200K Sales Launch

Lessons from My $200K Sales Launch | How to Have a Six-Figure Launch

I’m celebrating a $200K in sales launch for this round of the YES SUPPLY METHOD.

Here are 5 lessons I want you to know if you’re manifesting your own $200K sales launches or six-figure months (April was a six-figure month as well). I’m writing this beginning of May 2023, and since May 2020 I’ve had 31 Six-Figure cash months. So having six-figure months is nothing new to me. I have a proven process, I know what works and I rinse and repeat it to get results over and over again.

1. Leverage Your Past Success

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel or do things differently every time when you have processes that work. I literally used the same webinar templates I teach my clients in YES: Dream Clients to run our live masterclass.

Because I have a signature program, I’ve been able to launch it over and over again.

For this launch, I learned from past launches, repurposed a lot of the top content that performed well and spoke to the ideal clients we want to work with.

My content that always does the best is:

  • Inspirational Content
  • EFT Tapping Content
  • Content where I share unique knowledge, like aspects of the subconscious mind, and also crucial proprietary knowledge I’ve gained from coaching with my clients.

People always say “Consistency is key” and that’s true to an extent. But it’s a consistency of the right things. Make sure you’re always looking at what works, and what doesn’t, and do more of what works and feels aligned to you!

Here are Some Awesome Interviews With Some Of Our Student Success Stories Sharing their Yes Supply Review

She Made $5k on Her First Course! | In Italian (Yes Supply Review)

YES SUPPLY Review | She gained 145,000+ Followers in a Week and over 300+ Coaching Applications

Click here to read these, and watch the full interview!

2. Have Your Systems Work Hard for You, Not the Other Way Around

Some of my best launches happen when I use:

Free social media content + leading to a free masterclass + email follow up sequence that speaks to buyers who are motivated in different ways.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, I often go back to this same process and it works over and over for me again.

I teach more on this process, as well as business systems that work for you in this class: Click here to register!

3. Focus on Giving

The universal law of cause and effect states that you put out, you get back. We put out high-quality content leading up to our launch that coaches, mentors, and leaders can quickly implement into their own businesses to see instant results, mindset tools, and manifestation teachings that people are seeing shifts from. We give this away for zero dollars. I believe because we commit to giving value, we see that come back in terms of sales and happy clients. When you focus on giving you get out of your own head when it comes to posting and sharing.

4. Connect to Your Higher Purpose

I believe it’s a crime that more people don’t know the power of their minds and how to support and upgrade their internal programs and paradigms. It’s part of my purpose to help people see their potential. When people feel that purpose, they want that for themselves, they want that for their clients too.

I have a purpose to share this information with the world.

5. Take Care of me

My babies are finally sleeping through the night so getting better sleep, eating whole foods, drinking celery juice daily, and doing my mindset routines. I believe all these things help me keep my energy, thoughts, and vibrations elevated.

Our minds and our bodies are one. It’s not just that they are connected- they are literally ONE and they affect each other.

When I quit coffee it helped lower and minimize my anxiety greatly and helped improve my focus. Combined with the subconscious tools that I teach in the YES SUPPLY METHOD it’s literally like having a superpower.

So I want you to know. If you have a purpose to change lives, you know you’re meant to serve, and you have unlimited potential to reach the abundance that you dream of!


6. Believe it Will Come

I 100% believed that this launch was going to hit $200K in sales. In fact, my belief is that behind the work we do at YES SUPPLY Method, our clients’ successes, and the quality of our work I truly believed it would be a $1,000,000 launch. How manifestation works are physical reality often follows the vision in our mind, so I know for a fact the million-dollar launch is close

Manifesting on a subconscious level is a key aspect of the work I do and the results I get.


Get an In-Depth Training on How To Have Six-Figure Months here:

I grew a business I love by finding what I’m passionate about and aligning in a way to help others.

If you want to learn how I create $100,000 months, learn about the business strategies and systems I use sign up and watch this free class here: https://www.yessupply.co/100k-launch-masterclass?el=blog200klaunch. You’ll also get a free workbook with this class to help you implement what you learn inside!

YES SUPPLY is dedicated to helping you create your best life by saying Yes to yourself, backed by science and data.

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