Yes Supply Master Practitioner
a master level coach certification program

*please note that our Coach Certification Program is a pre-requisite to joining this Master Coach Certification. If you are not yet a coach, please visit our page titled "Coach Certification" as that will be the program for you. If you are already a certified coach in each of the modalities and would like to join us right away for Masters, please contact us and we are happy to help find the best path for you at Yes Supply.

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The Yes Supply Method Contains 5 Certifications:

Certification 1:
Master Mindset Coaching Certification

Step into the next level and become a Master Mindset Coach. Coaching is one of the fastest-growing, multi-billion dollar industries. Everyone from corporate execs, to new business owners, and influencers need a coach.

Learn how to really step into a leadership role and be able to expand beyond 1:1 coaching.

Certification 2:
Master Neural Energetic Wiring Practitioner Certification

Neural Energetic Wiring is a new, and innovative coaching modality, proven to support clients in a complete and in depth transformation that encompasses everything from purpose, to identity, to habitual behaviours of the client.

Based on potent coaching techniques derived from Neurolinguistic Programming, Somatic Techniques and T.I.M.E based techniques, the integrative process developed by Reese Evans, takes you through a methodology to combine powerful modalities and intuitively know how and when each one is needed by the client. It works with science-backed and evidence-based concepts through a trauma-sensitive approach.

Students certified in this modality will be able to coach in a way that empowers the client from the inside out viewing the world through a lens of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Certification 3:
Master Neural Energetic Encoding Practitioner Certification

Neural Energetic Encoding is a powerful collection of coaching and mindset modalities, that work directly with the subconscious mind to affect the deep subconscious programs and paradigms that live within us.

Neural Energetic Wiring combines breath and energy work with processing our perceptions of time and space, to help us and our clients live more fulfilling, uplifted, and empowered lives.

It supports you as the coach helping your clients in identifying intergenerational traumas that live in the DNA called Epigenomes, reprocess and re-encode their impact on the person to help us break old, unproductive patterns and live up to our highest potential. It also helps us process past emotions and events, and also create new paradigms that set us on track for an elevated, abundant and promising future.

Certification 4:
Master Hypnosis Practitioner Certification

Use the power of hypnosis to powerfully connect with the subconscious mind, and imprint new ways of thinking, habit-busting beliefs, and radically change your life, and the lives with the power of the subconscious mind.

Hypnosis has incredible results for people like imprinting new paradigms and patterns of behaviors and belief systems, releasing  habits that don’t serve you or the client, achieving better fitness, attracting abundance and the list goes on.

Certification 5:
Somatic Transformation Practitioner Certification

Work with a bottom up approach to transformation. Understand how the nervous system, and our anatomy ties into creating shifts that allow clients to release anchors from the past, and step into a bright future. Learn how to balance working with the mind and the body to offer complete transformations for the people you serve.

  • become a Master Coach & Practitioner


Bonus No. 1
Learn how to scale your business beyond 1:1 clients

– Create and design group program and experiences that create incredible transformations in a safe and brave space

– A blueprint to launch & sell your group programs with ease

– Learn how to work with the incredible coaching tools and techniques taught in the YES SUPPLY Master Practitioner Certification in a group setting

Bonus No . 2
Creating & Selling Mastermind Programs
Facilitate Powerful Transformations In An Intimate Group Setting

– Design high ticket Mastermind group experiences and expand your impact

–  Launch, market and sell your Mastermind program

– Learn how to confidently facilitate a transformative experience in a high level group setting

Bonus No. 3
Creating & Selling Passive Products

– Learn how to add passive income to your business so you stop trading time for money and serve a bigger audience

–  Create subliminals, hypnosis tracks and EFT videos that produce revenue while you sleep

– How to create, facilitate and sell one-off workshops and events

Bonus No . 4
Attracting Corporate Clients
Bonus No . 5
Spreading Your Message & Growing Your Impact
Bonus No . 6
Become An In Demand Podcast Guest

The Process OF
The Yes Supply Method

how we guide our students through the program

Part No. 1— Embodiment

Becoming A Master Coach & Expanding Your Impact

Becoming a Master Coach means embodying a leader with impact. Not only can you create powerful transformations, you can do it at scale. You are confident in your skill set as a coach and practitioner and you are ready to hold the energy and transform the lives of many.

