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Collective Muse Of The Month- The Mindset Queen and Business Coach, Jasmine L. Thomas

Meet Jasmine L. Thomas, our Collective Muse of The Month

Jasmine L. Thomas is a follower of Christ, lover of family, a powerful educator, an entrepreneur, and an encourager to everyone she encounters. She is a passionate advocate for educational and Christian-based empowerment amongst youth and women. To live out this calling and passion, Jasmine owns Limitless Learning Tutoring, LLC, The Mindset Queen Coaching Program, and Thomas & Company Publishing. Jasmine believes that people should be given the proper mind enriching tools to elevate their lives to the next level. She also helps writers develop their craft in public speaking and audience engagement to radically shape minds and transform lives. With this platform, Jasmine is an international writer for Flourish Africa (founded and owned by the richest black woman in the world – Folorunsho Alakija), Yes Supply, and The OMG Speaks.

Collective Muse Of The Month- The Mindset Queen and Business Coach, Jasmine L. Thomas

Tell me about Shesworthy.co

Jasmine’s mindset and business coaching company focused on supporting women in their ability to enhance their overall self-worth. Through Jasmine’s own defining moment in the life of choosing to end a toxic relationship, she realized she would not have been able to exit it if she didn’t value herself. She knows so many women who stay in negative relationships, or even horrible jobs just because they don’t see how powerful they really are. This coaching program offers women mindset tips and strategies for transforming their inner world and radiate love to the entire planet. Once women know their own worth, they are capable of doing anything they want. Jasmine saw this in her life, as she increased her overall net worth as an entrepreneur within a short amount of time. Now, Jasmine is assisting women to set up and even restructure brick and mortar and online businesses that are gaining momentous recognition through her high-level branding and marketing services.

What is your MISSION STATEMENT? How are you going to change the world/other people’s lives and make a positive impact?

Without a shadow of a doubt, I am already changing the through mindset and business transformation. Showing people how to change their minds to attract the life of their dreams is beyond powerful in that it ends all human suffering. We can finally live the way we want instead of being a victim. The world is truly ours to have.

Collective Muse Of The Month- The Mindset Queen and Business Coach, Jasmine L. Thomas

What are the steps it took you to get to where you are now?

After choosing to end my toxic relationship, I finally stepped into my power to become everything I saw in my heart. I took courses to clean up my inner world breaking past the victim mentality. When I understood I was in charge of my own life, I recognized no one could control the trajectory of my life. I could make those decisions on my own. This propelled me to invest more in my knowledge of mindset work and business development. From there, I applied everything I learned like wildfire. There is no way you can see growth if you don’t put in the work with what you are consuming.

What is your YES! What kind of life do you want to live?

My “YES!” is being able to do what I want, go where I want, when I want, and spending whatever I want. I am blessed because I am already there. Having the freedom to choose is powerful. This allows me to live my best life, but also be a light to others. When they see it as a possibility for me, it will show them they can have anything they want if they step into a higher version of themselves. This power will help us all make more positive choices to serve others around the globe.
How does the community help you achieve that?
The Yes Supply Collective is one of the most positive communities on the planet. Everyone is super helpful whenever we need some sort of advice or tips to do something in our business, or even when we need to raise our vibrations. I can reach out to a girl boss and know that I am fully supported. Plus, I collaborate with these ladies all the time, and I have seen momentous growth in my business because of it.

What influenced you to join the collective?

I do not believe in coincidences, so I know joining the collective was a Divine Connection I prayed for. Some way, I found Yes Supply online and tried out the 30 Day Good Morning Beautiful emails. I was still in my early stages of mindset transformation, and those emails were exactly what I needed to step into the fullest version of myself. Once the thirty days ended, I reached out to Reese asking how I could help her take this platform all over the world. And I meant that. She was gracious enough to accept me into the collective and has allowed me to share this message to other women in my tribe. I could not imagine my life without the collective. I am certain I would not be the person I am today.

Collective Muse Of The Month- The Mindset Queen and Business Coach, Jasmine L. Thomas

Why do you love Good Morning Beautiful? What impact has it had on your life?

Good Morning Beautiful has shaped my mind to believe I can have whatever I want. There are absolutely no limits. These emails have helped me to raise my vibrations to manifest quitting my 9 to 5, end toxic friendships, launch my businesses, and ask for what I want without fear.

Check out She’s Worthy at www.shesworthy.co and find her on Instagram @iamjlthomas, Tweet her @iamjlthomas, Go and check her Official Facebook@iamjlthomas, Join her Facebook Group @shesworthy, Pinterest on @iamjlthomas. Her Medium @iamjlthomasThrive Global and Subscribe to The Mindset Queen Podcast

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