Believe in the outcome you have dreamed Inspirational Quote

Believe in the outcome you have dreamed of

If you are setting out to do something you believe in, you do not have to answer to everyone who will try and hold you down with anxiety-ridden questions.

• Why don’t you do something easier?
• What will you do if it doesn’t work out?
• What if you don’t get any customers?

Focus on your end goal and for every why, ask ‘why not?’


You're hungry and you've been chasing the dream: a thriving business that affords you the lifestyle some people have only dreamt about. With such ambitious dreams? it can be easy to become immersed in your business at the expense of your mental and physical health. The best entrepreneurs are the ones that recognize that their business is an extensions of themselves and that striving to be the best version of themselves is critical to their success. See more quotes and inspirational stories on

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