Watercolor Artist Mikyla Marie Arrington

INSIDER FEATURE: Watercolor Artist Mikyla Marie Arrington

There are a TON of amazing + talented women in the INSIDERS community, who get access to a supportive community to reach their goals, daily morning motivation and an insider portal with training on building your blog, your social media following and online biz.

I love my insider gals so much which is why I want to give back, and help promote these women’s amazing businesses to the world.

This is our series of INSIDERS features the women in the community, what they do, and where they’re headed.

Yes Supply Insider Mikyla Marie print artist


I’m Mikyla Marie a blogger at Twenty Something and founder of Mikyla Marie Artwork

I’m a watercolor artist, world traveler, and yoga instructor. I’m the creative type and just opened my e-commerce print shop filled with my original artwork! You can check out my blog, Twenty Something, and online shop at mikylamarie.com.
Mikyla's Paint
Twenty Something, over at mikylamarie.com, has been my little space in the blogging world for the past 5 years. It started out as my travel journal while I was studying abroad in Europe. Since then Twenty Something has grown as a travel and lifestyle blog. This winter I added Mikyla Marie Artwork to my site. Mikyla Marie Artwork is my e-commerce print shop filled with my original artwork. Owning my own print shop has been a dream of mine but as most creatives know, sharing your artwork can make you feel very vulnerable! However, I am so happy I have taken this step. Already I’ve experienced so much growth as an artist and young business professional through launching my shop. It’s been a very rewarding experience!

What are the steps it took you to get to where you are now?

Wow, where to begin!? Opening my online print shop has been a process in the making for a few years now! I started watercoloring during my first year in college. I continued to develop as an artist through school but never shared my artwork with anyone other than close friends and family. At the start of 2016, I sat down and really evaluated the changes and growth I wanted to see in my life. For 2016 I decided not to set specific goals, but to create a mantra I wanted to live by every day. I chose to “to see an opportunity, not opposition”. This mantra has been a guiding force throughout the entire process. It has pushed me to chase opportunities – like starting my print shop – and not let opposition – feeling vulnerable, etc. – dictate my actions.

What influenced you to become an insider?

Tahlia at The Freedom Project asked me to collaborate with her and other travel bloggers on our best beauty tips while abroad. I loved working with Tahlia and developed a great friendship with her. When I saw Tahlia collaborate with Yes Supply Co., I knew it was something I needed to check out. Instantly I was drawn in by Yes Supply Co and signed up to be an insider. As a business grad and creative soul, Yes Supply Co was right up my alley.

Mikyla Marie

Why do you love Good Morning Beautiful?

Good Morning Beautiful has helped me discover the importance of setting a morning routine. Waking up everyday at 6 AM can be challenging, but knowing you have the support from Reese and other insiders make it easier. As you work through the mantras, activities, and exercises set in the Good Morning Beautiful emails, you quickly see the positive impact and change it has in your everyday life.

Watercolor Paints

Where can we keep up with you?

SITE: mikylamarie.com

INSTAGRAM: @mikylamarie

PINTEREST: https://www.pinterest.com/mikylamarie/

BLOG LOVIN: https://www.bloglovin.com

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