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How To Stick To a Cleanse

We just started a cleanse and we’re LOVING life! We haven’t cheated once (except sadly finding out that our vegetable broth had brown sugar + tomatoes in it  :( ) and we’re sharing the tips that helped us stay on track. Use these tips to stick to your own diet or cleanse program:How To Stick To a Cleanse

How To Stick To A Cleanse:

1. Get a Partner you Can Depend On

Although you shouldn’t let not finding a partner that is dedicated to improving their health stop you from beginning a healthy eating program, It so great working with a partner on your goals together. They should be fully bought in. You shouldn’t have to do too much convincing to keep them on a cleanse, or else they wil inevitably fall off the wagon, and if you are depending on them for support, then they might drag you along with them. They should see the benefits and outcomes as clearly as you do. It is great to have someone to meal plan with, bounce ideas off of, and even share a meal or two with.


2. Talk about it

Yes, everyone will hate you. Yes, some people will make snide remarks about your cleanse being the only thing you talk about. But the more you put it out into the world that you are working on this cleanse, the more you will be motivated to stick to it. People will ask you about it, and you’ll be able to glean with pride as you say you made it through weeks 1, 2,3 and onwards!

healthy cleanse food, yummy vegan food, almond pancakes3. Talk about it some more!

But this time,take some time to reflect on the benefits of the cleanse with your (hopefully motivated) cleansing partner. Together you can reminisce about tough times (coffee withdrawals) and the great times, ( having more energy than ever) and it’s great to have someone going through the ups and downs with you to help you feel normal. Plus, thinking about all the benefits you’re experiencing like clearer skin and weight-loss keeps you motivated to keep it up!


4. Drinks LOTS of water!

For dieters, or not, it’s super important to make sure you’re getting a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day in your system. Most of the time when we have cravings, especially sugar cravings, it is actually simply thirst being translated the wrong way in your body. I started every single morning with a hot lemon water to aid with the cleansing process, and then continued to sip on ice-cold water with a spritz of lemon through the day. If you’re crunched for time, try getting a lemon concentrate to make adding your lemon flavour simpler

Tip: Find a great fruity herbal tea that you LOVE, to help quench your cravings and your thirst. We love this Celestial Fruit Tea Sampler that lets you change it up and try something new!


5. Consult a doctor

For me, the foods included (and not) we’re not too far off of my usual diet, so it was not too hard for me to ease into the changes (*find synonym * outside) of the change in coffee intake as I was far past the point of addiction and somewhere in the lines of extreme dependancy. If the cleanse you are pondering is a far cry from what you are usually eating, talk to your doctor OR a naturopath that can take a look at your helath and recommend if this is the right choice for you or if theres even better dietary rules you can set for your self based on your (body composition or prior health experiences.

Cleanses are not one of those grass is always greener or trendy things you should pick up because everyone else is doing, You should take some time and consideration to find out what foods, exercises, times to eat, and liquid intakes are exactly right for you.

How To Stick To a Cleanse

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