How to Raise Your Vibration

Want to raise your vibration so that you can attract more good things into your life? You’re in the right place! Over the years, I’ve learned so many tools, techniques, and practices to keep my vibration high, and I’m here to share them with you. Keep reading to learn how to bring more high-vibe practices into your life and raise your vibration!

Energy is everything.

Whether we’re aware of it or not, we’re always vibrating at a certain frequency and resonating with each other all the time.

As a mindset coach, I’m always paying attention to how I feel, because our emotions are our conscious awareness of our frequency.

I know that if my vibration is low, I’m only going to attract things into my life that I don’t want, and create situations that are not in my highest good. So I do my best to start my day as high-vibe as possible.

I often remind myself that I’m my own first client… I need to feel good in order to help others feel good!

I’m so grateful that I’ve learned so many tools over the years that help me raise my vibration so that I can run my company, grow my team, and help as many people as possible with ease and joy.

If you want to raise your vibration so that you can manifest your YES life, keep reading and I’ll share with you a few of my favorite tips for staying high-vibe.


1) Get Quiet and Meditate

If you want to raise your vibration, practice meditation.

Getting quiet with myself and meditating is one of the key practices I use to raise my vibration and receive downloads from the Universe that support me in my life and business.

If you meditate in the morning, not only does it raise your vibration, but it will help you start the day feeling grounded in your body, neutral and relaxed, which is the perfect way to set the tone for the day.

When I meditate, I like to get into a yoga pose with my legs crossed and my back straight. 

Reese Meditating


One thing I’ve learned is that when you’re crossing your legs, you’re helping both hemispheres of your brain communicate with each other better.

(Have you noticed that when you’re just relaxing at home on the couch, you often have your legs crossed? This is because it helps you get into a parasympathetic nervous system response, which makes you feel at peace instead of stressed.)

A man who runs a crystal shop that I love to go to in Ontario told me that the reason for the poses we do in yoga is because we are putting ourselves in positions that resonate with the sacred geometry of the planet, and thusby resonate with those structures, we are able to put ourselves in a healing frequency. I’ll never forget that he said that to me.

When you meditate, get nice and relaxed, eyes closed, and breathe in. Imagine that you’re breathing in positive energy, and when you breathe out, imagine that you’re breathing out any anxiety, fear, or scarcity.

Even with just three deep breaths, you’ll already feel better, because it sends a signal of calm to your body.

Then, I like to look up and imagine a light at the top of my head that connects me to Source. I imagine that it’s filling me up with healing, love, positive intentions, and intuition to support me in what I’m doing.

I let that light all the way down my toes, all the way down to the core of the Earth, and I set the intention that it’s positively impacting every single thing on the planet. This always puts me in a great place.

Want me to lead you through a guided meditation to receive more downloads from the Universe?

Check out this video and make sure to subscribe on YouTube!


2) Listen to High-Vibe Sounds 

An easy way to raise your vibration is to listen to high-vibe music and sounds, such as solfeggio sounds and binaural beats. I’ve recently bought myself some sound bowls that lets me recreate these tones at home.

There’s so much energy flowing through us at all times, and sound healing can be a powerful way to raise your vibration quickly.

I love to use solfeggio sounds in the backgrounds of my videos or during my trainings, or listen to binaural beats throughout the day whenever I need a little reset.


If you’re feeling a little off, a great way to raise your vibration is to put on high-vibe music and declutter your space. 

Our inner world always manifests in our outer world, so if your environment is feeling chaotic, tidying up — even if it’s just organizing one drawer — can help you feel more at peace. 

Make sure to follow YES SUPPLY on Instagram for daily tips on how to raise your vibration!


3) Be Genuinely Kind 

My next tip to raise your vibration is to be genuinely kind to other people.

It sounds obvious, but you’d be shocked how many people do not understand the importance of this… and it’s not exactly something that spiritual gurus talk about. 

If you want to raise your vibration, it’s not always about affirmations, manifestation, mindset tactics and strategies… the little choices that you make every day contribute to a greater life, greater abundance, and greater happiness.