You know by sharing your abundant vision you can change the world and have an incredible impact and domino effect on the lives of many.

Module 1: Embodying The Leader With Impact

You are here to do incredible things because you are incredible! In this lesson, you will review how to embody the leader you already are and connect with the impact you know you are going to make. 

Module 2: Setting Boundaries As A Leader

Becoming a leader of many means holding space and energy for large groups of people. Setting boundaries and standards is important to ensure you can maintain your energy. Learn practical tools to set clear boundaries and how to overcome mindset blocks.

Module 3: Abundance Mindset For Leadership

Learn how to create an abundant vision and what that means for you and your business. 

Module 4: Useful States For Master Coach and Practitioner

There are emotions, states and energies that are supportive and useful for you as you step in becoming a powerful Master Coach & Practitioner.

Use YES SUPPLY METHOD tools to reprogram your way of thinking to align to the next level leader you know you’re meant to be!

Module 5: Expanded Awareness (Review)

When we allow our awareness to expand, it allows us to open a door to the subconscious mind which allows us to learn and focus easily and effortlessly. This process relaxes the conscious mind so we can feel calm and in control while leading groups, learn better, and get into a state of flow by opening up the channel to the subconscious mind.

Module 6: Identity & Embodiment Techniques & Strategies

Step into the identity of a Master Coach and leader of many. Embodiment is such an important part of becoming a powerful coach. In this lesson we focus on different techniques and strategies that will help you embody your next-level self before we dive into learning how to facilitate incredible transformations for our clients.

Remember, the first step is always embodying and being your own best client. You will embark on the journey to becoming your best self so you can better propel your clients to their next level from a place of personal power.

Module 7: Alignment Anchor Technique

Create an anchor that allows you to get into alignment with the goals you are manifesting and the person you want to become.

Module 8: Main Charakter Visualization & Rehearsal

Follow this visualization exercise to integrate the person you want to be.

Module 9: Releasing Decluttering Your Environment Exercise

Decluttering my environment has helped me so much in my life as our external world has an impact on our internal world. By removing what is no longer serving us around us it can help us improve our focus.

Module 10: Releasing What Is No Longer Serving You

Use different exercises such as breathwork to release common beliefs that keep us playing small and not stepping into our full potential.

Module 11: Meditation To Release Playing Small

Download and listen to guided meditations that help you let go of your past limiting beliefs that kept you playing small and limited you from stepping into your full potential.

Part No. 2— INtegration

Mastering the Techniques

In this Phase of the Program, you’ll learn high-level concepts that will allow you to stand out as a masterful leader and coach, and understand how the work of the program works together.

You’ll learn about the science behind many of the tools, about the nervous system and trauma, models of coaching, and foundational concepts that will ensure that when you apply the tools you’re doing it in a methodical and ecological way to ensure the best results for everyone involved.

Module 1: Trauma Sensitivity In Groups

Explore the biology of trauma, and understand the intergenerational impacts of lived experiences. Learn to apply this knowledge to various techniques throughout our training, like how to hold space in groups as a trauma-sensitive leader.

Module 2: Diversity, Equality & Inclusion In Groups

You’ll be introduced to your own inner work as a Master Coach who operates a diverse and inclusive practice, awareness of sensitivities to other people’s needs and backgrounds, explore methods to grow in this way, and you’ll create your own values, strategies and practices to help you lead the path for welcoming spaces. You’ll also be aware of how DEI practices pertains to groups and how you can cultivate the culture of the spaces you lead as brave and safe spaces.

Module 3: Presence

Being present is an essential part of being a Master Coach,  and with a solid foundation on how to pick up on unconscious communication, internal patterns of thinking, and more you’ll stand out as an intuitive, insightful, and energetically connected Master Coach to your clients and groups. In this module, we will explore how to maintain presence in group settings as well understand the cycles, potential challenges that can arise in group settings as well as the rhythms of group dynamics. 

