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Ready to become a magnet
for your dream clients?

I know you’re here on this planet to do big things.

If you have a desire to attract clients and make a difference in people’s lives it’s because you have a unique skill and a unique capacity that not many other people have.

I want you to step into becoming the biggest version of yourself. Share your incredible gifts with anyone who will listen to you. Your desires of what you want to create in this world for you, and for the impact on others, are a SIGN of what you are OH so capable of.

I want you to decide right here, right now, that you are going 100% ALL IN.

In your mind, and in your dreams, you see yourself as this AMAZING, CAPTIVATING BUSINESS WOMAN. You have this HUGE dream that you wish to accomplish, but you STILL experience fear; not sure if you can accomplish it.

That DREAM life isn’t a dream. It’s REAL. It’s waiting for you. It’s waiting for you to take the BIG, scary, massive steps to make it happen.

Remember, most people won’t do the work to break through their fears to make their dreams a reality. ALIGN to your purpose. DO different things than the masses and SEE different results.

What would you ask for if you knew the answer would be YES?

At Yes Supply, we use a blend of science, the spiritual universal laws,

mindset, and energy work to put you on the frequency of “I want it, I got it” so you can lead like the leader you’re meant to be, get permanent results for you and the people you love as you contribute to the world in a powerful way and open up your eyes to the abundance that’s all around you.

Follow our model that helps you take the guesswork out of mindset work and hone in on the methods that are proven to help you create success in EVERY area of your life- whether it’s money, relationships, personal development and your relationship with yourself.

The 5 Step
Manifestation Method

Step No. 1
Create your BLUEPRINT for the world you live in, and the life you get to live. We’ll give you the template. Rekindle your relationship to your imagination and your intuition to bring to life your vision and begin creating with your energy.
Step No. 2
Your Empowered Self
Become the version of you who has it all. Realize your strengths, see how everything is available to you and how worthy you are. What you think you become, and what you become you attract. Become the very BEST version of you and receive the highest level of abundance, connection, love and joy that’s available to you.
Step No. 3
Determine your essential skills
What do you want to be a master in? Those skills are available to you, and you can achieve mastery and fulfill on what you were meant to do on this planet. Imagine if your God-given skills were the very thing that could align you to your soul’s purpose, and create the highest level on contribution in the world? Believe it.
Step No. 4
Your Exoneration of the Old Self
Let go of the blame. Let go of the doubt. Let go of the past stories that are keeping you small, and clear out the beliefs, past stories, and vibrations, that are taking up space and create a vacuum for all the the success you desire. Once you release the low vibration emotions and ties that are keeping you in a loop, you allow yourself to propel into your desired future!
Step No. 5
Your Eternal Success
Success is knowing that what you desire to create is already a reality that exists. Moving forward towards something WORTH your time, creativity and focus IS the definition of SUCCESS. Execute on your action plan + blueprint with vibrational alignment and energy and you guarantee yourself that what you’ve imagined will show up in your reality.

manifest dream clients

THIS IS what you’ll get

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A 90 minute LIVE masterclass experience on May 25th @ 2pm EST. Develop the confidence to position yourself in a way that attracts the clients you are meant to serve. You will be guided through the YES SUPPLY 5 Step Manifestation Method, learn more about the Law of Attraction, and practice different mindset techniques and energy exercises to create a new version of yourself, raise your vibration and become an energetic match for your dream clients.
An in-depth workbook filled with manifestation exercises, journaling prompts and space to take notes.
ATTRACT CLIENTS with a small following
Exclusive bonus training on how to attract dream clients when you´re just starting out in your business and you don´t have a big following yet.
BREAK THROUGH sales anxiety
Have you ever wondered why so many of us have a fear of selling? Do you have beliefs around selling that are holding you back? Dive into this bonus training where we dive into how you overcome your fear of selling.
Manifestation works 24/7 - get access and download a subliminal on attracting dream clients so you can manifest your dream clients in your sleep!
DREAM CLIENTS affirmations
Download a 20 minute affirmation audio to manifest your dream clients whenever and wherever you want.

manifest dream clients


get started now

I'm Steph

Lead Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis, EFT, Energy Work, and Success Coaching at YES SUPPLY™️ INC.

Hi, I’m Steph and I am a Master Embodiment Coach and Lead Trainer at YES SUPPLY teaching modalities such as NEW, NEE, Hypnosis, EFT, Somatic Techniques and Life Coaching. My mission is to help the world step into their power by teaching people about the power of the subconscious mind.

Growing up, I had a very scares mindset. I used to hold onto negative emotions on a regular basis and often operated out of fear.

That all changed for me when I decided that those stories were no longer serving me. Since then, I have dedicated my life to learning tools and techniques to empower myself to hold an abundant mindset so that I can show others, and the younger me what is possible when we believe in ourselves. Once I shifted my energy and started to re-wire my subconscious mind, I started to attract more of what I wanted into my life and becoming a magnet for all of my desires!

I am so excited to be on this journey with you and teach you life transformational information and tools to help you step into your true gifts and power so that you can Master your own life while helping others do the same!

I'm Jess


Im on a mission to teach people how to manifest the life of their dreams and step into their next level identity.

In 2020 I lost my job, as so many people did. Myself and my husband were both in the entertainment Industry and we lost everything. I couldn’t see how we would survive and then I made a decision that would end up changing my life forever. I decided to say YES, in the face of fear, trust my inner wisdom and invest in myself and my business.

Using The Yes Supply Manifestation Process, with a small audience I was able to attract my dream clients, sell out my packages and earn a full time wage that allowed me to quit my safe job, travel with my family and most importantly empower soulful aligned clients… and that was just the start!

You truly are a limitless being and I am so excited for you to manifest your dream clients to serve and empower with your own unique and magical gifts!

I can’t wait to share this space with you as you expand into this next level identity and attract your dream clients!

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