Be Selfish

Be Selfless to Be Selfish

This thought may not automatically mean something to you. But it should.

Think about your current state of mind, your happiness, your sanity. If you are feeling sad, lonely, without purpose or unhappy, read on for your own selfish reasons.be selfless to be selfless


Volunteering Burns Calories

Are you feeling a little overweight? Want to get that summer bod? I know sometimes these things drill down to a slow metabolism, but a huge part of weight problems tend to be too much focus on the self.

Exhibit A. Eating to feel better

When you are only focused on your own sadness and despair, you are going to do what it takes to feel better. Unfortunately, for emotional eaters, that comfort can be found on a plate of fresh baked cookies. One becomes two, becomes a couple servings. This can usually be followed by an evening of regret cuddled up on the couch.


Instead of eating, think about the people that do not have anything to eat. It’s really true when you hear the quote “Half the world is starving, while the other half is trying to lose weight.”

Read an article about someone outside of your typical economical standard, like a starving child or a family lost to war, and suddenly, you may realize that you do not have it as bad as you think.

Baby steps, donate to their cause or share the story and you may feel even better!

Exhibit B. Coming home to a sedentary activity, like watching TV

Watching TV is a double edged sword. It takes away productivity on something you could do that would be meaningful, and at the same time, quickly burns so much of your time that you feel like you cannot get anything done.

I think, if we all stopped and imagined we were in our ederly years, we would look back and battle with the fact that we spent so much time staring at a screen, rather than actively participating in our own lives. Heck, how do you think you make a life worth watching? You get off the couch and live it.


Not moving is not going to burn the calories away, but going to play with cute puppies that need some affection, or taking a walk with an elderly person who feels alone will get you off the couch (- calrories burned) and replace that sedentary evening with some fat-melting action + potential for a few warm bubbly feelings on the side.

Hear the Compliment You’ve Always Wanted to Hear

You feel overworked, underpaid, and not appreciated for your hard work and creative ideas. You come into work early, leave late and go above and beyond in every area of your job. So why does your manager not show his appreciation enough? Why won’t he give you credit for your ideas?

All you need is for someone to tell you you’re doing an amazing job, that you’re getting a promotion and a raise.

The feeling is mutual. So does everyone else.


We have figured out the way to hear the recognition and complimentary words that you have been dying to hear. The catch?

It needs to come out of YOUR mouth.

Do not depend on any outside sources for your happiness. You should decide that YOU are going to be the one to bring that spirit into the work place. When people like what they hear from you, they tend to want to listen to what you have to say. GIVE THE COMPLIMENT YOU WANT TO RECEIVE. The look in the eyes of the recipient of that message will make you feel just as great as receiving that compliment yourself. And who knows? Maybe you’ll start hearing that appreciation come back your way!

And keep in mind: You need to take what you can get out of your job, learn and grow in ways you haven’t before, and do not let anyone demotivate. You kick ass. And if where you work cannot see it, then entrepreneurship may be for you, or another position at a different company.

Beautiful Souls Get Further than Pretty Faces

If you are pulling your hair out (but not) trying to ensure that you have the right face cream, eye liner, lip plumper, hair dying, nail polishing product to ensure you are prettier than the last post on your Instagram feed, I urge you to stop.

We all know that the majority of these products do nothing other than take up space in our bathroom cabinets and deplete the money in our accounts.


You are born how you are born. Make the most of that rather than trying to get a hold of what everyone else has. It’s insane and unrealistic, and studies show that the collection of material goods does not make you happier!

Focus on making healthy choices and treating your body like a temple. Attempt to make those around you feel as beautiful as you would want to feel. This is how you cultivate a beautiful person deep down, and that goes way further than a pretty face.

 Be Selfish

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