Laura Herde

How To Become A Successful Coach with Laura Herde

Ever wondered what it takes to finally say YES to yourself and become a successful coach? In our Student Success Stories Series we interview YES SUPPLY students who created the life they dreamed of and became a sought after Influencer, Leader, Coach, Entrepreneur, Teacher or Speaker.

Today, we’re sitting down with Mindset & Manifestation Coach and NLP + Hypnosis Practitioner Laura Herde and talk about what inspired her to start her own coaching business, her favorite coaching techniques and mindset hacks, what her dream life looks like, and so much more! 


Laura Herde

What was your life and business like before you found YES SUPPLY?

I was already a full time life coach for females, but without a certification. My business was running quite successfully, I launched my first group coaching program before I started YES SUPPLY and already had been growing my business and coaching women for two years. However, I knew that there was potential that I was not leveraging, which the certification with YES SUPPLY allowed me to.

What made you decide to become a coach? Was there an “a-ha moment” that stands out to you?

From the young age of 12 years old, I suffered from depression due to various factors in my internal and external reality. I distanced myself from everyone, had no support system and 0 self-esteem. Until one day, I woke up and decided that enough was enough.

“It was time for a drastic change in my life. It was about time to make a commitment with myself to value myself enough to get out of this dark place – whatever it would take.”

It took me 3 years to fully recover from depression; it was not easy, but 111% worth it. Once I started to take back my power, I realized how many other females out there must be facing the same struggles as I did. I had no help in my recovery as therapy didn’t align with me at that time. It took me several years of trial and error to get to a point in my life when I was finally fully enjoying and appreciating it again.

Laura Herde

I decided to make it my mission and number one priority to help other women to create a life they enjoy and are in love with. After starting my coaching business, I was able to provide them with the guidance and support that I would have wished for myself several years before. Through this transformational inner work, I know that I am contributing to the healing of this planet each day of my life, supporting soul mate clients on their journey towards their highest self.

I also am a recovered perfectionist, former high achiever who used to ‘hustle’ 24/7 to prove her worth, and burned out 2 years into entrepreneurship. After recovering, I decided to prioritize my own well-being above anything else – only to finally figure out how to work smarter, not longer. Funny enough – once I did, my professional success accelerated exponentially – whilst my personal life started thriving more than ever before.

What makes you so passionate about coaching?

Seeing other ambitious women stepping into their full potential, taking back their power and finally starting to enjoy and love their life. Seeing boss babes and high ambitious females dropping perfectionism and cultivating a life of balance + alignment through mindset work is so rewarding. I love contributing to the collective healing of the inner feminine as well as teaching about the power of your own mind and the laws of the universe.

What attracted you to the YES SUPPLY community and why did you enroll?

I started my coaching business without having any official education in NLP whatsoever. Instead, I educated myself daily from the age of 18 onwards. In between school, uni and work I was reading books, watching educational videos, constantly learning, constantly growing my knowledge and eventually, expertise. I taught myself all the tools and tactics I needed to feel confident enough to start my business, so when I first heard about YES SUPPLY, I already had been coaching females 1:1 full time. I saw how a few of my colleagues enrolled in the YES SUPPLY training and heard so many things about Reese’s training approach. I also knew that an official education was holding a lot of growth potential for my growth in terms of skillset + business.

“When I learned more about the education that YES SUPPLY offered, I was ready to go all in and invested into the Practitioner, the Master and the Trainer’s Training right away.”

When you first sat down to design your “YES,” what did it include? What did your dream life look like?

I am on the mission of reaching and helping hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis. I know that my purpose is to guide passionate and ambitious women on their path towards unlocking their personal power within, and supporting them in the process of turning their craziest visions & wildest dreams into reality whilst cultivating a work-life-balance that supports their fulfillment, well-being and overall quality of life. I want my business to grow and increase my impact constantly.

The YES SUPPLY training supports me on this mission as the method gave me a great skillset and knowledge that I needed to become a successful coach. Not only did the certification gift me with additional tools and tactics that I now apply to my mentorship practices, but it also allows me to grow my impact and credibility.

What is the goal you’ve successfully achieved that you’re MOST proud of?

The transformations of my private and group clients never fail to leave me speechless.

In addition to my impact, I’ve accelerated my income.

Having the biggest month in my business to date (November 2020) and being able to support a total of 24 women through my group coaching program Free Abundant Self which I only launched in May this year for the very first time is incredibly humbling.

What was the biggest mindset shift you had to make to achieve this success?

Learning that I am limitless, and just because a goal is very big, it doesn’t mean that it’s unattainable even though my business is technically still considered a start-up.

Having an abundance and success mindset opened doors for me that I didn’t even know existed before.

Another huge learning, especially this year that my biz accelerated exponentially, I came to terms that I cannot do everything on my own and thus, learned about delegating responsibilities + allowing myself to let go of perfectionism and instead, embracing messy action.

Out of all the tools and training provided in YES SUPPLY (NLP, EFT, hypnosis, etc.), what are some of your favorites to use with your clients? Why?

I regularly do tapping sessions on myself in order to allow myself to alter my energy and therefore, be able to serve my clients even better. NLP practices are also really powerful and I love teaching them to my clients so they can keep supporting themselves, even after the mentorship with me has ended.

How did the YES SUPPLY Method help you live your YES life and become a successful coach?

I was able to scale my business a lot faster and also increase my impact. Time Techniques has truly enabled me to support my clients in getting incredible results – from releasing past traumas and teaching them how to ask themselves thoughtful NLP questions so they can be their own mentor has been a game-changer for the results my clients get.

What do you love most about the work that you do?

Empowering and supporting ambitious women has been my passion for many years now, and my favorite thing in the world is seeing my clients rise up and help them transform into who they are truly meant to be – a woman who is successful in her health, well-being, relationships and sense of deep inner fulfillment and excitement for the life she has created.

What does the newest version of your “YES” look like? What goals are you going for next?

I will be participating in the YES SUPPLY Masters training in January 2021 and after this, I plan on completing the Trainer’s Training and start my own coaching certification (planned for spring 2022). Besides this, I am launching my own podcast this year, as well as getting started with a YouTube channel in spring 2021. For 2021, I am also planning the relaunch of my group coaching program Elevate Your Life that will turn into an online course. I will be growing my team even further to be able to serve even more women. I have a new head coach on my team to be able to serve my group coaching clients who are participating in Free Abundant Self (my 28-day mindset mentorship program) in 2021 even more.

Where can people find you if they’d like to follow your journey?

Instagram: @laura.herde

My Website: www.lauraherde.com

If you could give one piece of advice to someone considering becoming a certified mindset and manifestation coach through YES SUPPLY, what would it be?

NLP doesn’t only change your own life, but also the ones of your soul mate clients. Having powerful tools and proven tactics in place is invaluable in order to become a successful coach.

“Living a life in alignment with your purpose is the best thing you could possible do with this gift called human experience. By becoming your best self first, and pouring your own unique magic into the world, you’ll be able to serve more deeply and amplify your impact.”


Ready to become a successful coach just like Laura? Sign up for our free Training where I teach my 5 Step Business System for Creating a Successful Online Coaching Business. 

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Reese Evans is the founder of YES SUPPLY INC., who has trained over 1000 coaches in her methods and teachings. She's a mom, and a lover of teaching manifestation, mindset, and helping people all over the world overcome their past and create their best life. Follow along on instagram @yessupply for more behind the scenes.

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