How to Write Your Coaching Sales Page

Want to write a coaching sales page that makes you money around the clock? The power of the internet is that you can reach people all around the world with your sales page, even when you’re traveling, spending time with loved ones, or even sleeping! I’ve had clients attracted to me from almost every continent, and it’s because I shared my message far and wide. Read on for my tips on how to write a sales page that sells!


One of the ways that I’ve earned millions of dollars in my coaching business is by automating a lot of my sales.

When I first started as a coach, I had to do sales calls in order to book clients… but that wasn’t very scalable, and it put me in a place where I was still trading time for money. 

I wanted to create a life of unlimited abundance, and bring MORE than enough into my business so that I could invest in myself, build my team, grow my audience, and help more people — and so I knew I had to find a way to automate the sales process.

How have I done this?

A big part of this has been creating really incredible coaching sales pages.

If I’m sleeping, if I’m traveling, if I’m with my family, if I’m shopping — my sales pages are working FOR me around the clock. 

Anyone from anywhere around the world can find my coaching sales page and go on to buy my high-ticket programs — and rather than having to have a 1:1 conversation, my sales page says it all.  

This has allowed me to unlimit my income, because it’s no longer dependent on my time.


That being said, because your sales page is replacing YOU, it has to be personable. It’s all about the energy you bring to it!

Your sales page has to be something that people fall in love with reading so that they can fall in love with your product. 

Below are some tips on what to put on your sales page as a coach so that you can create an incredible business… 

…And whether you continue to choose to do sales calls or you want your sales page to do the work FOR you, these tips will help you attract more clients and earn greater and greater income! 


What Makes An Amazing Sales Page?

Whether this is your first time writing a sales page for your coaching or if you’ve tried to write one before and it didn’t sell…

…Before we dive into what actually goes on your sales page, there are a few key things you MUST remember. 

It’s about the client, not you.

When writing your coaching sales page, it’s essential that you put yourself in your ideal client’s shoes and make sure it speaks to them.

It’s easy when you’re first writing a sales page to get caught up in how you want to talk about yourself or tell your story, and while that’s an important part of connecting with your customer, it’s not the first thing that’s on their mind.

What’s going to grab their attention is when you speak directly to them and what they’re facing in their lives.

So ask yourself:

What thoughts are keeping your dream client up at night?

What are the most urgent problems that they want to solve?

What would make them read your sales page and think, “Wow, this is EXACTLY what I’m looking for!”

Once you can answer these questions about your dream client, you’ll be able to write a sales page that speaks to them.

It’s about the transformation, not the product.

Again, this is another place where you could easily get lost in describing all the bells and whistles in your program, when at the end of the day, your dream client just wants to know what your product or offer will DO FOR THEM.

When I teach my YES SUPPLY students how to create a signature program, I tell them to think about the transformation they’re providing… as in, how you’re going to get your client from Point A to Point B.

Ideally, your coaching sales page should communicate that transformation and make your dream client EXCITED about it. To do this, you have to paint the picture of what’s on the other side of your journey together.

You should be excited about your product and BELIEVE in it 1000% if you expect anyone else to.

I want you to get to the end of writing your coaching sales page and be completely in love with what you see. If you’re not proud of what you’ve created, it’s going to be really hard to promote and share it with others. 

On the other hand, if you ARE in love with your program, you’ll be shouting from the rooftops about it… and people will feel your excitement and passion for your offer coming through on the sales page.

So once you’ve written your sales page, do a gut check and make sure that the energy feels amazing to you. If it is, you’re going to have no problem attracting your dream clients! 


Writing Your Coaching Sales Page

Now that you’ve thought about the transformation you want to offer and how to communicate it to your dream clients, it’s time to actually write your sales page! 

Below are the main components that go into ANY successful coaching sales page. You might choose to add more sections or focus on some elements more than others, but don’t skip these!


A Bold Headline

When you write your sales page, start with a BOLD HEADLINE. 

Think about the outcome that your program will give your clients… and then think about how to communicate that in a way that gets their attention.

For example, a bold headline for a coaching package that helps people lose weight might be: “Lose 30 pounds in 60 days.”