Module 4: Active Listening

Diving beyond presence, with active listening you’ll have the tools and techniques to ensure your clients and group members feel seen, heard, and safe to be transparent, open and vulnerable to make the most of your sessions as well as recognizing signs of trauma and disregulation.  You’ll learn the subconscious signals your clients are communicating as they speak and show up in your spaces so you can be an even more proactive, intuitive Master Coach and Leader.

Module 5: Powerful Questioning

With the foundations of being an intuitive coach and leader, you’ll dive into a review of powerful questioning which allows you use questioning to uplevel and shift the perspective of your clients, help them see the world in a completely different way, dive into the roots of problems that are affecting them and help them transform their thinking to discover incredible solutions in their lives.

Module 6: BioFeedback Tools In Coaching And Transformation

Study the nature of the mind-body connection, and learn how to read the body’s physiology, both with and without technology, in order to honor our physiological needs in the face of transformation and change.

Module 7: Quantum Physics & Quantum Manifestation

Explore human consciousness in relation to quantum physics, and learn how this model shapes human language, the way we think, and how we experience the universe. Cultivate a knowledgebase of the latest research on the power of human potential. 

Module 8: Quantum Language Part 1

It’s time to Master your knowledge of language as a Master Coach. With the foundations laid of how to hold space and listen to the people in your spaces, you’ll now start to learn how to create conversational change using questioning and reframing to help clients step into their power, discover their worth, and uncover what’s been holding them back. 

Module 9: Quantum Language Part 2

After understanding how language is a important process in which we filter and construct reality now its time to learn tools and patterns that will allow you to make conversational change happen easily and effortlessly. 

Module 10: Mentorship & Communication Skills

Review Conversational Hypnosis Patterns and learn how to create Metaphors at a Quantum Level.

Module 11: Teaching & Sharing Your Message

Metaphors and stories are a way to communicate not only with the subconscious mind but also to evoke long lasting change for the listener.

Discover little-known, yet powerful, communication tools that create transformation, inspiration, and empowerment on a subconscious level and will allow you to increase your authority and influence in your online communities, while having the tools to fully empower your clients in your intimate sessions through your choice of words.

Module 12: Coaching Models For Groups

There are so many ways in which you can connect with people and share your message. Discovering different ways to share your message an inspire those within your community can not only support you to create more financial abundance in your business, it will also open up new opportunities for you to do more of what you love. In this module we will discover how to lead Group Coaching Sessions, Masterminds/Host Events, Business/Corporate Coaching Sessions and Family or Couples Sessions.

Module 13: Breakthrough Sessions and Experiences

Breakthrough sessions are an experience you can create for your clients that will change their lives like no other. In a Breakthrough Day, or Experience, you guide your client through a number of phases:

• Deep Personal History- You’ll gather a deep understanding of your client’s past, their story, what they’ve gone through, and listen for their limiting beliefs, patterns, and paradigms that may have been passed down for generations. Your client will have the opportunity to reflect and dive into areas of their life they may have never discussed before.

• Release- After collecting information on your client’s past, their paradigms, and perspectives you’ll dive into a process of releasing the patterns and programs that are no longer serving them with the subconscious and energetic techniques learned in the YES SUPPLY METHOD Certification programs. The client will feel lighter, and given the space to let go of what has held them back.

• Reprogram- You will help the client align to their goals, who they want to become and the habits they want to integrate into their life, and support them in integrating this into their new way of being using the tools.

By the end of this day or session, the client will feel ultimately transformed and ready to propel into greater growth in their life. Coaches often charge upwards of $3000 for a Breakthrough Day or Breakthrough Experience.


Learn all there is to know about planning, preparing, hosting and closing an intimate and exclusive Breakthrough Sessions and Experience for your clients. 




No only are you going to get to facilitate your own breakout sessions, you will receive one as well!

Module 14: Neural Energetic Wiring

Learn my signature coaching framework that encompasses all the levels of the conscious and subconscious mind so you can evoke long lasting change for yourself and for your Clients. 

You’ll learn how the YES SUPPLY 5 Step Manifestation Method and Coaching Process can be applied with the Master Level tools as well as when facilitating your work to groups or in passive income & digital products.

