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So rare to find a product that actually does what it says it’s going to do. I’ve had brittle, weak nails all my life and thought it was something I was cursed with no matter how careful I was to not be rough with them and to eat especially healthy. I was spending about 100$ a month on getting gel manicures to get the look I wanted, but when I accepted a new job that was a great opportunity, but a little bit of a pay cut, I knew that I had to start budgeting again.

nails inc

I went to get my nails removed and it left them paper thin, weak and flimsy. They actually hurt to the touch and there was no way that they could grow without splitting. I went on the search for a nail hardener and stumbled upon Nails Inc. NailKale. I’m SO glad I did.

After just a week of applying on my weak think nails, they had already become stronger than my nails were pre-gel. Better yet, they haven’t been breaking, and have been growing so well, they look like how my nails looked with the gel top! I usually get so bored with my nail color so, after 2 weeks, the color I chose would drive me crazy. I started only getting black and white nails so that it would go with anything. Now I can paint my nails whenever I want to change the color and reapply the nail kale to make sure they’re growing strong!

So, after realizing how great nail kale was, I went on the search to find out more about the company and how they got to be where they are now! The owner Thea Green is a definite yes supply story. She found a void in the market, and was so passionate about her idea that she quit her job to start it! With a strong vision and brand in mind, she was able to get 200,000 pounds in backing from investors.

Here are the three steps we took from Thea’s story to get started on your own business:

1. Find a Problem that Has Yet To Be Solved

Thea dreamt up her idea for Nails INC. on a business trip to the States. She noticed that every time someone in her circle went to the states Nails INC, they would get their nails done at a salon on the cheap.

When she looked for a similar place in the UK she quickly found out that there were none of the sorts! It seemed too good to be true so she swooped in on the opportunity.

2. Check for Competitors

Now we’re not saying that just because someone else is doing something, that you can’t do it too. However, how cool would it be to grab hold of a monopoly on a market that is looking for something that your product can fill the void of?

That’s what happened when Thea got back to the UK. She did her research and found nothing of the sort of thing she wanted to do. So she got busy.

A little healthy competition can be good, but when the industry is super saturated, it can at times be difficult to get ahead and stay there. Find something that sets you apart and go at it full strength.

3. Don’t Let Your Current Situation Hold You Back, No Matter What It Is

Thea had a great job at a leading fashion magazine. For many people,  having a good enough situation, like a career and a family, would hold them back from starting on a new endeavor. But Thea knew not to settle and to follow her passion. Even now, Thea is married and has 3 kids but she doesn’t let things like ‘time restraints’ get in her way. That is key to curating a life that keeps you fulfilled, challenged and happy.


nails inc


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