5 Ways to Use Instagram Live to Make Your Business More Profitable

When it comes to live video on social media, many of us think Facebook Live or Periscope. But did you know that Instagram Live can be an incredible way to connect with your audience, and an actual start to an extremely profitable sales funnel?

Hear me out.

Instagram live can totally make your business way more profitable!

For a lot of businesses, many of their tribe’s die hard members are on Instagram, and that’s where their audience engages with them the most.

But for some reason, a lot of businesses use Instagram Live and Stories as a medium to micro-blog about what happened on their favorite reality show or to show off what they ate that day.

These businesses aren’t actually connecting with their audience or having conversations with them, they’re talking at them.

Instagram Live

Here are FIVE ways YOU can use Instagram Live to Make Your Business More Profitable.


Thanks to the new Instagram algorithm, a lot of your followers probably aren’t seeing the posts you make about your special offers, or the deadlines to enroll into your course before registration closes.

A good way to combat this is to create posts on your feed alerting people to tune in to your Instagram Live Post.

To prevent yourself from going live to an empty room, you can create a series of posts letting your audience know when you will be on Instagram Live.

For example, if you wanted to go Live at Saturday at 3pm. You could start posting about it Friday morning, and sprinkle posts throughout the day and into Saturday, alerting your followers that you will be getting on Instagram Live where you will be announcing a special offer, doing a Q+A or talking about your latest course.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is definitely worth a million.

Instagram Live is the perfect solution to host a demonstration and answer Q+A’s about your latest product.

  1. If you’re an interior designer, give people an office tour and show off the décor.
  2. If you have a stock membership site, walk people through some of the interesting content they can find inside.
  3. Released a new planner? Show your audience how to get the most out of it.
  4. Created an amazing course? Take a small section of it and turn it into a free webinar.

See. Instagram Live is great for any niche.


Instagram Live is my new favorite place for webinars. I love watching them and I love helping people create them.

Interestingly enough, I’ve only seen a few businesses incorporate Instagram Live into their webinar strategy, but from the ones that have used it, the results are spectacular!

While Facebook Live is an important component of your video marketing strategy, think about how many people you’re missing out on if you’re not also hosting webinars on Instagram.

Currently, there are over 500 million active users on Instagram.


Just as when you write a blog post, there should be a strategy behind every video you create and every webinar that you do.

And if you’re doing an Instagram Live webinar, this is the perfect setting to provide educational content to your audience and offer up a paid or free content upgrade that amplifies your video content and helps your audience further.

So before your webinar comes to a close, invite your audience to sign up for your latest product, program or course.

Think of video presentations as premium experiences for your audience. Instagram Live allows you to bring that premium experience to your Instagram account and change the way your potential clients and customers view your business.

Not many people are currently using Instagram Live for their business, so doing it now, will only help you stand out from your competition.

And if you don’t feel ready yet for a webinar, then considering doing a simple Q+A session.

When you give your audience a premium experience for FREE, you’re essentially giving them a teaser of what working with you will be like. This really builds your audience’s trust and helps them determine whether or not your services or products are right for their needs or worth the value.

So if you thought about watering down your premium content, well don’t.

If your premium experience is jam packed with a ton of valuable information, it makes it a lot easier for someone to become a customer.


Want to know the BEST way to use Instagram Live to make your business more profitable?

Go straight to your customers and ask them exactly what do they want.

Skip the survey’s, skip the emails, and just ask.

Take the guess work out of product development, and start gathering ideas from your audience on what content you need to create to serve their needs.

Studies show that people are more likely to buy from brands that are relatable. Nothing is more relatable than a brand that is conversational.

So from time to time, get on Instagram Live and just start hanging out with your folks!

Offer Instagram Live Group Coaching Sessions that invite your whole squad to tune in! Throw in a giveaway!

So now that we’ve come to a close, I’m curious to know how are you using Instagram Live in your business?


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Instagram Live

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