Part No. 3— transformation

Creating Change

In this Phase of the Program, you’ll begin to truly apply how to use the advanced Energetic, Subconscious Mindset, and Coaching techniques, rooted in Neural Energetic Wiring™, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques and Energy Work. These tools are what will have you shifting, and upgrading at massive speeds, and creating life-changing transformational experiences with your clients in all areas of life by getting to the root, releasing what’s holding them back, and upleveling through their physical, energetic and emotional being.

Module 15 & 16: Meta Models 1 & 2

We have programs that run our programs. Meta Programs which operate on a deep subconscious level direct much of what we do, how we do it, why we do it, our focus and responses.

In this module we will dive into the Meta Programs which helps us to examine preferences in how respondents see the world and make decisions, and from there can support our clients in better understanding themselves, their choices, and their motivations.

Module 17 & 18: Values 1 & 2

What is most important to you at a deep subconscious level? Do you feel like you do things because you “should” or “have to”? Understanding values gives us so much information about your clients, yourself and how we filter our reality. In this module, we will learn sources of values as well as how to elicit values for ourselves and others so that we can acknowledge how they fit into our lives and show up from a place of alignment. 

Module 19: Modeling

Ever wonder ever how someone becomes great at their craft? Wonder if it’s possible to embody that which makes someone great? In psychology, modeling refers to the process in which a person functions as a model for others by exhibiting the specific behavior that needs to be imitated. In this module we will discover how modelling can help you create a quantum leap, how to look for who you may want to model aspects of, how we can model and how to install the changes in order to embody the specific behaviors, values and personality traits to be an exemplar. 

Module 20: Prime Concerns Technique

Prime Concerns Technique allows you to discover and release deep concerns and problems that are operating on a deep subconscious level that may be the cause of habits of self-sabotage such as overdrinking, overeating, or unwanted behaviors triggered by certain emotions or being alone. If you or your client(s) have ever felt like you were using a certain substance or numbing emotionally inappropriately, this technique will help you discover the prime concern so that you can truly identify the problem at hand and support your client to feel empowered, often forgetting about the behavior altogether.

Module 21: Advanced Parts & Somatic Techniques

If you or your client(s) have ever felt stuck, unable to move forward, or torn in 2 different directions, it’s often a subconscious personality pattern is creating it, and without acknowledging, identifying, and integrating this subconscious part, the feelings of stuck and inaction could stay for years.

Parts integrations will help clients release internal conflicts, and feel whole, complete, and aligned as they take action and become the person they knew they were always meant to be, with the beliefs that serve them and their greater purpose. Now that you are a Master Coach, learn how to create this change in a new way!

Module 22: Advanced Strategies

Everything we do is governed by a strategy. Strategies are essentially like software programs that run in our minds on repeat, and we can update the software to help ourselves and our clients lead better lives, make better choices, and become more efficient at creating what we want. Learning how to elicit, discover, recognize and change strategies can allow our clients and ourselves to take on new behaviors, make better decisions subconsciously and shift how we show up in the world.  

Module 23 & 24: Advanced Submodalities Part 1 & 2

Our minds work with a very specific language and coding, and when we learn this we have found the key to deep, lasting, and astonishing change in perspective, outlook, and beliefs.

In this module, you learn the next level of how thoughts are encoded, how to access the subconscious, and how to change the very coding of our programs, to transform into the ones we want.

Module 25 & 26: Advanced Anchoring Part 1 & 2

Just like a song will bring you back to a certain time in your life, we have anchors for everything around us.

If we know that it is our energy that magnifies our manifestations, and our emotions signal to us what our energy level is, then having a powerful tool to allow emotions to stick or subside is exactly what we need in our coaching toolkit. Let’s take our Anchoring understanding to the next level to show our clients how they can instantly shift their energy to be a magnet for all they desire and access the feelings they want at any time

Module 27: Inner Child Healing & Attachment Styles

Gain an understanding of the psychological underpinnings of attachment, and learn how to recognize and unravel patterns rooted in our childhood experiences. Explore these ideas in terms of building fulfilling relationships with ourselves and others.

Module 28: Utilizing Inner Child Healing + Attachment Styles

Gain an understanding of the psychological underpinnings of attachment, and learn how to recognize and unravel patterns rooted in our childhood experiences. Explore these ideas in terms of building fulfilling relationships with ourselves and others.