We’re all connected… and I genuinely wish I could help everyone… I wish the entire world would sign up for the YES SUPPLY METHOD

But even though I know I can’t tangibly help everyone, I can contribute a little to everyone I meet. 

There have been times I’m having a bad day and someone smiles at me and I do feel a little bit better.

So I smile at pretty much everyone when I walk down the street. 

I say hi to people on the elevator.

Whenever I’m at a local coffee shop, I start conversations with the people who work there.

Why not?

Why not be a genuinely nice person?

Everything you put out, you get back… so if you want to raise your vibration, put out as much kindness as you can.


4) Practice Forgiveness & Send Love 

My next tip to raise your vibration is to practice forgiveness, both of yourself and others, and send love to the people and situations that you feel negativity towards.

Some people choose to bring negativity to the party… but you don’t have to be one of them. Know that when someone is being negative, it has everything to do with them and nothing to do with you. And most of the time if a person is gossiping or judging someone else, it’s their own jealousy or limitation talking.

If a relationship in your life is no longer serving you, it’s much better to forgive and release the situation entirely rather than keep it going on a fake level and letting those lower vibrations affect you.

We’re living in a world where we all have to deal with jealousy, comparison, being tied to our phones and seeing people on Instagram living their best life.

But just know that you won’t get any further in life by projecting negativity on anyone else. Instead, forgive yourself and try sending love.

I remember before I got my dream car, whenever I’d see someone with a G Wagon, I’d forgive myself if I felt jealous and then I would send love to them. By doing this, I was teaching my subconscious mind that I love people who have that car.

When you send negativity to someone who has a nice car, you’re telling your own subconscious mind that you don’t like people who have nice things. Your subconscious mind will never make you a liar, so if you do this, you might start to resist making more money!

By focusing only positivity on what I wanted, I eventually did end up manifesting my dream car!


5) Practice Cord Cutting 

As you work to raise your vibration, you might find that you have energetic connections to others that are draining you or weighing you down, especially if you’re an empath or someone who feels very sensitive to the energy of others.

This was a valuable lesson I learned early on in my coaching business. I once had a client where things didn’t work out with her coaching program and we severed ties. The truth is, she was dealing with psychological issues that were outside of the scope of my coaching. 

For months afterwards, I felt heartbroken and sad. As an empath, it’s easy for me to absorb the emotions of situations around me. Even so, I had an intuitive sense that all the sadness I was feeling wasn’t mine. 

Through some research, I discovered cord cutting, which is a process of energetically cutting ties with someone who might be draining you. I was so grateful for this because it was the missing link I was looking for! After trying a few different meditations and rituals, I eventually discovered what worked for me for cord cutting. Read this post and try my cord cutting meditation for yourself.


6) Learn Mindset & Energy Techniques to Raise Your Vibration

In the YES SUPPLY METHOD, we teach powerful tools that work with the subconscious mind and raise your vibration.

I love to use all the techniques that I teach to keep my vibration high. One of the tools I use almost every day is Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT Tapping. Most of the negativity you feel in your body is just unbalanced energy, and tapping on energy meridian points while concentrating on the negative emotion or pain can have powerful effects in releasing it.

I also use Neural Energetic Encoding Technique to uncover the root cause of any negative emotion or experience, and work with that timeline release it.

Anchoring is another powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique that we use to create a neurological association to a positive emotion. I’ve set up an anchor for abundance on one of my knuckles that I press and focus on any time I’m experiencing abundance. Then, I can tap on it later whenever I need a quick reminder of that feeling.

Watch this video to set up your own anchor for abundance:


And if you want to try out some of these powerful tools to raise your vibration for yourself, my 5-Day Elevate Your Coaching Sessions Challenge is a great place to start. You’ll learn deep subconscious mindset techniques, coaching tools, and NLP Secrets to stand out as a sought-after coach. Click here to go check it out!

Reese Evans is the founder of YES SUPPLY INC., who has trained over 1000 coaches in her methods and teachings. She's a mom, and a lover of teaching manifestation, mindset, and helping people all over the world overcome their past and create their best life. Follow along on instagram @yessupply for more behind the scenes.

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