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My Unapologetic Thought

My unapologetic ever-growing list of my random thoughts

• No one said we all had to be the same. Same hair, same job, same phrases. We follow along because we see everyone else doing it, but we don’t have to.

• Someone liking or not liking your Instagram pics is not about you, it’s about them. Your likes are not connected to you as a person, stop thinking they are.

• We’re all really just cute fluffy animals that want to be loved. Well most of us.

• When you stop caring about someone who may not like you, everything gets SO much easier. Why would you let “Why doesn’t she like me?” thoughts take up your precious headspace.

• Robots are going to be taking over most of the simple jobs in the future. You better level up and get skilled or you might have a robot as a manager, or no job.

• What if the earth stopped spinning. Right now. What if the sun just POOF decided to supernova RIGHT NOW. Have you spent your time the way you wanted to? Did you spend too much time wondering how to contour your nose, or why a rando tinder dude didn’t message you back?

• Every girl is trying to get rich from insta-fame. There are thousands of other ways you can get rich. The average person has 124 Instagram followers. Why is this what we’re aspiring to?

• There are celebrities who commit suicide. Who are very unhappy. Who do drugs to cover their pain. Why do people aspire to ‘become a millionaire’ thinking that it will make them happy. Maybe being happy….comes…from….within? (I’ve heard this somewhere before)

• Pretty ≠ Happy either. Pretty can mean even more issues with self-confidence because there will ALWAYS be someone prettier, even if it’s to someone else’s standards.

• No successful person knew that they were going to be successful. There was no guarantee. They tried anyway. There was no guarantee that the wright brothers would be able to fly a plane. There was no guarantee for the biebs that his youtube channel was going to be seen by usher’s manager. But they went after it anyway.

My unapologetic thought

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  1. Yes! It’s so hard not to let discouragement and fear keep you from going for the goal but pushing through is always worth it. And, nope pretty does not make you happy. Love your thoughts <3

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