Module 29: Guided Experiences And Meditations

Gain a deeper understanding of how to hold spaces for groups and individuals and guide them through transformational experiences through meditation and visualizations.

Module 30: Introduction to Breathwork

Become introduced to the power of breathwork, and learn three powerful breathing techniques designed to help us reach a variety of physiological states on demand.

Module 31 & 32: Utilising Breathwork Part 1 & 2

Become introduced to the power of breathwork, and learn three powerful breathing techniques designed to help us reach a variety of physiological states on demand. 

Module 33-35: Neural Energetic Encoding 1, 2 & 3

Neural Energetic Encoding works with how we encode time, to help us release emotions, beliefs, identities and patterns of thinking that are no longer serving us and may be passed down through generations. It also allows the client to move into an expectant energy for the future, creating from their highest self using trauma sensitive protocols and practices. 

Module 36 & 37: Advanced Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a powerful methodology allowing us to access the programming potential of the unconscious and subconscious mind, shape patterns, beliefs, self image, ways of being, and habits into ways that serve us.

With our approach to Hypnosis that works on all levels of the mind, clients feel completely transformed and like they are on track to achieve the life of their dreams almost on autopilot. 

Part No. 4— Amplification

Creating Transformational Experiences And Passive Income

A YES SUPPLY METHOD Master Coach is more than just a coach. You’re an influencer, a teacher, a lightworker who is here to make a massive impact on the masses. In this segment, you’ll learn how to create & sell transformational experiences for groups and magnetize a bigger audience!

You have an important message to share, that’s why you’re here. Let’s help you amplify it!

In this segment, you will learn how to reach the people who need the work you do. You will create a transformational signature program using the guidance, templates, and tools that are given to you in the YES SUPPLY METHOD.

You’ll learn how to sell, promote, and offer your high-end signature coaching program that delivers high-end results, and how to deliver results that have the people you serve feeling like working with you is the best investment they ever made!

Selling and Promoting Passive Income Products: Hypnosis, Subliminals, Workshops etc

Learn how to create digital products and passive income revenue streams to allow you to earn more, and impact more people in less time.

You’ll about creating scripts, and methods to creating your digital recordings that can help change the lives of many.

Promoting And Selling Group Programs

Learn how to apply the YES SUPPLY METHOD modalities to coaching and leading groups to create maximum transformation in the lives of many.

You’ll also be guided through trainings that teach you can design group programs and courses, launch and sell your programs.

Creating And Selling Mastermind Programs

Learn how to apply the YES SUPPLY METHOD modalities to coaching and leading mastermind containers to create incredible transformation in the people you lead.

You’ll also be guided through trainings that teach you can design mastermind programs and courses, launch and sell your programs.

Promoting and Selling Breakthrough Days and Breakthrough Experiences

Learn how to expand beyond long term coaching containers and start selling breakthrough days & experiences.


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We are a company that highly values
diversity, equity, and inclusion

We welcome Black, Indigenous, Latino/a/x, Asian, and those who hold other marginalized identities as well as LGBTQIA+ and people with disabilities to be part of this program.

I'm Reese—
YOUR MINDSET & Abundance Coach

Trainer of Neural Energetic Wiring™, NLP, Hypnosis, EFT, Energy Work, and Mindset Coaching, and founder of YES SUPPLY™️ INC.

It’s MY job to show you what’s possible for you. I’m here to teach you to create from the unknown a life that makes you say YES!

I went from a life where I was living in an abusive home, riddled with feelings of lack and insecurity, and feeling like my life full of failures.

When I discovered personal development work, coaching, and thinking in an empowered way, my whole life changed.

I combine Science, Spirituality, The World’s Leading Mindset Techniques, to teach you the power of YOU, and the keys to reaching your potential.

I'm Steph—
YOUR MASTER Coach & Trainer Coach

Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis, EFT, Energy Work, and Success Coaching , and Head Trainer at YES SUPPLY™️ INC.

