How to launch your membership site

How To Launch Your Membership Site step by step

Have you ever dreamt of creating passive income in your business, and creating an impact and consistent income that you can depend on month after month?

Have you ever wanted to be able to help more people, and service those members of your audience that really want to work with you, but can’t seem to afford your prices right now?

What if you could create a way for them to purchase your training, and stay engaged with you and your content month after month, in a membership site, as they’re saving up the funds to work with you in your premium packages.

Or maybe you’re a business coach, or virtual assistant, and you want to be able to increase your prices, and your product offering, and need valuable knowledge that can give people even more reasons to work with you.

 How to launch your membership site

How To Launch Your Own Membership Site Platform

These are just some of the ways that having a membership, and knowing how to start and launch a scalable online business and platform can completely uplevel your life and business, and allow you to create more revenue while having more freedom.

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STEP 1: Create Your Platform

I’m a WORDPRESS girl, and the websites I work on, and the ones I help my clients build are on WordPress.

If you’re interested in getting started in creating your own WordPress website, it can be simpler than you think!

I host my platform on Siteground*. From my experience, they are the most reliable, and fast platform out there and their support is SUPERB!

I’ve worked with other hosting platforms, where when you ask them a question, they just send you to a document or tutorial. Siteground is the EXACT opposite, they’re so helpful and hands-on. Most of the time, they fix whatever issues I’m dealing with FOR me.

Clients and friends who have switched to Siteground from other platforms (which I won’t say any names but they’re the leading platforms out there) have said they’ve seen their site speed up, and load faster.

You also have the option to create daily back ups with Siteground, so you never have to worry about losing all your stuff!

Step 2: Make It Look Pretty

An essential way to connect with your audience, hook them in, and look super professional is your BRANDING.

I love grabbing great themes from websites like this one, to find a perfect theme that makes my website stand out.

I always add interesting graphic elements, cute fonts that match my aesthetic and help me stand out which I typically tend to go ham on, with Creative Market. Search them to find cute graphics, mockups, backgrounds and fonts. This marble one is particularly cute!

Step 3: Hook Up Your Membership Software

The membership software that I use is called WISHLIST*.

I’ve tried other platforms that attach to wordpress, and have had lack-luster results. One platform in particular that gave me huge headaches and customer service issues because of their unresolved bugs.

With the platform I’m using now, I find it SUPER reliable, easy to use, and simple.

All you have to do is purchase the platform (a one-time fee instead of recurring) add the plugin as you would with any other wordpress platform.

If you don’t use wordpress, or want your membership site hosted outside of wordpress, I highly recommend this software.

You’ll need to create a platform to have your sales page (to sell your NEW amazing membership site) and a landing page so you can collect emails from people who are perfect for your tribe.

There are so many great platforms out there to help you quickly and easily get set up with landing pages and the one I personally use is called THRIVEClick here to see it.

I LOVE it because I can manage my landing pages right from my website, and it is quick and easy to set up and customize how I like it.

I actually signed up for their yearly membership, which comes with a ton of additional tools, like deadline funnels, quizzes, and more.

They make it easy for you to go grow your email list, and create a look and feel that aligns with where you want to take your brand.

You’ll also want to accept payments (GET THAT MONEY HONEY) I LOVE using my ThriveCart for AMAZING conversions, and gorgeous payment checkouts, affiliate programs and more. Check out my special deal here.


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Step 5: Hook It Up With An Email Automation Platform

Now although some people will come directly from your social media channels, or ads to purchase your membership site, a HUGE portion of your sales will come directly from selling to your email list.

In order to grow your list, you’ll need to purchase an email automation tool, like MailChimp or Active Campaign. I’m currently using both and I break down WHY I’m using both in my course YES: MEMBERSHIP muse (Launching Soon!)

Every marketer will tell you “The money is in the list” so if you have plans to …..well…. have your business make money (regardless of what kind of business you have) run, don’t walk and get you an email service provider set up.

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Step 6: Prepare To Scale

Your membership site doesn’t need to be the main offering.

In fact, a HUGE portion of my clients who have paid thousands for my program started in my membership site paying just a few dollars a month! By being in my community, they got a chance to get to know me and learn more about how I can help them.

Your ideal target clients can START getting to know you by signing up for your membership site, and as you grow your business and create more high-ticket offers they’ll already be familiar with your teaching style, love the work you do, and be primed to purchase your high ticket products.

Women who were in my membership site have transitioned to become my one-on-one clients, attend my live events, and even paid multiple thousands of dollars to attend my retreats (without even needing a sales call)

You can use your membership site platform to safely house your group coaching content, one-on-one coaching content, your courses or ANY premium content that you don’t want people to access for free!

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In this blog post, I simply outlined some of the ‘techy’ things you’ll need to consider when setting up your membership platform, but there’s also a strategic aspect you’ll want to consider. Click here to get my LAUNCH YOUR MEMBERSHIP CHECKLIST and get a checklist to guide you along the way!


How to launch your membership site


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How to launch your membership site


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*This article includes affiliate links, but I only talk about products I L-O-V-E. XX

Reese Evans is the founder of YES SUPPLY INC., who has trained over 1000 coaches in her methods and teachings. She's a mom, and a lover of teaching manifestation, mindset, and helping people all over the world overcome their past and create their best life. Follow along on instagram @yessupply for more behind the scenes.

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