A bold headline for a coach who helps people create freedom-based businesses could be: “Create the freedom in your life you deserve and a business you love.”

For a relationship coaching package, it might be something like, “Ready to finally meet your soulmate?”

However you write the headline on your sales page, you want to make sure it speaks to the results they’re dreaming about so that they can start to imagine achieving that within your program.


A Call Out To Your Dream Client

In this section, you want to let your dream client know that your product will be PERFECT for them by speaking directly to them.

You can do things like:

  • Asking a question about how they currently feel
  • Asking a question about what is going on in their life or holding them back
  • Calling out the type of person they are
  • Calling out the type of person who wants to achieve a certain goal

For example, you could ask: 

Do you wish that there was a way to hit your income goals while doing work you love? 

Ready to stop holding yourself back from opportunities because of fear? 

What if making money doing the work you love is easier than you think? 

The more you connect with your dream client and what they’re thinking about, the more they’ll feel like they’re in the right place when they land on your sales page.


The Solution 

Now that you’ve caught your dream client’s attention and connected with what problems they want to solve, the next section on your sales page could show them how to solve that problem… and why you’re the one to help them through it with your program.

Show your dream clients what they need to do in order to create change in their lives. 

If they’re someone who holds themselves back from opportunities because of fear, then the solution is resetting their mindset and becoming their most empowered self. 

If the struggle is unhealthy eating habits, then the solution you offer may be approaching food in a whole new way, forgiving themselves, and seeing food as a friend. 

This is a great place to share your personal story of how you were in that “before” state, the struggle, the hardships, and what you’ve since done to get to the “after.” 

You can share how passionate you are about helping more people live their best life and get to the “after” state, too. 

If your sales page meets your dream clients where they are and shows them that change was possible for you and your clients, they’ll start to see that it’s possible for them, too.


Your Offer 

Now, it’s time for the MOST EXCITING part of your sales page… your offer!!

Remember, your clients are not purchasing a PRODUCT, they are purchasing a transformation. 

They are signing up so that they can move more quickly and easily to the “after” state that they wish to achieve. 

Break down your offer into easy-to-understand sections that explain your incredible program and how it helps people. 

You can do this by breaking down the steps in your program and adding so you can and so that...” statements that touch on the results they’ll get. By adding these, people will see how what you offer will help them with their transformation. 

So, when you’re writing the offer section of your sales page, add in the different steps, sessions, or week-by-week process and title them. Then, you can explain in a few sentences or with a few jot notes or bullet points what will happen in that session.

Here’s an example:

Week 1: Goal-Setting For Achieving Your Biggest Dreams 

In this session, you will get laser-focused on what you want to bring into reality, and create a crystal clear pathway to get there. We will use proven methods to map out the quickest path to achieve your goals. \

  • Get laser-focused on what you want to achieve so that you can make the most of your time
  • Create your path to success so that you have a daily schedule to follow to create massive changes in your life and business
  • Align yourself with your highest purpose so that you are working on projects that make you feel good inside and help you create massive results 

Do you get the idea?

Try this for every section of your offer or package. 

You can also add a section on your sales page that makes it crystal clear exactly who your product is for. 

That way, your dream clients know that your product is the perfect fit for them and that you’re providing an offer of service that they truly need. You can state this point-blank. 

Here are some examples of what you can add: 

This is perfect for you if: 

  • You want to create [GOAL] 
  • You are ready to [CREATE THIS CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE] 
  • You are [DESCRIBE DREAM CLIENT] who wants to create [GOAL] 
  • You are no longer willing to settle 

Think about what your dream client would need to read on the sales page to feel seen and to understand that this offer is perfect for them!


Introduce Yourself 

If someone has read this far down your sales page, they are INTERESTED. Trust me. People do not read sales pages for products they are not interested in buying. 

I can promise you, you do not see me regularly reading sales pages for football courses, lawnmowers, or vacations to cold places. NOT MY THING. Because those things do not interest me in the slightest, they’re not on my mind. 

So if someone has read this far, this is likely a product they’re really interested in, and they feel like they need it. 