Hi, I’m Steph and I am a Master Embodiment Coach and Lead Trainer at YES SUPPLY teaching modalities such as NEW, NEE, Hypnosis, EFT, Somatic Techniques and Life Coaching. My mission is to help the world step into their power by teaching people about the power of the subconscious mind.

*trigger warning*
Growing up, I had a very scarce mindset. I used to hold onto negative emotions on a regular basis and often operated out of fear.That all changed for me when I decided that those stories were no longer serving me. Since then, I have dedicated my life to learning tools and techniques to empower myself to hold an abundant mindset so that I can show others, and the younger me what is possible when we believe in ourselves.

Once I shifted my energy and started to re-wire my subconscious mind, I started to attract more of what I wanted into my life and becoming a magnet for all of my desires!I am so excited to be on this journey with you and teach you life transformational information and tools to help you step into your true gifts and power so that you can Master your own life while helping others do the same!

I'm Aubry—
YOUR RESEARCH Lead & Licensed Therapist

Licensed & Board Certified Therapist, and Research Lead at YES SUPPLY™️ INC.

I´m Aubry – coach, researcher, and licensed and board certified therapist. My expertise is in mind-body work, biofeedback, nervous system regulation, and clinical breathwork.

As Research Lead at YES SUPPLY, I help shed light on new knowledge at the intersection of science, spirituality, and wellness. I have published my original research in several top academic journals including the Journal of NeuroscienceChild Development, and the British Journal of Developmental Psychology, and have also contributed to magazines like Teen Vogue and Cosmopolitan. 

I earned my Ph.D. at Northwestern University, and my undergraduate degree at the University of Florida. I love ocean sports, meditation, and yoga, and live between Florida and Belgium with my husband and our three children.

Q: Can I Take This Training Entirely Online? I Want To Do The Entire Training From The Comfort of My Home.

A: You’re in luck! We’ve designed this training so you can become Certified in Neuro Energetic Wiring, Neuro Energetic Encoding, EFT, Life and Success Coaching, and Hypnosis from the comfort of your home. 

This program is a mix of pre-recorded training modules and virtual live coaching calls held via Zoom. You can review the live call schedule in the payment section.  You will be guided through your experience with informative videos to watch, demonstrations of the techniques in practice, field work to complete and a live call with your trainer where you’ll go deeper on concepts, have your questions answered, and practice all the incredible transformational tools with coaches, leaders and lightworkers on the journey with you.

This is not a self-study course, and participation in the live Technique Mastery Calls is required to successfully graduate from the program. 


Q: Do I need any prior coaching experience or certification?

A: Yes. The YES SUPPLY Master Practitioner Certification is only for coaches and practitioners who have graduated from the YES SUPPLY Method Practitioner Certification or a comparable certification or coach training. If you are unsure if your certification meets our requirements, please email the team via hello@yessupply.co.

Q: Will I be trained by Reese?

A: Reese, Master Coach & Head Trainer Steph and Research Lead Aubry have recorded over 50 hours in course material available for you inside the YES SUPPLY Master Practitioner Certification. For the live calls, this round of Master Prac will be led by Head Trainer Steph and Trainer Jess.

Q: How many hours will I be investing?

A: You will have to attend 1 weekly 3 hour live Technique Mastery Call. In addition to that, the prerecorded videos to prepare for the weekly calls span from 2-5 hours.

Additionally, near the end of the certification period you will be required to attend two 5-8 hour day-long sessions where you will practice leading a Breakthrough Day session, and receive a Breakthrough session from a client perspective as well. 

See what’s possible when you join the YES SUPPLY Method

They Did It, So Can You

Meet Nicole

It really solidified all the things that I learnt and prepared me to take it out to others

I learnt to facilitate a breakthrough day and see someone else have a major shift in their life!

The Practitioner gave me a good foundationbut I really wanted to deepen my skills

I feel like the new Jeanne and that there is nothing that could get in the way for me to do what I want to do.

If you are curious of how this could impact your life, I would encourage you to go for it because this could change your life forever.

Meet Jeanne
Meet Kara

I had to come back to Masters and learn how to run my business a lot easier

I feel like such as confident coach now that I learnt these [advanced] tools and techniques. It doesn´t have to be hard and constant hustle to create success in your business.

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