer this question because Boss Babes Brunch Club formed organically based on my life experience. If I hadn’t spent 6 years in the restaurant industry, I wouldn’t have made community connections; if I hadn’t been a blogger for years, I wouldn’t have learned about successfully running social media accounts; if I wasn’t passionate about coffee shop culture, I wouldn’t realize the importance of empowering small business owners; if I hadn’t been a Women’s Studies major, I wouldn’t have known that when you empower women, you change the world; if my life hadn’t fallen apart, it never would have fallen together.

What is your YES! What kind of life do you want to live?

I want to live a life where I’m empowering others to be their best and to follow their passions. As I do so, that will encourage me to do the same.
I want to run a business that creates a safe space for women, where I can work remotely (for myself), build a strong community of support, and live a healthy life style where I can explore my passions of yoga, food, etc. while sharing that with those I care about.

How does the community help you achieve that?

I wouldn’t be here without the community. They keep me accountable for continued growth and expansion. Everything comes full circle, when we work together, we all thrive.
how to monetize brunch

What influenced you to join the collective?

Because I’ve learned that when you say YES, your life can turn into something you never even dreamed of.

Why do you love Good Morning Beautiful? What impact has it had on your life?

I love that it empowers you to love yourself first, to realize that you CAN accomplish your own dreams, and that your motivation is in your own hands, but a little help from your friends never hurts. It keeps me inspired and reminds me of the power that women have, in addition to the potential that I have within me.
You can check out the bossbabes Brunch club on their website, find them on Instagram, On their Facebook page, or in their community facebook group.
how to monetize brunch

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