This is a great opportunity to build trust by introducing yourself, and sharing who you are, and why you’re so passionate about helping them. 

This section also shows people why you’re the best person to walk them through this transformation. 

You can talk about what you’re overcome on your journey and what you’ve learned along the way that you use to help others.

You can share your experience and any certifications, degrees, or training you’ve been through that you use in your work.

You can also let them get to know you a little better by sharing your sense of humor or anything that makes you different from anyone else out there. 

Your dream clients will feel your energy through the sales page, so make sure to communicate your passion! 

And as a bonus… try installing a program like Live Chat on your sales page that allows you to talk to people and answer questions as they scroll through your sales page. 

This is a great way to show people how incredible your customer service is, how much you care, and it gives you a chance to answer any objections they have. 


Add a Call-to-Action and Sign-Up Button

Now, it’s time for your dream client to make their decision.

It’s time for you to add your price and a sign-up button and invite them to join your program and transform their lives!

It could be something like:




People do not know what you offer until you SHOW them.

People will not buy unless you ASK them. 

On the internet, you only have a few moments to get someone’s attention, so you must be very intentional and deliberate. 

Do you want people to share your video? ASK THEM. 

Do you want people to know what you have to offer? TELL THEM. 

Do you want people to be excited enough to purchase? MAKE THEM EXCITED… AND GET EXCITED YOURSELF! 

Everything that you do has an impact. 

Everything that you do not do will create that lack of impact.

So make sure to add a call-to-action that feels exciting, and don’t be shy about that big, beautiful button that makes it easy for them to say YES!


Answer FAQs 

Often, there will be common questions that people ask before they’re ready to invest in your program. Having a FAQ question on the sales page allows you to answer these questions and help your dream client further to decide if it’s right for them. 

This is the perfect place to answer objections before they come up! 

Common questions you may want to answer are: 

Is there a refund policy? 

How long does the program last? 

What is included? 

Is there a payment plan? 

I live in [country] or I’m on [time zone] — Can I still sign up?

I’ve tried to [achieve this goal] before, what makes this different? 

Think of some common questions that might come up when someone is ready to purchase. 

You can constantly update this as new questions come in from your dream clients!


Share Testimonials 

This is SO important. 

Sharing amazing testimonials helps you inspire your dream clients to see what’s possible for them. People want to see other people’s results that you can help them create. 

Reach out to past clients you’ve helped who have seen massive results, and ask if you can display a testimonial on your sales page with their feedback on your program and services. 

When you inspire your dream clients with amazing testimonials on your sales page, your program sells itself.

Once they’ve read ALL the way to the bottom and through all your testimonials, they are READY. 

You can add your call-to-action and your purchase button again here so that they can make their decision!

I want you to know that you have all the potential in the world to create an incredible program that deeply helps people and share it with the world…

…And it all starts with saying YES to yourself and your dreams.

YES, you can build a coaching business that earns you the income you’ve always dreamed about.

YES, you can help people overcome everything that’s holding them back and create massive transformations.

YES, you can build a platform that impacts people all over the world.

If you’re ready to upgrade your toolkit, stand out, create beautiful sales pages, and become a successful coach, THE YES SUPPLY METHOD is the one-stop-shop for EVERYTHING you need. 

(In fact, this sales page training is a snippet of my program YES: Dream Clients, which you receive as part of THE YES SUPPLY METHOD.)

We teach you how to transform and coach your client to success, how to create a signature program, how to earn while helping others deeply, and how to use social media marketing to help you amplify your message, grow your audience, and reach more people. 

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to expand your toolkit with the incredible tools and techniques we teach, including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping), TIME Techniques, energy work, and more! (Just imagine adding all these amazing modalities to your sales page!!) Say YES to a successful coaching business and get the tools to allow it to fall into place. Check out my 5-Step Coaching System Masterclass today! And follow on @yessupply for more activities.


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Reese Evans is the founder of YES SUPPLY INC., who has trained over 1000 coaches in her methods and teachings. She's a mom, and a lover of teaching manifestation, mindset, and helping people all over the world overcome their past and create their best life. Follow along on instagram @yessupply for more behind the scenes.

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